September 22, 2009


Its Sam's Friday! Don't ask me about his schedule... it is what it is and its freakin' weird! BUT... just glad his weekend starts tomorrow! Whats even more weird is that he has Wednesday, Thursday off... then goes to work on Friday... then off Saturday and Sunday for Laughlin! Thank goodness they approved because he really wants to go! I wanna go too, of course, but not as badly as him! He needs a vacation though... my poor Baby!

I'm such a food junkie. Every morning, I wake up thinking about what I want to try cooking that day. I think about it the night before too. I wanna try new things and this is fun. Trust me... its only gonna last for a little bit. Thats how I always am... get really into something and then forget about it!

Mommy talks to me like I'm an adult. Its weird. I miss her and my Dad... and the kiddos... and the siblings. Damn... I just miss everyone!

Job searching is ay-okay... haven't found anything I really like yet. Everything that I've gotten called back for is just way too far. Ugh! Maybe I should just open up my own business already and work for myself. Too bad lemonade stands won't pay the bills because I was once really good at it!

I feel like going through all my clothes today and reorganize my wardrobe. Yeah... thats what I shall do! :D

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