April 21, 2009

Oh... the memories!

So earlier today, I dug up some pictures from my childhood and back from high school and posted them on my Facebook. Its times like these when I wish I had a scanner and I wish I didn't lose all the pictures I had. Digital cameras were not around so we survived on 35mm cameras, polaroids, disposable cameras, sticker pictures, and I-zone (remember those? the polaroid sticker pictures that were about the size of a quarter?). Yeah... I wish I still had all of mine. I used to have boxes and boxes of pictures! Pictures I took myself, pictures from school dances, and even studio pictures (haha).

OH man... the memories! Ranny, Jenn, and I were cracking up on most of them since most of them had us in them. Its amazing how long we've been friends for and to this day, I can still call them my best friends. I am blessed. TEN years and going strong! :P Some of the pictures were horrid... some of us looked jacked up. Especially now, looking back, we are disgusted and probably embarrassed by the way we looked back then. But you know what? We thought we were the sh*t at the time, didn't we? I mean... we didn't have a problem with the pictures then, but we do now.

I realize that I didn't learn how to fully smile until the later years of high school. I don't know... I think I didn't smile because I hated the way my cheeks looked (too big) and I have always had a crooked smile. I don't know why/how I can't stop smiling now. I didn't get braces or anything to fix my smile. Maybe I'm just genuinely a happier person now and more comfortable in my own skin? Not sure. Speaking of skin... I really thought that I was FAT back then. Now, I'm about 20-25 pounds heavier. Yet, I'm still smiling. How ironic.

Even my old school dance dates commented on the pictures. One in particular... haha... nevermind... I already told Narin the story. The comment he left and my response still cracks me up. :P

Its amazing how much we have changed in certain ways... but yet, we are still the same people. For example... hanging out with Nary this past weekend, she often said, "Oh my gosh, Thyda... you will never change! You're still the same!" I'm taking this as a compliment because I know damn well that I am a fun and caring person. What more can you ask for? (don't answer that... lol!)

Ahhh... I've lived a good life and have made many memories and gained many great people to care about and have care for me. I can't wait to see what else this thing called "LIFE" has in store for me! :D


My Brother... he once upon a time adored me. LOL

Taken in 2002.
We were so excited for our Senior pictures,
we took it a year early! LOL

2000... rockin' our Skechers!

Junior Prom... 2002.
Mint Skittles... taste the rainbow!

We even took GROUP Senior pictures!
Can you tell who is who? HAHA!

(many more on FB... oh well!)

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