September 12, 2010

On a FULL stomach!

Of course, another useless post by yours truly. I am just laying in bed right now just trying to get the hang of this blogger app on my phone. Husband is finally uploading a few of the pictures from Hawaii and I am just laying here... lard and plump and in food coma. Ahhhh!

Today, Hubbs was feeling a little bit better. He had been sick for about a week now. What gets me is that he felt all better enough to go for a round of golf with the guys yesterday but wasn't feeling good when he got home. Gee... I wonder why! Anyway, we decided to go out for some fresh air and of course, shopping! I have issues... I am an unemployed shopaholic. We went out to dinner and was treated with some yummy dessert.



So now, I am laying here on an overly full nearly explosion stomach. This is not a good feeling.

Tomorrow, I will start my diet.


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