December 8, 2009


FMAO -- Freezing My Ass Off!! (got that from Kelly at People's Revolution... haha!)

I can't believe it can be this cold in California! I spoke to my Mom last night and she told me that it was ridiculously cold up there too. I can tell by the tweets from my still Washingtonian buddies!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Or... its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I will miss being at home for the holidays this year... but maybe there will be some miracle and we'll end up being up there afterall!

Plans for my birthday are done! Well, for Saturday at least. I'm looking forward to it, but really hope that it all goes well and everyone has a good time. I'm stuck at a weird age where I can't decide if I want to party hardy or mellow out... and this should be the in betweeney! I definitely need to figure out what I'll wear though since I'm making it a point to dress up for everyone. HAHA! I'm going to be really upset if someone doesn't stick to the theme because it can't get any easier than that!

Jenny's birthday is today and she's in Disneyland (lucky her)! I should have just made Sam take the day off as he had planned, but now its probably too late. I wonder where he's bringing me for our date! My birthday gift was a shopping spree... he knew I wouldn't be happier with anything else since we have different taste in almost everything (I'm serious!). I already enjoyed most of my shopping spree... haha... but maybe it will continue tomorrow? *fingers crossed* I almost had to stay home alone last night while he works a 16 hour shift, but thank goodness he didn't have to stay for the full. YAYYYY!

Ever wondered what draws people to making up bizarre stories for no reason? Two girlfriends and I had lunch last week and we just pieced together some of the most crazy stories you'd ever hear from anyone. Why they do it? Well... we came up with a conclusion! It seems that the people who these stories are told to are people like myself... gullible and easily amused! I think people get a kick or a high off of my reaction or something. One of the girls is very much like me (I'm sure most can figure it out) and there's so many situations where we are together and we get told some of the craziest things anyone had ever heard! Don't lie... because then, you're going to have to make up more lies to cover those lies and so on and so forth. Down the road, you're not going to remember what you told because they were all lies lies lies. It took us awhile to figure it all out, but now, we're even more amused at not your stories, but your behavior! *giggles*

Guys... sometimes they just don't understand, do they? Their way of thinking is so different from ours and they just don't get it! Ugh... so frustrating at times but at the end of the day, thats what keeps it interesting. (I guess)

I'm tired of hearing about Tiger Woods... but I am so amused (and still laughing) at the fact that he's not a Tiger, he's a Cheetah... but at least he ain't Lion!! HAHAHA... get it? OMG... I am such a dork for sitting here laughing at this line over and over... and its been weeks since I first heard it. LOL. Cheaters... Liars... WOW.

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