April 30, 2009


I hate being sick.

(from Tahoe 2008 trip... check out the snot drippin' on my thumb! lol)

Its kind of funny how I said I threw up on FB and so many people assumed that I was pregnant. I even got private/personal messages asking me because they thought maybe I just didn't want people to know yet. LOL... NO I AM NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PREGNANT!! And if I was, then I'm totally being ripped off because I'm still having my period now. Though I don't know how one can be pregnant without sex. Miracle, perhaps?

Theraflu isn't that bad. I actually sorta kinda like the taste. LOL!

Okay... back night night I go.

I know I say this in almost every single entry, but damn... I miss my Baby!! 23 more days... I can't wait to run up to him and jump in his arms! I wonder what else he has planned for me! :D I love to love him!

PINK - Please Don't Leave Me

I don't know why, but I really like this song and the video is just crazy!! Makes me love PINK even more. I've always loved her and her music though. She's so psycho! I LOVE IT!!

This video/song makes me feel better. WTF. Am I sick in the head? Seriously... at 2:18... so reminds me of me. LOL!!! This is so bad. I'm horrible. You gotta admit though... its catchy.


Today, I hear that the freakin' swine flu has hit Washington.

I got sick and threw up twice. WTF. Am I just paranoid? Please say I'm just paranoid.

Sleepless in Seattle...

I couldn't really sleep last night knowing that Sam is sick. With all the swine flu madness going on, I can't help but be worried. :(

Everyone... please take care of yourselves.

April 29, 2009


I don't know how, but I always seem to wake up with unexplainable bruises. I think I might have blogged about this a long time ago, but I still have the same problem. There's NOTHING on my bed (besides my phone, my TV remote, and my book occasionally)... and I have a queen size bed all to myself. Still, I wake up with unexplainable bruises. Maybe I get them during the day and don't realize it until the next morning? Strange! Right now, I'm sitting here with two unexplainable bruises on my arms and one at the bottom of my foot. As for the one on my foot, its probably from all the running I've been doing. I've noticed the pain on my foot since yesterday... which caused me to decrease my distance (yes... I'm blaming it on the pain and not myself). Well, maybe its not a bruise just yet, but its a big red spot at the bottom of my foot where it hurts. Booo! Or maybe I really do need new shoes? Hmmm...! Anyway... yeah... how can one be so clumsy to the point they get hurt even when they sleep? o_O

Speaking of sleep... whats weird is that I really miss Sam snoring. LOL! Yesterday, he was talking to me and knocked out within ten seconds of saying something to me and was SNORING like crazy. I was cracking up because it sounded so ugly, yet, I missed it so much. I'm lame.

Taught my nephew the teeth brushing song this morning. He was in the tub and totally dancing to my singing. We make a great team! I wish I can bring him with me when I go to California. Even Mary said that he's such a cool kid and not the typical kid who just wants to stay home and watch TV all day. Uhhh... he IS that kid who wants to watch TV all day, but I don't allow it and make him play with me and read to me. Haha... love that kid!

We were talking about names this morning. Mary mentioned that people with plain names tend to try to make up for it with their personalities... like Jane and Mary... their personalities are great! I asked her, "how about me?" and she goes, "You live up to your name!" LOL... I don't know what thats supposed to mean, but I'm going to take it as a compliment. I can't imagine myself with any other name and I can't picture my friends being named anything differently. Mary said she doesn't look like a "Mary", but to me, she defines "MARY"!!

April 28, 2009


I'm still swooning over my dress! LOL... okay so it might not be ALL that, but I love it anyway!

I almost gave up on looking for THE dress, but I'm glad I found it!

So... let me share my conversation with Mary this morning regarding the swine flu and our trip--

Mary: I heard that airlines are crediting people back if they booked to Mexico and they're not letting anyone enter Mexico.
Thyda: Hopefully it will be okay by then... if not, where else should we go?
Mary: CABO!
Thyda: Uhmmm... Cabo IS in Mexico!
Mary: Is it? OH...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She cracks me up! And what makes it even more funny is that she's the one who did all the booking and arrangements for this trip! HAHA!

Less than 4 weeks and I get to see my Baby again! YAYYYYY! Supposedly, the world sort of stopped when he left. HAHA! I mean... the guys don't even play poker anymore. THATS A BIG DEAL!!!

Leaving for California with my Parents in a week. Oh man... I don't know what happened to all my summer clothes!! Wish I was allowed to shop! Hmph! I miss the feeling of picking up something new and bringing it home like a puppy (except... I don't really like puppies unless they're really really cute. wait... shouldn't that be the same for my clothes? I confuse myself!)

Got that freakin' HALO song stuck in my head. Was singing it yesterday and my nephew asked me which Halo I'm singing about... as in which game edition of Halo. LOL!!

Oh man... I think I'm going to have to sneak away from my Parents (and Sams') for an hour to indulge in some Yogurtland. I've been craving! (There's this place in Southcenter called Tootie Frootie. The selection is less and its 39 cents an ounce rather than 30 cents like at Yogurtland! What a rip off!)

April 27, 2009

In Love...

I was flipping through a Bridal magazine this morning and I saw MY dress. Hehe... its so pretty!! Now, I gotta shed a couple pounds so that it will look better on. Ahhhh....!

Yesterday was my cousin's 21st birthday. Oh my! We should have celebrated on Saturday, but he wouldn't have been 21 yet so it wouldn't have been the same. Gathering with the adults... they are so funny! Practicing dancing for my wedding! HAHAHA! One of our older cousins got a few bottles of Remy Martin and let me just say that that sh*t is nasty. I'll stick with the cheap stuff. The adults in our family don't drink, so it was really up to us. Its weird... I'm drinking around my parents, aunts, and uncles... and its okay! HA! I was messing with my cousin and pretended to tattle on him to his parents that he was drinking and they were like, "Its okay... he's 21 now". LOL... dammit! My trouble maker self lost my touch! We toasted to the family and I honestly suck at giving toasts. I said it in English and got yelled at to give my cousin his blessings in Khmer. WTF. What the hell am I supposed to say? I love the "kid", but I don't know how to freakin' bless him in Khmer. AND... he understands English, so whatever. The cake that his girlfriend bought was soooooooooo good! Too bad I freakin' dropped it and then my Dad said that its spirits asking for some (thats why I dropped it), so I have to give it to them. Sort of creeped me out because I drop stuff ALL the time! Oh well... I got a new piece and devoured it! LOL!

Saturday was fun day with Jenn and we had such an amazing time! I love that girl! :D

Okay... I am HUNGRY! Diet starts tomorrow (doesn't it always start "TOMORROW"?)!!

April 26, 2009

Wonderful Day!

I had SUCH an amazing day yesterday. It really was MY day!

- Hung out with my two best friends
- Found MY perfect dress! :D
- Had a drink (or two)
- Had AMAZING sushi
- Pleased with my reception location renovation
- Had my Starbucks fix (first time in couple weeks, so it was a big deal)
- Got Sour Belts (favorite candy)

Oh man... too many good times and details that I would love to get into, but its my cousin's 21st birthday and I'd better get going! :D

April 23, 2009

My Lullaby...

Thanks to Thuy for reminding me on Twitter of MY song... I am going to go to bed sleeping to it.

Can you guess what song it is?!?!?! *drum rolls*

Ahhh... I can't wait to finally dance with HIM to this song. He's so amazing... only 4 more weeks and then I'm back in his arms! Its been a crazy few months and I'm surprised that I was able to handle this. I'm getting so teary eyed just thinking about him and visualizing our wedding and our entire lives together. Its such a great feeling being in love and knowing that someone loves me as much as he does. Getting married at the age of 24 seems a bit young... but I think I am just blessed really early! :P

OMG... so I think I got Thuy hooked on Twitter! (Thuy is one of my old middle school best friends! She was one of the other two Asian girls in the entire school! Thyda, Tu, Thuy... we were known as the 3T's!! HAHA! Oh... and Thuy and I were also in this other girl group called "G.W.A." that stood for "Girls With Attitude", but that deserves a blog entry of its own! Ahhh... the memories!) Anyway... so a few nights ago, she messaged me on Facebook blaming me for her not sleeping until WAYYYYY late because she was on my Twitter page and couldn't get off. The next night, same thing... she couldn't sleep because she was hooked on Twitter w/o an account. Now, she officially has a Twitter account and I'm guessing she loves that thing! I just updated 7 minutes ago, and just now, I got a message sent to my phone saying, "Thuy nudged you to update your Twitter". LOL... 7 minutes between posts too long for you? Oh my! I don't think she'll be sleeping much anymore! Wuahahhaha!

Okay... now back to my lullaby and dreaming about my handsome Husband to be! :)

Sweet dreams, everyone!

April 22, 2009

Rom Bot Hip Hop!!

LOL!! Okay so for the past half hour, I've been listening to this over and over. I don't care what they're saying (although its funny as hell), but with this beat, I can't sit still. Michael shared it with me earlier and if I go around singing this song, I'm going to kill him!!

I like the version that Nack and Bunthoeun did a couple years ago at the New Years' show. If I remember correctly, they were rapping/singing about durian. Maybe its better because they're my friends and in my opinion, they rock!

Rom nung kyom... rom bot hip hop!! (LOL)

Oh... and so the topic of Will Demps came up (damn.. he's foine!). I forgot how foine he was. I first fell in love with him while watching CRIBS. Ahhhh! It started on Ranny's status and then she posted these pictures of him... and oh my goodness! I was on the phone with Sam earlier and I couldn't stop talking about my Will! I sent him a picture of Will and he was like, "whatever... your man (Will) sucks". I think I just made him self conscious and he's gonna be at the gym every freakin' day now. Ooops?!?! LOL!

I'm going CoCoa!!

I don't know how or why I got so addicted to these! I can eat them ALL day! OMG... and it actually makes me drink more milk (does the body good). I know that they're not the best/healthiest thing for you... but they're so good! HAHA... Rocky thinks that I'm weird because I'm so addicted to them. My nephew got me hooked on them!

I love chocolate. Oh my gosh... I could really go for some chocolate covered strawberries right now. Ahhhh! I work out to eat. 99.2% of the time though, I eat without working out. Sad, huh?

Ahhh... I need a nap. Going into food coma because of those darn cereal straws! LOL

April 21, 2009

Oh... the memories!

So earlier today, I dug up some pictures from my childhood and back from high school and posted them on my Facebook. Its times like these when I wish I had a scanner and I wish I didn't lose all the pictures I had. Digital cameras were not around so we survived on 35mm cameras, polaroids, disposable cameras, sticker pictures, and I-zone (remember those? the polaroid sticker pictures that were about the size of a quarter?). Yeah... I wish I still had all of mine. I used to have boxes and boxes of pictures! Pictures I took myself, pictures from school dances, and even studio pictures (haha).

OH man... the memories! Ranny, Jenn, and I were cracking up on most of them since most of them had us in them. Its amazing how long we've been friends for and to this day, I can still call them my best friends. I am blessed. TEN years and going strong! :P Some of the pictures were horrid... some of us looked jacked up. Especially now, looking back, we are disgusted and probably embarrassed by the way we looked back then. But you know what? We thought we were the sh*t at the time, didn't we? I mean... we didn't have a problem with the pictures then, but we do now.

I realize that I didn't learn how to fully smile until the later years of high school. I don't know... I think I didn't smile because I hated the way my cheeks looked (too big) and I have always had a crooked smile. I don't know why/how I can't stop smiling now. I didn't get braces or anything to fix my smile. Maybe I'm just genuinely a happier person now and more comfortable in my own skin? Not sure. Speaking of skin... I really thought that I was FAT back then. Now, I'm about 20-25 pounds heavier. Yet, I'm still smiling. How ironic.

Even my old school dance dates commented on the pictures. One in particular... haha... nevermind... I already told Narin the story. The comment he left and my response still cracks me up. :P

Its amazing how much we have changed in certain ways... but yet, we are still the same people. For example... hanging out with Nary this past weekend, she often said, "Oh my gosh, Thyda... you will never change! You're still the same!" I'm taking this as a compliment because I know damn well that I am a fun and caring person. What more can you ask for? (don't answer that... lol!)

Ahhh... I've lived a good life and have made many memories and gained many great people to care about and have care for me. I can't wait to see what else this thing called "LIFE" has in store for me! :D


My Brother... he once upon a time adored me. LOL

Taken in 2002.
We were so excited for our Senior pictures,
we took it a year early! LOL

2000... rockin' our Skechers!

Junior Prom... 2002.
Mint Skittles... taste the rainbow!

We even took GROUP Senior pictures!
Can you tell who is who? HAHA!

(many more on FB... oh well!)

Oh Man...

I am sooooooooooooooo excited to marry my Baby already!

Seriously... the nice weather is making me so giddy and happyyyyyy! :D If you want anything from me, today is the day. I'm in a great mood! LOL

The thing is... its only 66 degrees and I'm already sweating up a storm. I think I'm going to need to buy some sort of sweat absorbent clothes for CA!


The weather was just GORGEOUS yesterday! I really really am crossing my fingers (and toes) and wishing that the rest of the summer will be like this. I'm so tired of the gloom and rain. I know that some will say that I'll be in California soon... but California has NOTHING on Washington beautiful sunny days. Its not smoggy and its not humid... its just perfect. Oh... and its not too hot either. I often get heat strokes and when its too damn hot, I just don't want to do anything at all. Ugh!

Today looks pretty good too. I cheated and checked the weather for the rest of the week, and I'm pretty disappointed. I just hope that the weather man is wrong!

Great day to get a tan... especially when I'm running low on all my bronzers. HAHA!

April 20, 2009

Tattoo Barbie!!

Honestly... would you really let your daughters get this Barbie? I know its sold out, so obviously a lot of people would... but I know I wouldn't. Maybe I'm just bias because I've never been a fan of tattoos. BLAH. I didn't know about it until I heard the discussion on the radio this morning. The host was saying that its Tramp Stamp Barbie! HAHA... for some reason, I thought it was pretty funny.

Ahhh... she looks scary to me!!

April 19, 2009

Good Times (as usual)

So yesterday, I was supposed to go to the temple with my Parents. That didn't happen because they got a bit busy and I wasn't trying to go to the temple all by myself (loner status). Anyway... we (parents, sisters, nephews, and I) ended up meeting with the rest of the FAM at my Aunt and Uncle's house. My cousins (my Dad's older sister's sons) were throwing another New Years party at Jumbo. I wanted to go check it out, but when I called my other younger cousins, they were like, "DUDE... we went last weekend and called you, but you didn't answer". Oops... that was when Sovina was in town and I went out with the girls instead... haha. Anyway... none of them were going to go again... they were all Khmer partied out from the weekend before. My Sisters didn't want to go (not their thing... boo!) and my Brother wanted to go, but he had kids and a b*tchy wife to look after. BLAH. I text a few friends (the ones that go to Khmer parties anyway) and most were busy and others had already gone the week before. FACK!! SO... I wasn't planning on going at all.

Finally around 7:30pm, my old good friend from high school, Nary, text me and told me that she was calling into work and she'll see me at Jumbo! OH MY! I didn't even drive myself to my Aunt and Uncle's house so I couldn't leave Tacoma to go back home to meet up with her. She was such a doll and came to pick me up right away... brought me to my house to grab my things... then headed to her place to get ready. It was a lot of driving, but she didn't even complain one bit... she's still the same sweetheart I used to hang out with all the time back in high school. It was so nice to finally catch up with her. She still cracks me up and we spent a good amount of time reminiscing about the good ol' days. :D

So we finally got to the party (extra late). We managed to take a shot together and for some reason, we were pretty much DONE for the night. HAHA! There, I saw lots and lots of familiar faces which reminded me of why I love going to Khmer social gatherings such as these. I was followed by a guy with a Barney doll (kind of cute), but Nary was at my rescue the entire night!

Oh... and then Samphy remembered that last new years when I first met him, I practically told the entire club that it was his birthday and these random girls kept dancing with him and giving him lap dances. So... it was pay back time! He went up to my cousins who were throwing the party and told them that it was my birthday. Clearly, they don't know my birthday because they made a freakin' announcement and the crowd sang the birthday song and I stood there like a dumbass in the middle of the dance floor while people sang to me. I felt sort of special, but had to giggle to myself because my friends and I all knew damn well it wasn't my birthday. So then... all the older cousins came up to me and were like, "you didn't tell us its your birthday!" I'm like... "Bong... its not. HAHA!" They laughed and said its cool... at least everyone had a good time. You wouldn't believe how many random strangers came up to me to wish me a happy birthday. I didn't feel like explaining the truth to any of them, so I smiled charmingly and thanked them like I was 16 again! HAHA!

Overall, what a great night! I can't wait to bring Nary out with the rest of us girls during our future outtings. I am really really craving a reunion like it was a dulce de leche cheesecake! Ahhhhh! Ranns and I are going to work something out. :D

Myself and Nga... she's so grown up now!!
(and perfect day to get a pimple below your nose, Thyda! WTF)

Nary, Pov, Nga... and ME tryin' to jump in the picture! LOL

Samphy and I... and that one guy put his Barney doll in our picture! LOL

Let me explain: Gio NEVER dances and the other girls tried to get him to go dance ALL night.
They failed, but I got him up there with only the sweat I already had before I tried. LOL... love Gio!

Pimpin' out the boys... Gio and Samphy.
Damn... we look SO thuggish, ruggish, BONE!

Damn... they're hott, huh? Hubba hubba!

April 18, 2009

OMG -- Happiest Day of my LIFE!!!

Yeah... I woke up to this email this morning and my jaw DROPPED!!

Okay so maybe its not THAT big of a deal but... she has 1,002,909 followers and she's only following 188,631 tweeters. That means I've gotta be amongst the LUCKY 19%, right? Hehehe... Miso happy!! :D

April 16, 2009

No No's!!

So many No No's this past weekend that I am going to have to stop doing. Ahhhh... lets get some visuals!!

No more PATRON... or any other alcohol at that. (Okay... maybe just one)

No more ruining people's pictures (but its SO fun!)

No more after the club HOT DOGs! (but they're sooooo good)

No more hustlin' the Hot Dog guy for a discount (he ain't ever gonna budge no matter what I say! lol)

No more drinking in the car (even when someone else is driving!)

LOL! Oh man... lets see how long this lasts. Weekend is here already (almost)!

Homecoming Dress

Last night, after going through my closet, I found my old Homecoming (2002) dress! I wish I had a full picture of it scanned, but all I can find now is this picture that cut off 98% of it.

With my cutie patootie date Brian (Can't go wrong with Brian Hong) who is four years younger than me (LOL!)
Don't ask me why I wore that choker because I still don't know. WTF

Anyways... I know I haven't lost any weight lately (only gained), but surprisingly, I still fit into that dress! Maybe I just wore it really loosely at the time? I'm not sure. Anyway... I think I'm going to find a way to change it up a little to wear again. I don't want to get rid of the train though because I think its GORGEOUS (the train on the dress).

My point is... I love going through my closet for old things. Just wish I can actually fit into them the same way. Boo!

One more month and a few days until I get to go see my Baby! Ahhh... I can't wait for Disneyworld! :D

April 15, 2009


I think I pulled something in my leg. For some reason, it freakin' aches and there's nothing I can do about it. I already tried rubbing some tiger/monkey balm stuff on it but it hasn't helped any. WHAT AM I TO DO?

So last night I was talking to Sam. Apparently, he got sort of mad at me for something I had said over the weekend, but I had NO IDEA what I had said. He said that we need to have a serious talk. WTF? Then... he told me that I kept saying that I hate my life. OKay.... FALSE because I would never say something like that and mean it. I love my life! :D So we had this argument going back and forth debating if whether or not I said it. I know myself... I didn't say it. Blah blah... we let it go. Then I said, "Fuck My Life"... because it was something that I had been saying all weekend long because of this website, http://www.fmylife.com/ . Then he's like, "There! Thats exactly what you said!" Uhmmm... okay... its this thing that we had been saying all weekend since Jackie had been hooked on this site and was reading it 24/7! Everytime something stupid or silly happens, we say, "FML" or "Fuck My Life". Sam didn't know that and got all crazy on me because I had said, "Fuck My Life"! I don't remember why I said it, but it was probably because I spilled something on myself. I know Sovina said it after we drew on her face and she fell asleep in the bathtub (LOL... good times!)

BUT duuuuuuuuuude! This whole time I've been beating myself up because of something I had said and don't remember that had caused Sam to be this upset with me. LOL! He ended up laughing because he had no idea what the site was about but just got mad that I kept on saying the phrase. MAN! Who told him to jump into conslusions? FML!

Oh... and another FML moment that my Facebook friends have already seen, I ran over a bunny on Easter! LOL... I drove back just to see if I really did kill it, and I did. I'm horrible! The responses I got cracked me up though (still horrible, I know)... but here they are:

(couldn't fit all of them in one... here's the rest)

Easter Bunny DID exist (not anymore... lol!)

April 14, 2009

I've got the POWER!

Last night, he told me that I made his heart skip a beat. :) Yeah... I've got the power! ;) JK! I'm glad I still do.

I miss him so much that I get sort of teary eyed whenever I talk about him or talk about us. Ahhhh... he's making me so proud to call him MINE! Mine, mine, mine!

Which reminds me -- I really want to see that movie, OBSESSED. (story of my life... lol... jk!)

April 13, 2009

Oh My!

Sooooo many good times this past weekend (besides the fact that my Parents are kinda mad at me)!

I don't even know where to start on writing about it because it was THAT great!

At the "Pre-Party" in Beltown

I know... I always manage to ruin pictures. LOL

...MORE coming. (maybe if I feel like it)

April 9, 2009

Happy New Years...!

I'm really looking forward to celebrating the new year this month... especially this weekend! So much to do all in one weekend that it had been extended all the way until Monday night/Tuesday morning! LOL!

Do Khmer people make New Years' resolutions? Just curious. I refuse to put my resolution in writing because I don't want to break anything. Its not that I don't want to follow through, but I'm just being realistic and honest to myself. We'll just see how it goes. :)

I have absolutely NOTHING to wear all weekend. Ahhhhhh!

I miss my Baby so much. He's so homesick and really wants to come home. Ahhhh... 7 more weeks, Baby! I can't wait to have him back on the west coast and be in the same time zone as him. LOL! I know it sounds lame, but it really does make things difficult. We're planning our trip for when I go see him in May... I'm so excited! Might be a pre-honeymoon! LOL! Need to work out logistics... thats for sure!

I really need a tan. You can see my paleness seeping through again. Fat looks better dark. :(

April 8, 2009


I'm pumped and ready to kick everything back into gear... and I mean EVERYTHING!

Maybe its the little hint of sunshine that we've been having thats been putting me in a better mood? I don't know... but whatever it is, I'm high off from it.

I have LOTS to do and MANY things that I NEED to work on. I'm setting goals and this time around, I'm making sure that I meet them.

Running is making me feel rejuvenated and maybe thats another factor to my newly brighter mood. What sucks is that the day of the marathon is the same day as Mac & Sivhui's wedding... but I will definitely still train with the girls. Who knows? Maybe they can all come down and run something with me in California after the summer or I can come back to them? Hehe! I'm ready for a new lifestyle and changes! :D

April 7, 2009

100 More Days...

100 more days until my wedding... WTF!?!

Holy shit... the countdown is going to be in the two digits tomorrow. I am so scared. So much to do... I need to stop procrastinating. Thats FOR SURE!

April 6, 2009

There's Something About MARY...

Oh Man... she (Mary) works my ass. I do need the extra kick and punch though. Good times this morning. If I had a trainer like her for the past 6 years of my life, do you know how bomb diggity I would be? LOL!

Its been BEAUTIFUL out and looking forward to more beautiful days like this. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and this end is closer than I'd like. Ahhhh! Boooooo!

I think I'm gonna get a haircut today. Contemplating dying my hair, but I just can't part with the black hair though. PLUS... I'm too much of a lazy ass to maintain. Oh well. We'll see how my mood goes today. I can't cut it too short, but maybe I'll go short pixy hair again after the wedding(s)? Sam might kill me, but oh well! *giggles*

Because of You...

LOVE this song. LOVE the Keith Martin version too, but found this karaoke of Kyla and had to share it.

I dedicate this to my Baby (of course). I miss him so much... ahhh. I can't even explain it because no words can really describe. Can't wait for him to come home to me already. :( LOVE that Man... I really really do. Can't wait to marry him... TWICE!! Ahhhhhh!!!

April 4, 2009

Good Times...

So last night, Mary and I had a hot and steamy and sweaty date.... at the gym! Well, it turns out that I had to babysit my nephew and the kids' club hours at the gym closed earlier than I had expected and although I don't have a kid, I had to find a babysitter (WTF, right?). So... I couldn't find one in time and we couldn't work on our fitness like Fergie (lol). So Mary ended up hopping in my car and we sat there contemplating if we should find alternate ways to SWEAT since the gym was a no go... all while my nephew was in the car. We decided... we HAVE to sweat somehow. HAHAHA...!

I ended up calling my Mom and she was over at my Brother's house (just hanging out with the fam) in north end Tacoma and she felt sort of bad that I couldn't go to the gym as I wanted, so she told me to drop him off with her and my Dad and I can go wherever. (She was surprisingly so nice about it) SO... I had ten minutes to go home and change into club socially acceptable clothes (still VERY casual and the only things that were bare was my hands.... I had a wrap type sweater on... haha... I was cold and didn't have time to dress up nor shave my legs!!). Then, I had to drive out to north end Tacoma (about 30 minutes away), drop off Justin, then drive back right in time for Mary to pick me up.

We had a few options. Party at Spitfire, Parlor Room, or Tig's with the girls. We're like... VENOM because we are so loved there! We said that we wouldn't "eat candy" (drink alcohol), but for some reason, Zac ended up getting us three shots of Patron (not all together, of course)... Roth got us another shot, and two other random dudes who we didn't know ended up getting us each another shot. I couldn't take my last few, so I handed them off to Mary and Roth (secretively). I didn't realize how much I'm weak sauce now. I was pretty drunk and I didn't even take all my drinks, and Mary was barely drunk and she took all of hers AND a few of mine. Weird! Maybe I'm getting old?

I had sooooooooooooo much fun... even when it was just the two of us! We were about to leave to Parlor, but didn't make it out the door, so we stayed at Venom the whole night. We were supposed to leave early, but WHY were we still there when the clean up crew came? Oh yeah... Mary had to pee!

OH MAN... first time I've been out in awhile and it was perfect! What a way to get back into the game!

Now, I have to go make up for all those empty calories consumed and so I have to hit the gym (for real this time). I hope I'm not still hungover because that would NOT be a pretty sight on the treadmill. Yikes!

April 3, 2009


This training for a half marathon is no joke! I just got a blister this morning. You know what that means?



I feel GREAT though! :D


Conversation with my 4 year old niece last night....

Rachanny: Do you know Mimi, Emily, and Brian?
Auntie: YES
Rachanny: I know a secret, but I can't tell anyone.
Auntie: Thats okay, honey. You don't have to tell me.
Rachanny: Okay I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone, okay?
Auntie: Are you sure? Its a secret you're not supposed to tell...
Rachanny: Emily has to marry all the boys at her school... but don't tell anyone. Its a secret.
Auntie: * stare at Rachanny in silence *
Rachanny: Okay, you can tell your friends, but tell them not to tell anyone.

LMAO.... wtf? She is soooooooooooooo funny and I just didn't know what to say to her afterwards. Oh my! She asked me if she can read my book (that I had in my purse), and I said NO because its an adult book (lol). Then she went and pulled out some chapter book she had borrowed from the library and started reading it to me! Dude... she can read better than I can! LOL!

But yeah... thats the gossip for today. Don't tell anyone, okay? ;)

April 2, 2009

Lovin' It...

After seeing Slumdog Millionaire with the girls, they keep teasing that they're going to do the dance at the end at my wedding. Oh man... I'm really looking forward to it! In fact, it would be the highlight of my wedding! If anything, we might as well all do it in Cancun! (OMG... so excited!)

Mary and I had a date to go running way early this morning. HA! Yeah right! However, I did run about three miles by myself last night! YAY me! I don't get how Jenn and SallieKate can run in the rain. I mean... I already hate walking in it from my doorway to my car... do you really think I'd run in it out of my own will? HELL no!

I think I found my Bridal Gown! Actually, I didn't find it yet... I NEED to find it. I found pictures of it though and am going to go on a hunt for it. So excited!

My Parents told me what my wedding gift is today. LOL... why am I not surprised? I'm very very grateful, but not really surprised. Ahhh... they love me!

I miss my Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy so much!! He needs to hurry up and come home already! Ahhhh!! Going crazy!

April 1, 2009

Good Movie...

One of my favorite Thai lakorns:

Was just chatting with my Sister and somehow, this came up. Just figured I'd share... just because. LOVED it... lost sleep watching it! LOL

Cherishing the Moments...

Definitely cherishing the moments.... definitely!

Its been awhile since I've been out with my Girlfriends. Jenniponi picked me up today for our picnic lunch date. She packed such a healthy and yummy lunch with tons of snacks for me! We decided to have our picnic at Redondo Beach. It was nice and peaceful and so perfect (a little cold, but still perfect... almost). Wanna see what she packed for me???

-YUMMY Shrimp, Spinach, Peppers, Peas, Cucumbers, Carrots, Feta Cheese, Almonds, Cranberry Raisins Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette (sooooooooooooooooooooooo good)
-Strawberry Yogurt
-REAL and FRESH strawberries (not frozen... yay!)
-Wheat Thins (14 pieces... LMAO!)
-Apple (forgot to eat it... whoops!)
-String Cheese (how the heck did they get both cheeses in one? HAHA)

She insisted on packing our picnic lunch! It was fantabulous! Well, we only had the salad and yogurt for lunch, but she made sure that we snacked throughout the day every hour or two hours. It was hard work constantly eating, but she's right... I wasn't STARVING later. Thanks Jenniponi! Our picnic was so romantic... reminded me of our good ol' days. LOL!

Went to Starbucks (of course) and as I was paying for our coffee, Jenn got so excited and goes, "oooooooooh shoot... they got a banana, cuhz!!!"... in her ghetto ass tone and even bent over with her hand fisted in front of her mouth and everything. I was like, "WTF, Jenn!!!" She said that she got it from her ghetto students... it really rubbed off, as you can see. The cashier was pretty amused too and I couldn't stop laughing about it for about an hour. We ran into our old high school friend Noah afterwards and we tried to tell him, but he didn't think it was that funny. Its just something that you just gotta be there for to fully get the picture. HAHA!

We went to Alfred Angelo hoping to find my wedding dress. BLAH... unsuccessful. We visited a few other bridal shops and different stores for wedding stuff and surprisingly, we came across THE perfect Bridesmaids' dress... except in a different color. We found out that they have a bigger selection in Bellevue, so off we went! To our wonderful surprise, we found THAT dress in MY color. I seriously almost cried tears of joy!!! Ranny came to meet up with us and I tried to trick her as to which dress was mine, and she called bullshit on me. LOL! Then I tried to convince her that this other dress was THE one, and she said, "thats Jenn's dress!". The funny thing is... Jenn and I were joking about that dress being her dress ALL day (it was pretty hideous). Then she looked around and I told her to pick the dress that she thought I had picked out and she picked it up right away! She's amazing and knows Jenn and I both way too well. The girls loooooooooooooooooooooooved the dress and there was no way in hell we were passing it up. We picked them up for Mary and Vany too... and there is no way that they can NOT like the dress. Its perfect! Thank goodness its not a cookie cutter typical Bridesmaids' dress... thank goodness!

Went to go have SUSHI at Muckleshoot (sooooooooooo good) and Mary met up with us. (YAY!!) We stayed there for literally 3... almost four hours! We had a LOT of catching up to do. Good times indeed. Its been decided that I'll be running a half marathon in June. OMG... I'm so nervous! Also STOKED about Cancun!!!! Its going to be CRAZY and I really can't wait! Also had a run down of my wedding with them. Oh man... they're in for a ride! LOL!

Still couldn't get enough of each other, so we somehow, someway, spent nearly $50 at a candy store (right after we sat there discussing methods to lose weight for Cancun... haha).

Then... went to go see a movie and I just got home. I feel so bad because I came home and found out that my Dad fell in the bathroom upstairs. I panicked and was terrified. :( My Mom had called, but my phone died. He's okay... but it still worries me and makes me even more paranoid to leave the house. Apparently, he was bending over to grab something and just kept falling and tumbling. I now feel guilty for having (or did have) a great day. :( *sigh*