December 23, 2009

Wake up and smell the flowers... even if its rotten.

I think I came to the acceptance that the world is a scary and dangerous place. I wrote how I felt about the tragedy that took place just last month where four innocent Lakewood police officers were shot to death at a coffee shop before they were even on shift. The other day, two other Tacoma police officers responded to a domestic violence call where they were shot by a man who was shot dead at the scene. The officers are both in critical condition, but thankfully, they are still alive and breathing at the moment. I understand that the field is a dangerous one and they all know what kind of danger they are putting themselves in by choosing those particular fields, but the loss and pain is still very heartbreaking. It annoys me when I see that people disrespect and mock those who are actually protecting us and are genuinely concerned about our well being. Why else would anyone put themselves in that kind of danger? It is because they are selfless and willing to put others before themselves. The world really needs more people with these hearts.

The first thing I usually do is check for updates and news hoping to see good news, but I am often left disappointed. I don't know why I do this knowing that I am a scared chicken, but I can't help myself. I like to know whats going on... especially real things that are happening or have happened because you never know what is waiting for you around the corner (literally and figuratively). My heart is still in Washington and maybe that is why I am more cautious and aware of things going on over there than over here in California. Most of my Family is back in Washington, of course I am concerned! These recent crimes resulting in death are just too close to home that I feel this ache in my heart as I learn about each one of them. I don't try to be a pessimist with these situations. In fact, I was usually known as the optimistic one in any situation, but I guess real life is just hitting me... hitting me hard.

I watched the 15 Most Unthinkable Crimes and am now watching the 20 Shocking Unsolved Crimes. Some of these crimes are just unbelievable and heartbreaking. What scares me most is knowing that some of these crimes are not yet solved so those sickening murderers are still on the loose and walking the streets. Not to overanalyze, but its only natural for me to do so... but can you imagine how many other people are out there with these sickening thoughts and the possibilities that crimes such as these can and will happen again?

The world is a scary place and I understand that we should not stop our lives because these things are happening, but we should also be very cautious and aware of our surroundings. It is important to learn what is going on with our communities and keep everyone (not just those that we care about) informed on what is going on. You never know who/what will strike next and who the next victim will be. Therefore, lets try our best to keep our communities safe and aware. This is the least that anyone can do. You can't point at a person and deem them the next murderer, but you sure can remind people to be more observant and aware of what is going on so that they can avoid dangerous situations that are life threatening.

Its great to be optimistic and see the goods and positives of life, but we also have to be realistic and accept that we live in a twisted society. Are these type of behaviors and cases welcome? Of course not, but it seems to find its way in regardless. I'm not saying that we should put our lives on pause and dwell over it, but just keep it in mind and don't forget. Sadness, sorrow, and death are also parts of each life. Don't ever take a moment or person for granted... its hard (if even possible) to take back.

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