September 28, 2009

Lovin' Laughlin!

My first trip to Laughlin was a success... sorta! The traffic Friday evening when we left wasn't great, but it wasn't the end of the world either. We got there pretty late, but just in time to get a few hours of sleep before playtime!

We went to Lake Mead at 6:30am! Well, that was the plan, but I'm sure we didn't really leave until about 7am! :D Anyway... my first time jet skiing was so much fun! I can't believe I almost didn't get on that thing because I was scared but once I got on, it was an addiction. Apparently, they could hear me scream the whole time (its more exciting that way... like on a roller coaster, you don't get the same thrill if you don't scream). I was trying to sing while Sam was driving and everytime I would, he would go faster or slow down to scare me with a whiplash so that I'd stop singing. What a punk!

I had fun with my deck of cards and trying to punk everyone to drink later that day. I felt sort of bad because a few got pretty messed up and were just laying there helpless. I usually don't do a lot of drinking when I'm hosting a game, but my friends have caught on and have somehow made me drink as much, if not more than them. No one ever is supposed to beat me in my drinking game, but this past weekend, Bo did. How he did it? I will never know but I'm just going to believe that he cheated although I don't see how he could have. HAHA! I got pretty messed up myself and knocked out on the hammock in the sun for awhile. I hate my drinking games!

Oh... and I hate getting bit! Freakin' red ants... I hate you! That sh*t was so painful and for a minute, my thigh and butt felt so numb! Grrrr...! And then after that mofo bit me, I picked it off me and let it go and live. What the heck was I thinking?

Played in the water for a bit and the guys were enjoying themselves making bubbles in the water. Nasty asses!

We got to gamble for a little bit and I'm still upset at somehow losing $10 in the penny slots within a minute or two even after thoroughly reading the instructions. Then, I upgraded to the nickle slots and it was just not my lucky day at all! $19 later, I still couldn't get a drink from the cocktail waitress... she straight up rejected me and I had to go stand around by Sam at the craps table in order to get my lousy white russian! Grrr! Sam broke even... actually won $2 but he tipped the cashier lady with it. HAHA! I am $19 poorer... eff that! Actually wait... I guess I sorta came up because Sam gave me $50 to gamble and I only used $19 so I came up, really! LOL! There was a club there and Lily and I decided to check it out while our boys were hooked on craps. We decided that its just not the same to dance when you're not in heels. Too bad I didn't pack heels with me!

Our drive back was a freakin' mission, dude. Long story short... 5 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive. Thank goodness for thoughtful and caring friends who would never leave us roasting on the side of the road in 104 degrees weather. Few lessons learned... but I kinda sorta don't wanna think about it anymore.

We got a few minutes in Barstow and we found a cute COACH purse for Sam's Mom for her birthday! I thought I would want something in there and Sam kept on trying to push me to get something (he's more into designer stuff than I am), but I couldn't decide on something I actually really wanted. I told him that with my luck, I'd probably lose it or somehow mess it up with my clumsiness so I'd rather buy 10 cheaper purses that are equivalent to one expensive one instead. He thinks I'm weird... I think I just know myself! :D

Didn't get home until past 1am last night and this morning, we were greeted with a parking ticket. WTF. It hasn't been our day(s).


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