September 19, 2009

Fun, Fun, FUN!!!

The other day, Sam texted me with, "Please unpack your things from your Vegas trip because you're about to go on another trip!" -- YAYYYY! He really wanted to go on this group trip (he nearly cried himself to sleep when we thought we couldn't go because of his work schedule). Somehow, he was able to talk to his supervisor and they let him take the time off. Whoop, whoop! SO... we won't be home next weekend... please don't miss us!

OKAY... so yesterday I was slaving away in the kitchen by myself tryin' to bake a cake for Jackie. Sovina and I were supposed to do it together, but she got called into work and so it was really up to me. We were going to just make cupcakes, but then I decided that maybe an actual whole cake is better? SO... have to return the cupcake pan... although I may keep it for use in the future and muffins and stuff. We shall see. Anyway... it was the first time I had ever baked a cake. I learned from looking up things online and got ideas from Image Google. HAHA! I tried to talk Jackie out of it (we offered to bake the cake because we wanted to try). We were telling her how I may poison somebody or it might come out wrong so I'll just BUY a cake instead. She said NO... it will be fine and she's gonna love it. She really believed in me! HAHA... doesn't happen often. So... I decided to challenge myself... and made a triple layered cake! LOL! Bottom layer was chocolate, middle was white, and the top layer was triple chocolate! Ain't gonna lie... I bought the box mixes and they worked great! I didn't have a measuring cup, so I guesstimated everything until the third cake. (I only bought mixes for two cakes, so I had to go buy another and what do you know? A measuring cup was right there so I bought it too!) Man... I learn something new everyday!

- You don't grease the side of the pan because if you do, your dessert won't rise as well.
- You have to wait until the cake cools down COMPLETELY before frosting it or else the frost will melt and run all over the place.

I should have let each layer cool down more. I'm such an idiot... I wanted to see how it would look stacked up together. Do you know how hard it is to move cakes by the piece without breaking it? Ugh. Then... I decided to make hazelnut chocolate frosting. This time, it wasn't premade. Well... I just mixed some chocolate (premade) frosting with some Nutella, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. It was goooooood! I could have sat there eating it plain! HAHA! Finally after frosting and stacking the layers, I trimmed the edges and it was starting to fall over because it was so high! HAHA... I did cut off parts of the cake to make them thinner, but I guess I should have made it even more thin? It wasn't hard... still moist so maybe thats why it fell apart? Not sure. Ooops!

OH... and I left the decorating to Sovina! She came over and helped later with the decorating. We found whatever we had around and decorated it with tons of random things. LOL! It was REALLY random! BUT... hilarious! Can't say we didn't warn her first! I loved my first cake though! Hehe!

Good times! Maybe I'll post pictures later?

Before we headed out, Sovina and Jordan came over for dinner. I made Thai Beef Salad (my first time making it... haha! It was not as good as my Mom's or my Sisters'. Gotta call and ask them how they did it) and Prawn Pineapple Curry. Thank goodness they love spicy too because all the dishes were spicy. I honestly thought we'd have left overs because I wanted to have some today, but there's nothing left. I guess thats a good thing. Hehe... I just hope none of them got sick. LOL! Man... I sorta wish I made more because it sounds good right now.

Jackie's party was a blast! OH... did I mention that people asked for recipes to my cake? Not just one person... but at least 5 people! Hehe... I'm so proud of myself! :D

Pictures? Hmmm... maybe!

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