September 28, 2009

Lovin' Laughlin!

My first trip to Laughlin was a success... sorta! The traffic Friday evening when we left wasn't great, but it wasn't the end of the world either. We got there pretty late, but just in time to get a few hours of sleep before playtime!

We went to Lake Mead at 6:30am! Well, that was the plan, but I'm sure we didn't really leave until about 7am! :D Anyway... my first time jet skiing was so much fun! I can't believe I almost didn't get on that thing because I was scared but once I got on, it was an addiction. Apparently, they could hear me scream the whole time (its more exciting that way... like on a roller coaster, you don't get the same thrill if you don't scream). I was trying to sing while Sam was driving and everytime I would, he would go faster or slow down to scare me with a whiplash so that I'd stop singing. What a punk!

I had fun with my deck of cards and trying to punk everyone to drink later that day. I felt sort of bad because a few got pretty messed up and were just laying there helpless. I usually don't do a lot of drinking when I'm hosting a game, but my friends have caught on and have somehow made me drink as much, if not more than them. No one ever is supposed to beat me in my drinking game, but this past weekend, Bo did. How he did it? I will never know but I'm just going to believe that he cheated although I don't see how he could have. HAHA! I got pretty messed up myself and knocked out on the hammock in the sun for awhile. I hate my drinking games!

Oh... and I hate getting bit! Freakin' red ants... I hate you! That sh*t was so painful and for a minute, my thigh and butt felt so numb! Grrrr...! And then after that mofo bit me, I picked it off me and let it go and live. What the heck was I thinking?

Played in the water for a bit and the guys were enjoying themselves making bubbles in the water. Nasty asses!

We got to gamble for a little bit and I'm still upset at somehow losing $10 in the penny slots within a minute or two even after thoroughly reading the instructions. Then, I upgraded to the nickle slots and it was just not my lucky day at all! $19 later, I still couldn't get a drink from the cocktail waitress... she straight up rejected me and I had to go stand around by Sam at the craps table in order to get my lousy white russian! Grrr! Sam broke even... actually won $2 but he tipped the cashier lady with it. HAHA! I am $19 poorer... eff that! Actually wait... I guess I sorta came up because Sam gave me $50 to gamble and I only used $19 so I came up, really! LOL! There was a club there and Lily and I decided to check it out while our boys were hooked on craps. We decided that its just not the same to dance when you're not in heels. Too bad I didn't pack heels with me!

Our drive back was a freakin' mission, dude. Long story short... 5 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive. Thank goodness for thoughtful and caring friends who would never leave us roasting on the side of the road in 104 degrees weather. Few lessons learned... but I kinda sorta don't wanna think about it anymore.

We got a few minutes in Barstow and we found a cute COACH purse for Sam's Mom for her birthday! I thought I would want something in there and Sam kept on trying to push me to get something (he's more into designer stuff than I am), but I couldn't decide on something I actually really wanted. I told him that with my luck, I'd probably lose it or somehow mess it up with my clumsiness so I'd rather buy 10 cheaper purses that are equivalent to one expensive one instead. He thinks I'm weird... I think I just know myself! :D

Didn't get home until past 1am last night and this morning, we were greeted with a parking ticket. WTF. It hasn't been our day(s).


September 25, 2009

What a morning!

Ahhh! So this morning, I really wanted to finish up some of the stuff I had in the refrigerator so that it wouldn't go bad while we were out in Laughlin. So... decided to whip something up for Sam's lunch and I sort of over poured on an ingredient and its just not the same. I feel so bad because I didn't have time to make something else for him. He said that its fine, but I can tell that its not. I don't know why I feel so bad and pretty shitty when he can easily throw it away if he wants and just get something else. Ahhh... staying out of the kitchen for awhile.

Went shopping yesterday... how is Sam ever so patient with me? o_O I can't believe we shopped for 7 hours straight and at no point did we sit down to stop and take a break. HAHA!

The other day, we picked up the pictures from the CA wedding (finally). It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and thank goodness I wiped off as much makeup as I did because I came out looking halfway decent. I'll upload the other pictures later, but since I'm so vain, here's a picture of me that I have up on Facebook. Wuahhahah!

What I like about them is that they're CLEAR! I didn't expect anything too fancy anyway... but they did a great job for the price that they charged. The people I wanted to blame for my stress/anger that day was my alleged "wedding planner". Ugh. Okay... don't wanna get myself mad thinking about it again.

Leaving for Laughlin today. Need to pack and clean my room and put all my clothes away. Eek... doing it NOW!!

September 23, 2009


Very last minute, but I am being flown out to Seattle next weekend to do makeup for a wedding! YAY! I'm so excited! I am also going back the following weekend. I would have just stayed there the entire time, but it would have cost me $100 to change that flight and thats practically another airline ticket already so screw that! Besides, Sam is already sad that I was leaving him for a weekend and now he's even more down that I'm leaving two weekends in a row! Poor Baby! As I said... before while doing the long distance relationship, I would miss him, yes. But now, I miss him when he goes to freakin' work and get really happy when he comes home! I'm an idiot.

Sam made plans to bring me to an Angels game the same day and time I'm meeting with another client. I'm hoping I can change the time with her but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I should really be packing for Laughlin, huh? Maybe tomorrow... or even Friday morning?

I love being taken care of. I've been sick and coughing and Sam's really good at making sure I take my medicine. Overall, I love my married life!! <3

September 22, 2009


Its Sam's Friday! Don't ask me about his schedule... it is what it is and its freakin' weird! BUT... just glad his weekend starts tomorrow! Whats even more weird is that he has Wednesday, Thursday off... then goes to work on Friday... then off Saturday and Sunday for Laughlin! Thank goodness they approved because he really wants to go! I wanna go too, of course, but not as badly as him! He needs a vacation though... my poor Baby!

I'm such a food junkie. Every morning, I wake up thinking about what I want to try cooking that day. I think about it the night before too. I wanna try new things and this is fun. Trust me... its only gonna last for a little bit. Thats how I always am... get really into something and then forget about it!

Mommy talks to me like I'm an adult. Its weird. I miss her and my Dad... and the kiddos... and the siblings. Damn... I just miss everyone!

Job searching is ay-okay... haven't found anything I really like yet. Everything that I've gotten called back for is just way too far. Ugh! Maybe I should just open up my own business already and work for myself. Too bad lemonade stands won't pay the bills because I was once really good at it!

I feel like going through all my clothes today and reorganize my wardrobe. Yeah... thats what I shall do! :D

September 20, 2009

Jackie's Birthday Party Pictures!

WHY didn't I do this before? So much easier to upload/share pictures. I mean... I've always used Picasa but then I didn't really need it as much anymore because I rarely take pictures and with Facebook, thats how I get all my pictures now. HAHA! Maybe with this, I'll be more likely to post pictures? We'll see. Everyone and their mommas already see them and MORE on Facebook... I don't even know why I bother. Boredom?

Anyway... here are some pictures from Jackie's party... ENJOY!

Jackie's Birthday Party Pictures - September 18th, 2009

September 19, 2009

Fun, Fun, FUN!!!

The other day, Sam texted me with, "Please unpack your things from your Vegas trip because you're about to go on another trip!" -- YAYYYY! He really wanted to go on this group trip (he nearly cried himself to sleep when we thought we couldn't go because of his work schedule). Somehow, he was able to talk to his supervisor and they let him take the time off. Whoop, whoop! SO... we won't be home next weekend... please don't miss us!

OKAY... so yesterday I was slaving away in the kitchen by myself tryin' to bake a cake for Jackie. Sovina and I were supposed to do it together, but she got called into work and so it was really up to me. We were going to just make cupcakes, but then I decided that maybe an actual whole cake is better? SO... have to return the cupcake pan... although I may keep it for use in the future and muffins and stuff. We shall see. Anyway... it was the first time I had ever baked a cake. I learned from looking up things online and got ideas from Image Google. HAHA! I tried to talk Jackie out of it (we offered to bake the cake because we wanted to try). We were telling her how I may poison somebody or it might come out wrong so I'll just BUY a cake instead. She said NO... it will be fine and she's gonna love it. She really believed in me! HAHA... doesn't happen often. So... I decided to challenge myself... and made a triple layered cake! LOL! Bottom layer was chocolate, middle was white, and the top layer was triple chocolate! Ain't gonna lie... I bought the box mixes and they worked great! I didn't have a measuring cup, so I guesstimated everything until the third cake. (I only bought mixes for two cakes, so I had to go buy another and what do you know? A measuring cup was right there so I bought it too!) Man... I learn something new everyday!

- You don't grease the side of the pan because if you do, your dessert won't rise as well.
- You have to wait until the cake cools down COMPLETELY before frosting it or else the frost will melt and run all over the place.

I should have let each layer cool down more. I'm such an idiot... I wanted to see how it would look stacked up together. Do you know how hard it is to move cakes by the piece without breaking it? Ugh. Then... I decided to make hazelnut chocolate frosting. This time, it wasn't premade. Well... I just mixed some chocolate (premade) frosting with some Nutella, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. It was goooooood! I could have sat there eating it plain! HAHA! Finally after frosting and stacking the layers, I trimmed the edges and it was starting to fall over because it was so high! HAHA... I did cut off parts of the cake to make them thinner, but I guess I should have made it even more thin? It wasn't hard... still moist so maybe thats why it fell apart? Not sure. Ooops!

OH... and I left the decorating to Sovina! She came over and helped later with the decorating. We found whatever we had around and decorated it with tons of random things. LOL! It was REALLY random! BUT... hilarious! Can't say we didn't warn her first! I loved my first cake though! Hehe!

Good times! Maybe I'll post pictures later?

Before we headed out, Sovina and Jordan came over for dinner. I made Thai Beef Salad (my first time making it... haha! It was not as good as my Mom's or my Sisters'. Gotta call and ask them how they did it) and Prawn Pineapple Curry. Thank goodness they love spicy too because all the dishes were spicy. I honestly thought we'd have left overs because I wanted to have some today, but there's nothing left. I guess thats a good thing. Hehe... I just hope none of them got sick. LOL! Man... I sorta wish I made more because it sounds good right now.

Jackie's party was a blast! OH... did I mention that people asked for recipes to my cake? Not just one person... but at least 5 people! Hehe... I'm so proud of myself! :D

Pictures? Hmmm... maybe!

September 17, 2009

Cooking Fun!

I love learning new things! Wait... let me rephrase that... I love learning new recipes!

I love having my own kitchen and being able to get buck wild in there by myself! HAHA... that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean!?! I love how everything is in place where I would like for it to be and I know where everything is. AND... no one puts it in the wrong place or just leaves it hangin' around. Sam's pretty good at cleaning up after himself in the kitchen (thank goodness).

I don't know if I am loving or hating the fact that I am turning into a real wife! I mean... I know that I'm a wife, but doing all these stereotypical wifey tasks was something that I didn't think I'd really adapt to, but I am. I like knowing that I am taking care of someone... especially of someone that I love. :)

Mike is in town and we are probably going to meet up tonight for dinner since he wants to meet my Hubby. He asked me last night (while Sam was next to me) if my Husband's the crazy jealous type. Sam said, "No, but my gun is". Haha... he's psycho! I was hoping that Judy would be down here too, but she's not. :( They live in SF and couldn't make it down to my wedding due to schedule constraints. To be honest, the less friends I had at my LB wedding, the better. If you saw my hair and makeup that was "professionally" done by the dimwit, you would agree with me. I mean... I ended up having a great time with the friends and family that were there. BUT... I just feel like it could have been a lot better if I was a happier (and prettier) Bride. Oh well... done and over with, right?

Job searching is sooooooooooooo frustrating. Ugh! I am really starting to think that working for someone else isn't in my future. HAHA... okay thats definitely a bit too ambitious of a statement to make at the moment, but I can dream, right? I'm taking some time to sit back and brainstorm of all the possibilities and paths that I can follow. I need to put all my ideas and plans in writing and in my words, "do the damn thang"!

It looks like Sam and I wouldn't be able to go on the Laughlin trip with the gang this year. Sam's schedule is a bit crazy and there's really nothing he can do at the moment to change it. Thank goodness he's not working nights anymore though... I would drive myself nuts! He doesn't even know if he can make it to my Family Reunion in November! :( Its okay though... I know he's doing so much for us and OUR Family. When I say our Family, I mean just him and I. Its nice. :) I miss hanging out with our friends though. We should definitely set a date to just hang out like old times... but its just hard because everyone's so busy (except for me... haha).

I still haven't gone through all of our wedding pictures yet! I've posted some on my KC page, but there are literally thousands of pictures that I need to go through. Its overwhelming. I should really get on that so that I can choose the ones for our photobooks and get some printed and enlarged for our place. Our walls are still so bare... its sad. BUT... it is starting to get crowded with all the furniture and knick knacks that I keep buying. I briefly went through some of the pictures and already with that, I had 1,048 pictures printed for my Parents. I didn't even see them because I had them mailed straight home. Now my Mom is nagging me to print more for her because friends and family came over and took all THEIR pictures. Dammit! I know that I should, but MAN! With shipping and all, I already spent about $140 on those pictures... and thats not even half of it. And now they want MORE!?! Holy cow... if only the pictures grew on trees! Wait... does that make sense? Oh well!

For anyone who hasn't seen them, here's our slideshow from our Washington wedding:

The pictures from the Long Beach wedding are ready... we just need to go choose them. I don't know how we are going to choose only 100 photos when I think I am going to want ALL of them. No matter how ugly I looked, I would still like the memories... especially the pictures of my friends and family. Even at $1.50 for each additional photo... I have a feeling I'm going to want hundreds of extras on top of the 100. The photographer took a lot of photos that night (I had my eye on him... hehe). I am thinking of just having Sam and his Mom go choose the pictures because I really can't decide. Okay no... bad idea. o_O

Sam just texted me to thank me for the breakfast sandwich and it was really yummy. YAY! He's cute. This morning, he stopped me to thank me for all that I've done and tell me that he appreciates me. He never fails to thank me for all the little things, but it just doesn't get old and its nice to know that your efforts are noticed and appreciated. It makes me want to do MORE. Okay... I shouldn't tell him that.

Tomorrow is Jackie's birthday. Sovina and I are on a mission to bake her a cake! BUT... I think cupcakes would be more fun! Plus... we wouldn't have to worry about plates and forks and a knife and all that junk. I'm excited! Sovina's never baked a cake before... and I am trying to remember if I have ever done it alone before. HAHA! She and I are so not good for each other. The other day, we ended up looking for each other... at two totally different stores! We're not airheads... we just get so excited that we forget to mention the important details like to specify which Target! Seriously, we were so confused because we were texting and check this out....

Sovina: i ran inside 2 go use the rr, be out in 3 mins! :)
Thyda: Lol kay! I'm inside too now. :D
Sovina: did we miss each other or something because i just walked out
Thyda: oh sorry! i didn't pay attention. looking at hangers in the cute dollar section!
Sovina: i was just in the hanger aisle, u playing hide n go seek?
Thyda: ohhhh! i'm not in the aisle, i'm in the front area. k lemme go find u!
Thyda: in hangers aisle... i don't see you!
Sovina: i'm right here!

DUDE. Thats when I HAD to call her and realized that we both can't be in the hangers aisle and miss each other. Lightbulb moment and asked her which one she was at and BOOM! Two totally different Targets! HAHAHA! Horrible! AND... when we were together in Vegas (the other girls were sleeping in and we walked the strip), we both got suckered into giving this guy $20 each! Two gullible girls should not be alone together... especially when strangers asking for money are involved! Now... how are we going to bake Jackie's cake with just the two of us? I'll keep you posted! ;) Have a date with her tonight to find our outfits for the party! Our boys (Sam and Jordan) are both stressin' because they don't know what to wear to a cocktail party. Haha... sucks for them! Sam's giving up a Poker Friday to hang out with me at my friend's birthday party! YAY! You don't understand... giving up a Poker Friday night is a big deal to me! LOL!

Alright... no more foolin' around on my blog or Facebook... time to get some things done! I told myself I was going back to sleep after Sam left, but that never happens! Ugh. He'll be back at 4pm and thats my date with Sovi. I am going to try to get us to go to bed early from now on. Last night falling asleep at nearly 2am and waking up at 6:30am is NOT cutting it! Sign of old age: love for sleep grew stronger!

September 13, 2009

Enjoying California...

This past week, Sam had been working some night shifts. Boo! It was hard for me to sleep at night so I usually waited up for him. My sleeping schedule is all messed up! Today, he actually went to work at a normal hour at 8am, but not on such a normal day (Sunday). Sucks. His schedule is going to be a little crazy, but I really can't complain since he's the one taking care of everything at the moment.

Job searching sucks. Well, I never imagined it to be easy during a recession like this. Ugh. What to do? What to do? I am still brainstorming and trying to figure out my career path at the moment. Its driving me nuts!

So... to somewhat keep me sane, thank goodness I've been surrounding myself with good company. The other night while Sam was at work, I hosted a little dinner at my place for a few of the girls. We had so much fun and ate a little bit too much for our own good! Had a bit too much wine too, but we'll leave that part out! :D

Yesterday was Sam's first day off ever since I got back from Vegas (YAYYY!). So what did my wonderful Husband decide to do? Take me shopping!! Actually, he did more shopping for himself than for me (to be fair, I shop ALL the time whereas he never really had time to shop, so I guess its okay). Then, he brought me out to get some sushi and sake bombs! Oh man... I had a bit too many but they were so cheap (we coincidentally got there for Happy Hour). Next thing you know, his coworkers came in! I've already met them and one of them still teases me about my Twilight obsession that I admit to have grown out of after all the overrated hype. Anyway... after a delicious dinner, we came home and spontaneously hosted another night in for our friends (very last minute). I was a terrible hostess and actually passed after a couple rounds of drinking games that I was hosting... what the heck! Who does that? Anyway... I guess the night wasn't over until 5am almost 6am and Sam had to work at 8am! Meaning... he had about an hour of sleep and is working a full 8 hour shift right now. How he does it? I have no idea! He's amazing! :D

Okay... better clean the place up and put some of my clothes and new purchases away before he comes home in an hour. Yikes!

Beach time later? MAYBE!

September 10, 2009

Catching Up...

Its been awhile, hasn't it? I just don't know if I really feel like writing anymore. Maybe just short little posts will do?

Last weekend, I was in Vegas! Six of my girlfriends flew from Seattle and Diane (she lives in LA) and I were driving there to meet up with them. I convinced Sovina to come along with us and of course, she did! We had such a blast! The rest of the girls stayed four nights but the ones who drove only stayed for two. I've missed my friends and it was great seeing them again. We had a crazy time... but it was very much worth it.

Here are SOME pictures:

Our Theme for the Night: PARTY ANIMALS

We used the BUDDY system and this is MY buddy Sovina!

I don't know why we love the "hands on hips" pose!

We met Linda Hogan and she wanted to party with us! LOL

Playing in the sun at Tao Beach!!

Ready for Night Two...

Theme for the Night: Ladies in RED

All the good group photos that night is still sitting waiting to be uploaded, so this will do!

I cried at a freakin' club because I was so happy to see my friends but so sad to know that we'd be parting ways again, so they all gave me some lovin'!

So as you can see... I had a BLAST! More pictures to come... but I think some of the other girls are still recovering. The blurry pictures are probably from my phone... haha!

Oh... did I ever mention that MARRIED life is awesome!?! Well... it is! It was very stressful at first with the whole wedding/reception planning on top of moving in and settling down. But now that we are settled in and getting into the hang of things, I really think that I am falling in love with Sam all over again. Kinda mushy, huh? Glad we never lived together before because now, we are learning so much about each other and appreciate each other so much more. I mean... I get excited when he comes home from work and LOVE waking up next to him. Not to mention... cooking for two and packing his lunch is FUN to me. Weird that I'd ever be saying that, but I really am enjoying every bit of it. Ahhhh!!

Okay... more posts later, I promise!