September 28, 2010

Heat Wave!

I. Can.Not. Stand. This. Heat!!

I've never been a fan of crazy hot weather, and today had got to be the worst!  It was hotter than I have ever experienced in Seattle (duh!), Miami, Hawaii... and even Cambodia!  WTF!  It was record breaking 113 degrees here and even a walk to the beach didn't help.  Still freakin' hot there... the breeze was a hot breeze!  I've never seen so many people at the beach until yesterday... it was nuts!

Today is expected to be almost just as hot. 

Somebody, please SAVE ME!

 I miss my rain and snow... I like my warm drinks.  *cries*

Humans... never satisfied.


  1. dude??? no review of last nights ep?!?!? who is that guy in prison!??!

  2. Haha sorry I was busy all day... but maybe later. But I must say that I knew it all along that she was someone's puppet. OMG... must blog it later!!!

  3. Kim! You will find more of my recaps and reviews on my other blog I just started for those purposes. HAHA... follow!!

  4. 113 degrees?!?!?! that's crazy talk. We've been fortunate to have BEAUTIFUL weather in H-town. Yes, I'm gloating because this weather is RARE for us.

  5. Kim - Review/Synopsis written for yah, girl!
    Gossip Girl Review

    Channy - You are sooooo rubbing it in dude. I'm about to DIE over here!