April 27, 2009

In Love...

I was flipping through a Bridal magazine this morning and I saw MY dress. Hehe... its so pretty!! Now, I gotta shed a couple pounds so that it will look better on. Ahhhh....!

Yesterday was my cousin's 21st birthday. Oh my! We should have celebrated on Saturday, but he wouldn't have been 21 yet so it wouldn't have been the same. Gathering with the adults... they are so funny! Practicing dancing for my wedding! HAHAHA! One of our older cousins got a few bottles of Remy Martin and let me just say that that sh*t is nasty. I'll stick with the cheap stuff. The adults in our family don't drink, so it was really up to us. Its weird... I'm drinking around my parents, aunts, and uncles... and its okay! HA! I was messing with my cousin and pretended to tattle on him to his parents that he was drinking and they were like, "Its okay... he's 21 now". LOL... dammit! My trouble maker self lost my touch! We toasted to the family and I honestly suck at giving toasts. I said it in English and got yelled at to give my cousin his blessings in Khmer. WTF. What the hell am I supposed to say? I love the "kid", but I don't know how to freakin' bless him in Khmer. AND... he understands English, so whatever. The cake that his girlfriend bought was soooooooooo good! Too bad I freakin' dropped it and then my Dad said that its spirits asking for some (thats why I dropped it), so I have to give it to them. Sort of creeped me out because I drop stuff ALL the time! Oh well... I got a new piece and devoured it! LOL!

Saturday was fun day with Jenn and we had such an amazing time! I love that girl! :D

Okay... I am HUNGRY! Diet starts tomorrow (doesn't it always start "TOMORROW"?)!!

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