September 25, 2009

What a morning!

Ahhh! So this morning, I really wanted to finish up some of the stuff I had in the refrigerator so that it wouldn't go bad while we were out in Laughlin. So... decided to whip something up for Sam's lunch and I sort of over poured on an ingredient and its just not the same. I feel so bad because I didn't have time to make something else for him. He said that its fine, but I can tell that its not. I don't know why I feel so bad and pretty shitty when he can easily throw it away if he wants and just get something else. Ahhh... staying out of the kitchen for awhile.

Went shopping yesterday... how is Sam ever so patient with me? o_O I can't believe we shopped for 7 hours straight and at no point did we sit down to stop and take a break. HAHA!

The other day, we picked up the pictures from the CA wedding (finally). It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and thank goodness I wiped off as much makeup as I did because I came out looking halfway decent. I'll upload the other pictures later, but since I'm so vain, here's a picture of me that I have up on Facebook. Wuahhahah!

What I like about them is that they're CLEAR! I didn't expect anything too fancy anyway... but they did a great job for the price that they charged. The people I wanted to blame for my stress/anger that day was my alleged "wedding planner". Ugh. Okay... don't wanna get myself mad thinking about it again.

Leaving for Laughlin today. Need to pack and clean my room and put all my clothes away. Eek... doing it NOW!!


  1. Yeah dude... it was awesome! Now that you remind me, let me go play with my new purchases I haven't taken out of the bags!