September 22, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - September 22nd

First off, I want to wish my older Sister a Happy Birthday!  Since its her birthday, let me just share a list of what I want... LOL!  Growing up, we always sort of joked around that we give each other the gift of giving.  In other words, "since its your birthday, look what you can get for me"!  Yeah... our family is a little backwards like that.  Oops!

I FREAKIN' WISH!  We all know that I would never ever be blessed with such a beauty, but I can dream, right?  Besides... its my WISHFUL WEDNESDAY!!

I OBVIOUSLY still never got this one and it had been on my wishlist for the past year!  *sigh*  Its such a beauty though... you've gotta see/touch/feel this one in person.  Dream, dream, dream!

I am actually really liking this one for the fall season that's already here.  This one is a little bit more feasible... price and label wise. HA!  I think I have the perfect boots that would go with this.  :)  Hint hint!

Just dreamin' again, I KNOW!  I don't own anything Gucci, but its never too late to start.  I also don't own any handbags that look like this... not even close!  I figured, if I was to ever spend that much money on a bag, it better be leather rather than the typical canvas!  So... if you plan to buy me any GUCCI, leather please! *bats eyelashes*


Alright... enough of that.  As you can see, I have an itch for handbags at the moment.  During the summer, I threw all my bigger handbags in the back of the closet (most of them, anyway), and put my swingpacks to use.  Surprisingly, I have more swingpacks than I thought and more COACH pieces than I thought I had.  Oops!  Anyway, I am now wanting these hot handbags for the Fall and Winter seasons.  Not only will they go well with the rest of the seasons' wardrobe, but I can sneak a whole lot of rolls in there at the buffets and at the holiday parties.  Wuahahahah!


  1. Great blog! And I also love the bags you chose:)
    Hope you'll check out my blog too, and follow if you like it:)
    xoxo Sienna

  2. Thanks sweetie! I just followed you... can't wait to see what you say! :)

  3. That satchel from Coach is divine! :P