September 30, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - Just RANDOMS!

Don't mind the nonsense... I've just had some thoughts on my mind.  Expressed a few on Twitter, but I have a couple more.

  1. Is it just me or do those automatic flushing sensors on toilets look like cameras?  It doesn't help when there is sometimes a flashing red light like how there usually is on video cameras.
  2. Have you ever vacuumed but there is a stubborn string on the ground that just won't get sucked up, so you pick it up and examine it... then drop it back on the ground and try to vacuum it up again?  Why don't we just throw the damn string away since we already bent over to pick it up and examine it?  
  3. When I am at a store and I am in front of a regular manual door, I go out of my way to walk further to get to the automatic door.  Am I really THAT lazy to push or pull the damn door?
  4. Am I the only one who feels super proud and excited when I pull out a potato chip out of the bag that is in perfect condition?  I feel like I hit the jackpot or something, only to crumble it up in my mouth a few milliseconds later.
  5. I like to hold doors for people who are a little further away and I giggle to myself when I see that I made them run a little bit to get to the door.  HAHAHA... sorry, I just got a visual.
  6. WHY is Ginger Spice the only spice that is a real spice? WTF is Posh Spice, Scary Spice, Baby Spice, and Sporty Spice?  She should be HOT Spice... makes more sense, right? o_O
  7. (Had this one on FB a long time ago and my friends thought I was sick for wondering, but...) How does Edward deal with Bella when she's on her period?   
  8. How come Mario can run through brick walls, but dies when touched by a turtle??
Okay... that's all for now.

My Thoughtful Look... Thinking Headband and All!  :P

My Zeno Heat Treat - Behind the Scenes!!

I am so excited to share this with all of you!

As some of you may remember, I had the honor of hosting 'The City' Season Finale viewing party back in July.  Some of my guests got to take home a Zeno Hot Spot and a bunch of other goodies (thank you for coming, by the way).  I love Whitney Port and was lucky enough to get some of these behind the scenes footage from her recent Zeno Heat Treat commercial sent to me and I just want to share it with all of your readers out there.

Its kind of cool to see how it works and I love anything behind the scene... you just feel like you are a part of it all.  Whitney even shares some of her beauty regimens... and she's such a natural beauty so that is definitely a treat.  Check it out!

I'm going to try to get a hold of the Zeno Heat Treat and see how it is... I hope it works wonders!  I love and miss my Hot Spot so much... I accidentally dropped it in water not too long ago and I miss it!  *cries*  At least I got to use it many times and it saved the day at my Best Friend's Wedding!  (The Bride had a huge zit on her forehead and my handy dandy Hot Spot came to the rescue and it was gone the day of the wedding... I swear... amazing!)

Eyelashes Giveaway!

Not too long ago, I came across this website that sold eyelashes for cheap! I was sort of skeptical about them at first because of the price and thought, "they can't be THAT great!".

Well, I was wrong... so wrong! I love these more than the eyelashes that I purchase locally for about five times the price. I even told some other Makeup Artists that I worked with this past weekend about the website... I recommended it to those who know the good stuff... thats how much I liked them!

The website shows tons of different styles, but I decided to go with five that are dramatic and ones that I do not already have anything similar to. My order shipped quick and got here in about four days... amazing! I also got free shipping and a free pack... hopefully they still have that offer.

Anyway, since I have about 50 pairs right now and am feeling a little generous, I am going to give away a few pairs.


How to enter:
1. Comment on this entry and let me know when you would most likely wear eyelashes. (ie. night out with the girls, date night, formal occasions, everyday, etc.) - Also include your name and email address!
(1 entry)

2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet: Follow @thyda and RT to win some fun & sexy eyelashes at:
(2 entries)
Giveaway Deadline & Winner is chosen on Saturday, October 9th at 11:59PM PST.

Please note that I purchased these on my own and am giving these lashes away at my own will.

P.S. I am sick right now and wouldn't look too cute on camera, so sorry for the lack of pictures. I will try to add some a little bit later.  However, I was wearing a pair of the lashes in the picture posted in one of my earlier entries:  Lookin' Kinda Crazy

Lookin' Kinda Crazy!

I was sick yesterday... *cough cough* but am feeling a wee bit better today.  I was in bed all day and it was hard to move... eep.  Today, I am still in bed and feeling a little lousy, but I can open my eyes long enough to blog.

Speaking of opening my eyes, here is a picture I took before leaving to the Yelp Elite Event on Tuesday night... which was SOOOOOO fun, by the way!

Yeah... lookin' pretty crazy, I know.  I figured I'd add this one since according to my poll, two people said they'd like to see more pictures.  I'm kind of sad that only 5 people took the poll, but I guess thats okay considering the fact that about three people told me they can't vote on their phones.  Better luck next time!
My internet is being a little crazy, but there is this video that I really want to upload and share!!  I'm gonna take a little nap and hope that my internet gets it together so that I can share it with all of you.  I'm excited!

Alrighty... tschuss!

Printable Party Games - Review

Fun HOLIDAYS are just around the corner and I was trying to find a good way to entertain my friends if I was to have a usual Halloween and Thanksgiving get together.  Last Thanksgiving, we ended up with all of the guests' faces on the wall, and we used my "T" post-it (T for Thyda) for a game of "Pin the 'T' on the Turkey"!  (One player is blindfolded and spun and pins the "T" on a wall of faces.  If the face that got T'ed is yours, then you take a shot and repeat what the last player just did)  It was fun, but it got a little out of hand.

I came across this website where you pay $19.95 and they send you a link to download all of these fun printable games.  There are tons of games to choose from, I believe there are over 50 games that you can choose.  I downloaded most of them (way more than I would need) and am so excited and ready for my friends and family to play when they come over for the parties.  I am especially excited for the NFL related ones because I know that my Husband and his friends are going to be ALL over that.  Now, I have to come up with some prizes for the winners of all these games.

Note:  Games are not only for Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are plenty that are related to the highly anticipated season of Fall (Autumn).

If you like to host parties and want to bring back some old school fun and like a little friendly competition with your guests, I highly recommend this.  And if you are a teacher, you have basically hit the jackpot!  (A few of my friends are teachers and I just KNOW that they are going to love this)

September 28, 2010

Heat Wave!

I. Can.Not. Stand. This. Heat!!

I've never been a fan of crazy hot weather, and today had got to be the worst!  It was hotter than I have ever experienced in Seattle (duh!), Miami, Hawaii... and even Cambodia!  WTF!  It was record breaking 113 degrees here and even a walk to the beach didn't help.  Still freakin' hot there... the breeze was a hot breeze!  I've never seen so many people at the beach until yesterday... it was nuts!

Today is expected to be almost just as hot. 

Somebody, please SAVE ME!

 I miss my rain and snow... I like my warm drinks.  *cries*

Humans... never satisfied.

September 24, 2010

Tragedy in Seattle...

What a tragedy.  What would drive a Mother so crazy to shoot her own Family?

I saw the headlines on Twitter yesterday saying that there was a shooting in West Seattle that left four people dead.  My heart dropped reading the headline alone because its so close to home... I used to work in West Seattle for awhile.  Although I don't live in Washington anymore, I still constantly read the news relating to it because it will always be home to me.  This morning, I woke up and figured that there would be more information about the tragedy so of course, I followed up.  I went to my reliable source, 
King 5 News and it broke my heart to see faces that looked very familiar on the front page.  Although I don't know the family personally, they just looked really familiar.  

This story caught my attention because its
  • so close to home
  • Cambodian people involved (I care about all people, but I will admit that I pay closer attention to my own people... its the truth)
  • family tragedy... always breaks my heart
  • survivor's name is 'Thyda' as well... though the reporter pronounced her name as "thigh-duh"... ugh! *cringe*
I am definitely going to call my Mom to see if she knows more about this.  I just want to know what it is that could drive a Mother to go to this extent.  We all walk different lives and face different struggles so it is hard to judge and assume.  I read some of the comments on the article and some really upset me, but I don't feel it necessary or worth my time to rebut to ignorance... but I am willing to bet twenty bucks (all that I have in my wallet at the moment) that it was not drug or gang related.

(You can click on the link at the beginning of this post to see the article that I read)

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to this Family.

September 23, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - Love... FOUND.

I promise not to be a puppy in love and make every entry about love and about my Husband, but today has to be the day and this entry has to be the entry.

I often have a hard time showing and telling my Husband how much I appreciate him and everything he does.  I guess after seeing the movie, "Why Did I Get Married Too?" made me realize how great of a Husband he had been to me for the past year and couple of months.  (Which by the way, I wrote a short little entry about the movie and how I feel about it here on my other blog Oh Too Much)

He is SUCH a dork... one of the reasons why I love him so much!

People spend so much of their lives searching for the perfect partner and having these high expectations and list of criteria that their prospective partners need to fill.  Let me tell you now that if you have what you call "standards" and think that the other person has to fulfill those standards, then you should probably ask yourself what qualities is it that you have that makes you fulfill the list of criteria that they have?  Does that make sense?  I guess all I am saying is that you shouldn't look at love and a relationship as a one way street where you are the only one with needs and desires.  Take yourself off a pedestal every once in awhile and be present and level with those around you.  If you walk around with your head held too high and your nose in the air, how do you see, smell, and appreciate those that are there and ready to love you?  Keep this up, and you would never find true love... thats the truth.

I remember a line from one of my friends wedding vows "It is not only about finding the right partner, but about BEING the right partner".  - SO TRUE!

We need someone who loves you for who you are and not what you could be.  - Same goes the other way around.

In no way am I saying that you should settle for less.  By that, I don't believe that you should settle for anything less than happiness.

I am blessed to have found my true love at the young age of 20 as a friend.  I am glad I got to know him and built a friendship with him before that friendship blossomed into love and a relationship because I not only have a lover, but I will always have a friend.  Five (going on six) years later, I am happily married to this wonderful man who loves me unconditionally.  He would kiss me in the morning before I can rid the morning breath.  He doesn't mind that I look a mess in the morning (and those who have seen me in the morning can testify) and tolerates my smell if I didn't shower in a day (gross and TMI, I know... but I have my days... haha!).  I never have to wonder where he is or hope that he would come home or wait by the phone waiting for him to call.  I no longer have to go to bed alone at night or wake up wondering where he is or who he is with.  I don't have to eat dinner alone (unless it was planned) and there is no longer a day that goes by when he doesn't remind me that he loves me.  I never go to bed angry or upset... that's a rule that we have and its been working wonderfully...

The list goes on, but we all get the point... I am a lucky woman!

I can tell him all my dreams, wishes, and plans... and he would listen because he is and will be a part of it all.

September 22, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - September 22nd

First off, I want to wish my older Sister a Happy Birthday!  Since its her birthday, let me just share a list of what I want... LOL!  Growing up, we always sort of joked around that we give each other the gift of giving.  In other words, "since its your birthday, look what you can get for me"!  Yeah... our family is a little backwards like that.  Oops!

I FREAKIN' WISH!  We all know that I would never ever be blessed with such a beauty, but I can dream, right?  Besides... its my WISHFUL WEDNESDAY!!

I OBVIOUSLY still never got this one and it had been on my wishlist for the past year!  *sigh*  Its such a beauty though... you've gotta see/touch/feel this one in person.  Dream, dream, dream!

I am actually really liking this one for the fall season that's already here.  This one is a little bit more feasible... price and label wise. HA!  I think I have the perfect boots that would go with this.  :)  Hint hint!

Just dreamin' again, I KNOW!  I don't own anything Gucci, but its never too late to start.  I also don't own any handbags that look like this... not even close!  I figured, if I was to ever spend that much money on a bag, it better be leather rather than the typical canvas!  So... if you plan to buy me any GUCCI, leather please! *bats eyelashes*


Alright... enough of that.  As you can see, I have an itch for handbags at the moment.  During the summer, I threw all my bigger handbags in the back of the closet (most of them, anyway), and put my swingpacks to use.  Surprisingly, I have more swingpacks than I thought and more COACH pieces than I thought I had.  Oops!  Anyway, I am now wanting these hot handbags for the Fall and Winter seasons.  Not only will they go well with the rest of the seasons' wardrobe, but I can sneak a whole lot of rolls in there at the buffets and at the holiday parties.  Wuahahahah!

September 21, 2010

Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival

This past weekend, my friends and I attended the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival.  I've been looking forward to it for weeks because I love festivals, carnivals, and food... especially lobsters! 

Yumm, right?  These lobsters were perfect!  I honestly didn't expect it to taste so yummy because I've heard some horrible things about the Lobster Fest and the Crawfish Fest that they have annually.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I killed mine real quick... and had room for so much more!  Ahhh... so good!

We also shared some funnel cake!

I cannot believe they ran out of strawberries and whipped cream... I was pretty upset.  I had to settle with chocolate and caramel... which was actually pretty good.  The other downfall was that this one was soft... not crispy like how I usually like my funnel cakes.

Reminds me SOOOOOO much of the Puyallup Fair... I miss doin' the Puyallup!  The good ol' days... that one needs a post all in itself... with pictures and all.  Makes me miss my friends so much.  Ahhh...!

What is your favorite fair/carnival activity?  More importantly, what is your favorite fair/carnival FOOD??

Victoria's Secret - 7 for $25 Panties!

Its here again... the 7 for $25 panties sale at Victoria's Secret.  It actually started yesterday and I had been meaning to share that with all of you, but I wasn't on a computer (it was my lazy Monday).

Anyway, time to stock up while you can... especially when its the PINK line (my favorite).

Happy Panties Shopping!

For online shopping: NOTE: Panty Raid is IN STORE ONLY (for now)

Gossip Girl - Season 4 Episode 2 - 'Double Identity'

I will be the first to admit that I had higher expectations for this episode.  Was it just me or was the excitement just not there tonight?

I already knew that the body found was not Chuck's.  I already knew that Blair was going to have another chance with the Prince.  I also already expected Blair and Chuck to cross paths... they'd have to!

Basically what happened was Serena was called to go identify the body that they thought was Chuck's.  Of course, it wasn't.  Meanwhile, Blair's car coincidentally stopped where Chuck was walking to his new job.  What are the odds of that in reality?  You know... not in the Gossip Girl world?  Serena finds Blair as Blair gets ready for her date with the Prince (who was giving her another chance) and tells her about the body being found that was mistaken for Chuck because of the wallet, ID, passport, and phone.  Of course, cross referencing, they came to the conclusion that Chuck is still alive and in Paris because Blair saw him.  SO... Serena, thinking so highly of Chuck decides to visit every bar in Paris to look for him because knowing him, he would practically live at a bar, right?  What are the odds? She stumbles upon the bar where Chuck just started working at.

SO... after Chuck saw Blair, he decided that he and Eva (his new French girlfriend) should move to London.  Why? Because he saw Blair in Paris and he was probably afraid that she would reveal his identity.  Eva was concerned because they were broke and couldn't afford tickets to London.  Of course, the almighty Chuck Bass came to the rescue with a buttload of money for tickets and such.

QUESTION OF THE EPISODE:  How the heck did Chuck come up with the money and paperwork (to sign over his assets to Lily later on) when he was just robbed and was found in the alley by Eva?  Did it just appear out of thin air or what?  He must have had to contact someone to send it over, right?  But who since he had not been in contact with anyone. The other conclusion is that he hid all those paperwork and money so well that when Eva found and cleaned him up, she didn't find any of it.  Maybe he swallowed it right before he got shot and pooped it out in time when all of this went down?  Who knows?

Serena of course hunted Chuck down and found him in the loft he was living in with Eva.  She tried to convince him to go back home to the states to take care of business, but of course, Chuck says no and says something sweet like he lost the only thing he cared about (Blair).  Serena then returns to Blair where she was getting ready for a ball with the Prince (Louie) and tried to convince her to help stop Chuck from changing his identity.  She pretended not to care and proceeded with her plans.  Serena then got a note saying "I'd rather have nothing than to be Chuck Bass" or something like that.  Attached was all the paperwork signing over his assets over.  (Yup... the paperwork that appeared in Paris out of nowhere because a billionaire would really walk around with this paperwork, right?)  Then, Serena got called over to go to Harry Winston to claim the ring that the thief/robber had sold back to Harry Winston for cash.  Conveniently, Harry Winston remembers that Chuck Bass made the purchase and told the detectives about it after his body was found (though it was never made public that Chuck Bass property and supposed body was found... good ol' Harry just KNEW... that psychic!).  Anyway, Blair was also coincidentally at Harry Winston picking out some jewelry for the ball, and this was when Serena told Blair that Chuck was going to propose to her and he had gotten shot trying to hold onto that ring.  At this point, Blair decided to try to stop Chuck also so she went with Serena to the train station.  They talked and it was heartwarming... they looked so perfect for each other and I insist they have to be back together again.

Later, Chuck decided to return to the states and told Eva who he was... and he is bringing Eva with him to New York.  Watch out, now...!

Back in the States, the whole Nate/Dan situation was snore worthy and pretty boring.  Long story short, Juliet tries to help Nate bring Dan (his competition) down.  She told Vanessa that Dan still had feelings for her, and of course, Vanessa and Dan sleep together... Dan finds out that Nate told Vanessa that Dan had feelings for her... blah blah... all pretty boring, if you ask me.  Serena shows up and sees Nate hand in hand with Juliet (to make Serena jealous) and Dan hand in hand with Vanessa.  She was also greeted by Milo (Georgina's baby)... and is confused.  Dan said that he will fill her in later.  OH.. and about Georgina... that broad went to a SPA?  What the eff ever... lies!  That girl is evil... just looking at her, she looks evil.

Now I wonder...

  • Will Georgina return for her baby?
  • Its not Dan's baby (I am sure of this), but how long is that paternity is going to take?
  • Will there be trouble with Eva and Blair over Chuck? Will Eva even go to the states with Chuck?  If so... I wonder if she is going to adjust to his lifestyle. I am willing to bet that she is going to hook up with either Dan or Nate at one point... but wouldn't it be crazy if she hooked up with Rufus? HAHA... age ain't no thang!
  • Are Blair and Serena going to get along at Columbia?  Maybe they've all grown up now and changed?
  • Who was on the phone with Juliet?  You know, the one she told, "I miss you, too" to?  I'm guessing it is Nate's uncle... remember him? LOL
Until next time, XOXO!!

P.S.  How adorable is this dress in this episode? I love it!

(Courtesy of

September 16, 2010

Back in Business!

Anyone who knows the least bit about me knows that I absolutely love makeup. There is no slight doubt about it. I think I actually bleed pink! (Please don't try to cut me just to test it out... just take my word for it)

I am happy and proud to announce that I am ready to take my love and passion to another level. I regret that I took quite a bit of time off as I was still questioning my own talent and abilities... I even turned down a few jobs that I was at first very excited about. I think I started getting self conscious and doubted myself after my commercial shoot last year (remember that?). Seeing all the supplies that the makeup artists on that shoot had was intimidating because I didn't have everything that they had. But now, I have learned and accepted the fact that my kit is an ongoing work in progress... it will continue to grow just as my skills shall. :)

Lately I have been fortunate enough to work as a makeup artist on a few different projects with other talented artists that I was able to learn a thing or two from. The knowledge and experience are priceless. During the process, I was reminded and just knew that I was doing something that I absolutely love. The look on my client's face after making them look even more beautiful than they already are makes me happy. When I can make someone feel beautiful and great about themself and help make their day just a little bit better, then I know that my job is done... that is what I strive for.

Anyway, I am currently trying to put my site back together (its been awhile). Ongoing process (like anything else of mine)... but its up there for now. Very basic and just wanted to show some of my work. Some of my paid work cannot be shared because the clients would rather not have their pictures posted due to copyright issues with the photographer (which is fine by me... just show me the money). I should really start taking pictures on my own during jobs, but time is so limited sometimes.

The newer pictures are more on the natural and casual side and most of the models are younger so its more age appropriate. I am looking to work on more creative, artsy, and dramatic projects. If any models and photographers are interested in collaborating, please contact me. :)

As you can see, it needs more work.

Oh... and I just booked another job for next weekend. Its going slowly but surely... I am so excited! Wish me luck please!

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September 15, 2010

Gossip Girl - Season 4 Episode 1

After Season 3's Finale, I felt like I was counting down the days for Season 4 to start.  I will try not to spoil it for those who have not seen the ending to Season 3, but oh my gosh... how intense was it?  I swear my heart had not raced like that for a very long time.  I wasn't at the edge of my seat... I couldn't even sit down!

I used to not be into the show because I had no idea what it was about, but sometime in early 2009, I started watching the show online (out of boredom) and I was hooked.  Whoever the director is, they do a wonderful job of keeping the audience hooked.  Much kudos!

SO... Season 4 finally started the other night (Mondays at 9pm on the CW for those who didn't know).  I was waiting months and months for it to start again, so you better believe that I cleared my schedule for it.

I should have rewatched Season 3 because I was somewhat lost and confused.  So was it Chuck's body that washed up on shore or was it someone else that they mistook as Chuck?  I know that he messed up (big time), but why the double life?  Over a girl?  She's not even all that cute... Blair is much more beautiful and he'd better do anything and everything to get her back.  Blair is too funny... I adore her so much... even when she can be a total biatch at times.  She has a big heart... at least I think so.

And GOSSIP GIRL cannot be revealed that early on, can she?  Its just to throw us (the audience) off.  The girl is probably obsessed with Gossip Girl, but that cannot be her.  Mark my words!  I cannot wait until Monday.  :)

For those who have been following up and actually saw it, what do you think?
If you are not caught up, don't click on the comments... haha!

Hugs and Kisses!

Makeup - Fresh, Clean, Natural

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to work with a beautiful Model and a renowned Photographer to work on her headshots.  Nia is beautiful and had not worn makeup in four years.  Amazing, right?  I wish I can do that!  Anyway, I wanted to share a photo... just because I can and... why not?

As you can see, it is a light and natural look, but I must say that it is most difficult for me to achieve a natural and "barely there" look.  Fun eyeshadows and colors are easy to work with because if you "mess up" somewhere, you can turn around and make your mistake look like its intentional!  ;)  One of the most difficult part of doing a natural face is concealing.  We all have imperfections on our face somewhere (show me one person who doesn't have any and I will give you a hundred bucks!).  Dark undereyes, scars, scabs, discoloration... we all have one or the other.  I have all of the above!

I'm not going to post a "before" picture because... thats just mean.  Anyway, though my model was already beautiful, I had to prepare her for the crisp clear picture and the harsh lighting and such.  This was a test shoot (for me), so I can honestly say that I learned a lot from it.  I also confess that I haven't done very much work with people of her skin tone, so this was an awesome experience AND opportunity.  I cleaned up and shaped her eyebrows a tad and tried to keep the makeup light and enhance her eyes a tad bit but still try to keep it natural.  The eyeliner was a little bit stronger than I would have it if I was to do it all over again.  See?  Thats what test shoots are all about... to learn something about your work from your work. 

Foundation:  RCMA (cream formula - self mixed)
Blush: MAC in "Format"
Eyeshadow:  MAC & Smashbox (combination of a few I don't remember names of... "Tempting" and others I used to crease, highlight, and blend)
Eyeliner:  MAC (fluidline in Blacktrack)
Mascara:  Maybelline "The Colossal Volum' Express"
Brushes: MANY!!  ;)

... more looks and work to come.  I don't want to post them all at once.  

Any requests on looks to show?

Wishful Wednesday - September 15th

I know that I have a lot that I want and according to me, need... but what is wrong with a little wishful thinking?  Therefore, I'm going to start a little "Wishful Wednesday" routine.  The only day of the week where I can blog about the stuff that I want (*ahem*... need!!).  I gotta get it out of the way one day of the week, right?  Leave the other days for some non whiney and needy posts.  LOL

Here I go!!

I really do need this!  Surprisingly, I've never had a makeup brush belt because I haven't found a good quality and affordable one.  Now... I have lots of brushes, but I can never have enough.  Therefore, it would be perfect if I was to get this... a brush belt with MORE brushes!  Whoot!

I love FALL for fashion.  I love sweaters, jackets, and boots... and this is the perfect season for it.  I used to have something similar to this, but like most of my stuff, its MISSING!  Boo!  Therefore, I need another one!  Please and thank you. :)

Okay don't laugh but I already have these! LOL... its so comfortable and it was perfect for the rainy weather up in Seattle.  I left them up there and now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind rocking them over here in SoCal!  I mean, everyone seems to panic when it sprinkles anyway, so I might as well jump into the dramatics, right?  They aren't the hottest boots on the block, but they sure are comfy and I love them!  I AM GOING TO ASK MY SISTER TO SEND THESE TO ME, ACTUALLY!  Thanks in advance, Sis!

This is a little funky, but I wonder if this wedged heel that looks like a regular heel is comfortable.  I'd rock it!

I have LOTS more on my wish list, but I guess I will save them for next week.  Its fun to online window shop, isn't it?  I find every excuse to shop... for real or not for real.  How lame!

Have a great Wishful Wednesday, everyone!

September 13, 2010

We WERE in Miami... BEACH!

Flip Flops I made for all the girls!
Okay... so its time for me to play catch up on my blog, right?  So... here I go! 

Its always more fun with pictures, so let me go ahead and include the pictures that I need to for this one in particular.  :)

Early in July, I went down to Miami.  6 girlfriends flew down from Seattle and one was already there patiently waiting for us to arrive... haha!  It was a reunion... finally!  I've missed my friends SO much!  I know I have friends here in Long Beach, but these are the girlfriends from a place that I call HOME, you know what I mean?  Anyway, it was long awaited and the day and time finally arrived!

I probably won't get into too much details about everything that went down.  Lets just say that it was a very memorable trip... in a good way and a bad way.  I'll leave the emotional stuff for another post as it may take me awhile to put it all together.  Now, lets move on to the fun stuff!

So here I am finally on the beach in Miami.  I must admit that I expected a whole lot more out of Miami beaches.  The sand was rough... even worse than the beaches in Southern California... so that says a lot! HAHA jk!  I didn't stay on the beach as often or as long as I should because I was literally getting heat strokes and I couldn't breathe because of all that humidity.  What's really sad is that our hotel was literally across the street from the beach!  I beat myself up later regretting not working on the tan that was much needed.

Yes, I am wearing earrings on the beach.. who is asking?  Hmm?

If you should wonder what we look like without makeup, then here you have it!  LOL... a picture that I took with my phone before we got ready for a night out.  My best friends and I... at our best, of course!  Vany's cousin actually commented on this picture on FB right away about his cousin's flat hair.  What a hater!  The conversation we had about that later cracked me up to the point my stomach really hurt.  Vany says some of the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life.  I love that girl to pieces... a great friend that is truly her own and one of a kind.  :)

Yes, I had to include a picture of our snacks.  The fruit bars were my choice and all of us love hot cheetos, but the Bride to Be makes it a point that it is her absolute favorite!  SO... we had to get it too! 

Our first night out!  Can you take a wild guess what our theme of the night was?  It was such a fun night and we really showed what its like to get VIP treatment in a totally different city!  I was getting upset that there was too much champagne that kept getting poured for us and my friend had to sneak off to the bathroom to pour the champagne down the toilet and pretend like she drank it all! HAHA... thats how crazy it was!  Good times though, of course!

I really hate how my hair always does the funky split like that.  Well, my bangs anyway!  However, I was really loving the dress, so I had to get a single shot somewhere!  ;)
We loved our hotel!  Casanova Suites is the place to be if you are ever in Miami!  Seriously, it couldn't be any more perfect... our suite was HUGE and the staff was the best!  Check them out!

My best friend and I!  She was the Bride to Be and I would have went to Mars and back for her if I had to!  Love her... truly my Sista from anotha Motha!  No one knows me like she does... f'reals!  Anyway... our second theme was "citrus", but I must admit that it was ruined.  I wouldn't say by who and how, but lets just say that themes aren't too fun if you try to include selfish and attention seeking folks in the mix.  Whatever... I didn't let it ruin my night.  No sir!

We are on our way!  I don't understand some things... but whatever.  I actually wanted a picture with our taxi cab driver, but I guess my camera kinda sorta got hijacked for a minute and we were at the club before I had my chance to take a picture with him.  Boo... next time... maybe!

LOVE THEM!!  My two favorite KOREA's!  If I ever blurt out any bad words or phrases in Korean, they are to blame.  I know more bad things than good things... that can't be good!  Oh well!

Kickin' it with J.Cole!  Heck yeah!  Okay so I admit that I had no idea who the dude was and had never heard his music in my life, but knowing that he is a celebrity, of course my groupie mode was on and I was going to fake the funk.  I swear we made eye contact ALL night... lol... especially after I tweeted him and told him not to look so sad while he was on stage!  Then, we were there partying it up with him in V.I.P... what what!  When I was talking to him, he asked me what my name was and even had me spell it out... and he told me that I had a pretty name "tee-da"!  Oh... and you'd better believe that I told him that he was my favorite artist!  (I refrained from saying "singer" or "rapper" because I had no idea which one he was.  Safe way to go was, "artist"!)  And then he performed... and his songs were just bad!  Not as in awful, but it was kinda dirty callin' girls "bitches" and stuff... and I didn't like it.  Oh well... groupie moment is over and I already got my picture... so whatever!

Stripper night! LOL... I decided to make up this little game while we were all getting ready.  Every ten minutes, I would call "SHOT" in the kitchen and everyone had to take a shot.  The last one there had to take two shots!  HAHAHA... it got us a little bit too drunk at the time... but just in time for the stripper.  I won't share any more pictures from this night, but lets just say that the stripper in Miami sucks compared to our stripper in Tacoma!  What does Miami know about Tacoma anyway? LOL!

Hungover day!  We weren't exactly feeling at our best this day, so we spent most of the day just chillin' in the suite and talking!  That was probably the best day of my trip... bonding with some of the girls that I love ! Of course though, we made it out for at least a little bit that night... and still in theme, of course!  ;)

Of course, we made it out to DASH in Miami!  We were hoping to see Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.  I was tweeting them for weeks asking if they were going to be at the store because I wanted to hang out (acting like they were my best friends, of course.. haha!).  It would have been nice to see Kim Kardashian  too, but she isn't really that big deal and part of the store, so whatever.  I like Kim too, its just... I think Khloe and Kourtney are much more entertaining.  :)  They weren't there... and none of the employees looked like the ones on the show.  Then I see the newer episodes now and I realize that they had already left Miami at the time.  Boo... I'm sure they would have hung out with us if they were still there though! HAHA! (sarcasm)

Our last night in Miami!  All the girls in black... minus the Bride to Be!  Please excuse the towel on the ground... I used that to wipe off some of the self tanner I had to use on my legs. LMAO!  Oops!  I can't seem to find a picture with all of us in it, but here goes some.

This was a really interesting night.  It was something that could have been pulled right out of a movie, I swear.  I'll get into it later, but it turned out to be an amazing night!

My Bride to Be had a blast... and that is all that really matters!

With the manager of my officially favorite club in Miami... TWIST!

What a memorable night... a fairytale, actually!

Miami, I miss you!

September 12, 2010

On a FULL stomach!

Of course, another useless post by yours truly. I am just laying in bed right now just trying to get the hang of this blogger app on my phone. Husband is finally uploading a few of the pictures from Hawaii and I am just laying here... lard and plump and in food coma. Ahhhh!

Today, Hubbs was feeling a little bit better. He had been sick for about a week now. What gets me is that he felt all better enough to go for a round of golf with the guys yesterday but wasn't feeling good when he got home. Gee... I wonder why! Anyway, we decided to go out for some fresh air and of course, shopping! I have issues... I am an unemployed shopaholic. We went out to dinner and was treated with some yummy dessert.



So now, I am laying here on an overly full nearly explosion stomach. This is not a good feeling.

Tomorrow, I will start my diet.


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