December 7, 2009

Rain, rain... go away!

I'm so surprised to see it raining right now. Since I've moved down here nearly 4 months ago, this is a first. In a way, its sort of refreshing, but at the same time... I wish it would go away because rain just makes me want to sit around and be lazy... not like I'm not already or anything.

Christmas shopping is bogus! I have more fun shopping year round than I do around Christmas. I am obviously a bargain hunter and its rare that I pay full price for anything if I can help it. (Yes... and I'm proud of it... thanks!) It seems like the stores have been jacking up the price and the items that are usually 75% OFF are now 25% OFF with a bigger sign that says SALE. Yet, people seem to buy, buy, buy because they have to since Christmas is creeping up faster than most of us would hope. Ugh. I hate shopping during this time of year! I vow to never wait to Christmas shop in December ever again... unless its on Christmas Eve or the day before when stores REALLY need to get rid of their stuff! Now, I have another excuse to shop throughout the year! :D

Okay... so enough of that! Kunthea, one that doesn't usually like to mingle or celebrate his birthday was in for a surprise when we did a little something something for him. He would have been upset if we went all out but since the guys were coming for their Friday usual anyway, we turned it up a notch and used his birthday as an excuse to celebrate and eat fatty foods and cheesecake! Then on Saturday, we celebrated Paline's birthday over dinner, dessert (yum), and some good ol' Taboo! Oh man... that game can get very competitive and sometimes violent! I don't think they'd ever let me live down the time I almost knocked Sam out with my elbow back in 2006 because he was hovering over me and trying to distract me during such an intense game. Even this time around, I caught myself yelling and even at times threatening people. I need to control my anger and remind myself that its only a game. A FUN game, that is! I love it when everyone gets into it... it makes things more fun and enjoyable. Definitely a bonding moment despite the threats and the insults. Sore losers? I think not! OH... and get this... we were Team Edward VS Team Jacob! WTF! I was loving it though! Team Edward... Blood Suckers... OH YEAH!!

I'm looking forward to having my Jenn & Joe here for the weekend to celebrate the fact that I'm getting old. 25... thats a lot. I remember thinking people who were 22 are old! Damn! Husband asked me out on a date for my actual birthday. I have no idea what we're doing or where we're going, but its supposedly a surprise. I hope I don't ruin it for myself this time. I'm excited though! Just hope that this rain goes away! Looking forward to hanging out with friends to celebrate getting old again with the friends I have down here. I've mellowed out a lot... and I really like that about myself. Hehehe... I go through my phases, so we'll see. Birthdays only come around once a year. Well, for most of us anyway... haha... my Sister celebrates like three different birthdays. WTF! But yeah... definitely something to celebrate and a great excuse to gather the loved ones for a good ol' time!

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