December 11, 2009

I'm So Young and You're So Old!

Okay... here goes my first blog entry at the age of 25. Yikes!

Am I losing my hair? No really... am I losing my hair? I don't mean it metaphorically either... I mean literally... AM I LOSING MY HAIR? Waking up to a few strands of hair on the pillow is fine and its really nothing to really worry about or fuss over. BUT... what if I run my fingers through my hair and although it runs smoothly with no knots or tangles in the way, I find what seems to be a handful between my fingers. Sickening, isn't it? I know that its natural to lose hair as we age and also as we stress... but this is just too much. I used to scare all the hairdressers away as I walk into the door because my hair was just too thick for anyone to like to work on because it takes three times as long as other people's hair. You wouldn't be able to grab ALL of my hair with one hand either... I hated it. I used to wish that my hair was thin and soft like most of my friends' hair. I guess this is one of those times when the good ol' "be careful what you wish for" saying holds truth. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! I know that this all sounds superficial and there are many other concerns in the world, but really... you'd be lying if you said you didn't think twice about your appearance. Moreover, I am starting to wonder if this is a health concern. Or maybe its just paranoia and the thought of getting old and wrinkly and hairless is taking over me? Who knows?

Usually I'd be excited for my birthday. This time around, not so much. I teased all of my friends who are older every now and then, especially the ones who turn 25 not too long before me. I would tell them that its downhill from there and that they are now part of the old farts' club and although their insurance is cheaper, its totally not worth the wrinkles and saggy skin. They'd tell me that I'm getting there too, but I refused to accept it. It hit me the night before my birthday that I really am getting old! I used to look at 22 year olds and think that they were ancient because I believed I would be 16 for the rest of my life and I don't see myself getting any older. Now, I am beyond 22... meaning I am beyond old. You know what that means? That means that I am really really old. (No offense to those reading and older than me) Sam tried to butter me up to the fact that the next day was my birthday, but I was not having it and instead got into tears at the thought of it. I know it sounds stupid and I don't know the true reason why I got so emotional, but I did. I actually applied night cream and anti aging cream on my face because I can already feel like I'm getting OLD. At 11:45pm that night, I went to bed because I wanted to savor a few more hours of being 24. Haha... its silly now that I think about it now. Sam woke me up at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday... grrr!!

He took that next day off (on my birthday) and brought me out to lunch and then to go get a nice hour long full body massage. It was my first time ever getting a massage from someone I didn't know... and it was an older man! How uncomfortable, but luckily Sam was right next to me getting a massage too. It was nice and relaxing... but I think that Sam does a better job at times... although his massage sessions last no longer than 3 minutes. What a punk! The massage was much needed followed by some good ol' shopping! You know that always makes me feel happy, but at the same time, I questioned myself and wondered if I dress to young for my age since I see teenagers dressing the same way I do often times. BLAH.

He made reservations at this place called The Sky Room in Long Beach and I found out... and made him cancel the reservations! I know that he was just trying to be sweet and bring me to a nice place on my birthday, but I can't justify letting him spend $35 - $50 on a piece of steak that probably doesn't taste too much better than ones he can cook himself... and thats not even including any salads or appetizers that come with it. HELL NO. I told him that I'd be a LOT happier if we just went and got sushi... and we did! Guess how much our bill was! About $30.. and thats for the both of us and we were stuffed and satisfied! I told him that the rest of the money that he would have spent on our meal at The Sky Room can go towards my Yogurtland fund! Call me cheap, but our bill would have easily ran over $100... probably $150 if we order wine at the nice restaurant which I'm sure Sam would have considering the occasion and the nice place. Again, HELL NO. Maybe I am getting more mature... or maybe I just get cheaper and cheaper by the minute? Either way... I'm glad I refused The Sky Room because... do you know how many things I can get with that money? LOL... I really am looking forward to my yogurtland trips to come considering how much we saved!

The guys usually play basketball every Wednesday and since we were nearby with some time to kill, we stopped by the court. They all stopped to say Happy Birthday to me... how sweet! :D I tried to distract them and tease them every chance I got while watching them... and they knew how to push me away. By saying to me, "TEAM JACOB"! Oh heck no... I quit! LOL! Sam couldn't play since he didn't have his clothes and shoes. Thank goodness because it was freezing cold and I was ready to go home. Wait... we HAD to stop at Yogurtland. How could we not? And we did... and Sam and I hung out there for a bit and talked about some of the most random things ever... but it was nice! Then we realized that the Lakers game was on and I knew he wanted to see it... so we came home.

Overall, it was a nice birthday and I know that it was mellowed out, but that is all going to change tomorrow! I'm so excited for my birthday dinner with some of my coolest friends... and then of course, my cocktail party!! We'll see how it goes because it will be the first one we're throwing... or Sam is throwing for me! :D Did I mention that my best friend Jenn is flying down here with her fiance? Yup... they get in at... well... they'll be here in about 13 hours! I'm so excited and can't wait to see them! We'll do some celebrating tonight after we pick them up at the airport... then its all up in the air from there! Whatever we do, I just know we're going to have a great time! She called me early that morning to sing to me... and she said she practiced for an hour! HAHA... its this thing that we usually do to each other... more like a competition to see who can sing the ugliest version of that song. Every year, it just gets uglier. I don't know how she's gonna top it next year! Hehe... love her!

Oh... did I mention that it was very nice to wake up to see so many texts and emails and messages... and close to a million Facebook comments!! Okay... not really a million, but I felt like it was pretty close and it did make my day and make me feel special. Of course, most of them only knew because of the Facebook reminders thing, but thats okay because I will admit that I don't remember all my friends' birthdays although I'm trying. Sometimes, its just a simple and easy gesture that can really make a difference. My friends are awesome... and that includes my Facebook ones! Haha!

I guess nothing has changed when it comes to my writing even though I am "older". Some things just don't change, I guess! Ranns told me that I will always be a kid at heart and thats what makes me special and thats what people love about me. She's sweet for saying it... I only hope that its true. Let me know if that changes, kay?

More to come later... but I really need to get some things done for my weekend. The list is longer than the neck of a giraffe and I have yet to cross anything off as FINISHED on that list. Ugh.


By the way... there will be some changes coming soon and something to look forward to by next weekend. With too many things going on and so many projects I want to accomplish, I find myself spreading myself so thin that I can't just get one thing done with all the distractions. After this weekend, its FOCUS time! I've learned a lot these past couple of months and have gained a lot of interest. Where is the time stopper when I need it most?

Anyway... I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay warm out there! I know that its freezing in Washington and its pretty wet here (although rain seemed to stop for now). *hugs*

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