December 29, 2009

My FAVORITE brush!

(I had to take a break from reading and learning... a blog post would be a picker upper and fix)

Anyone who knows me or has at least seen my makeup stash, you'd know that I have an obsession for nice makeup brushes. I never realized how important or how big of a difference a makeup brush can make. When I was younger, inexperienced... long before the day I fell in love and the birth of my obsession , I thought that people overpayed for makeup brushes and were ridiculous. Seriously... I was like, "who the heck would pay that much for some hair glued to a stick?"

I was WRONG. So, so SOOOOOO wrong!

Why do I love good brushes? Let me count the ways... or reasons... LOL!

1. You don't shed on me. Seriously... an annoyance of mine is when the makeup regime is going smoothly and then you look closer and see that a few strands from your makeup brush have found their ways and stuck on to your face below the otherwise would have been flawless foundation. FML moment, right? Ugh... then you have to pick it off your skin... then the once nearly flawless foundation had lost its smooth. Grrr!

2. You don't make me look like a kid had just got done playing finger painting on my face.

3. You allow me to blend so smoothly and freely. Ladies (and some boys)... come on... BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!! Hard lines to separate your foundation, blush, eyeshadows, bronzers... they are NOT okay!

4. You don't make my hands sticky and dirty. Imagine if brushes didn't exist. You'd have to use your hands to apply something... then wash it in between every product application... and so on, and so forth. We were only given two hands. Brushes... we are given (or sold) hundreds if we'd like!

5. I just love you, okay!?!?!

I have tried using some cheap brushes... you know, the ones that you can get for 99 cents? Or often times, free!? (Don't get me wrong... there are some great quality brushes for cheap, but you know what I mean? The ones that you only purchase just because its cheaper! You'd be lucky to get good quality brushes for free... I always do a happy dance if that is ever the case and so should you!) Anyway, there are some brushes that LOOK good, but are horrible!

Do NOT go for hard bristles that can possibly scratch your skin! Okay... I ordered these brushes from eBay once and I swear, I felt like a cactus just jogged across my face. Never again am I ordering brushes that I have never felt or tried... I don't care if its $1 with free shipping... never ever again! Thats a waste of a dollar I could have spent on a McChicken!

Do NOT just look for soft brushes. Yes, I know it sounds contradicting, but finding the right brushes can be difficult. There are many soft brushes up there... but do they pick up any pigment? Nope. So... why do you have them again?

What do YOU look for when you shop for brushes? Just curious.

My favorite brush that I actually am needing another one of at the moment?

M·A·C at ShopStyle

Yes, I do realize that its $42 for a full sized brush. BUT... if you find it in a set (usually the anniversary or half yearly sale at Nordstrom or other MAC stores), then jump on it right away! Sure, its $49.50, but you get 5 brushes (usually) and if it comes with this duo fibre brush, then you can't go wrong. TRUST ME! I have tried a few other "duo fibre" brushes, but they are just not the same. People use these for powders... which works great! But personally, I like it for liquid foundation because it gives you a nice, soft blend and it doesn't cake on thick like how most other brushes that are made for liquid foundations. If you are looking for something to apply a heavy look, this might not be for you, but it is for someone who wants something light and natural looking.

I've been through so many of these... not because they fall apart or anything, but because I usually lose them by misplacing them or mixing them up with friends' when they come over or we go out or on vacation or something. (Sucks, I know) I used to give this baby away to my sister whenever it came with a set that I buy because I figured I already have one, but man... these things are precious and I will never ever give one away again. Not because I am selfish but because... okay fine... I am selfish and I want to keep it for myself. Sue me!

I still have an old one that came with the first set I've ever bought in 2002... and I still use it today... 2 days before it flips 2010! 8 years... I need to put that baby to rest. Its also frustrating because when I use liquid foundations, you know that it gets dirty in the brush and I'd have to wash it EVERY day and this can get harsh on the bristles. BUT... I love it too much to apply foundation any other way. Therefore, I should just have more of these and switch them up, right?

Give it a shot, and if you don't like it, hand it my way! OR... you can just get two... one for you and one for me? THANKS... you are so kind! ;)

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  1. I'm miffed that EcoTools doesn't make a more "all over" face brush. It's a powder brush and blush brush, but no, like, foundation buki thing.