April 2, 2009

Lovin' It...

After seeing Slumdog Millionaire with the girls, they keep teasing that they're going to do the dance at the end at my wedding. Oh man... I'm really looking forward to it! In fact, it would be the highlight of my wedding! If anything, we might as well all do it in Cancun! (OMG... so excited!)

Mary and I had a date to go running way early this morning. HA! Yeah right! However, I did run about three miles by myself last night! YAY me! I don't get how Jenn and SallieKate can run in the rain. I mean... I already hate walking in it from my doorway to my car... do you really think I'd run in it out of my own will? HELL no!

I think I found my Bridal Gown! Actually, I didn't find it yet... I NEED to find it. I found pictures of it though and am going to go on a hunt for it. So excited!

My Parents told me what my wedding gift is today. LOL... why am I not surprised? I'm very very grateful, but not really surprised. Ahhh... they love me!

I miss my Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy so much!! He needs to hurry up and come home already! Ahhhh!! Going crazy!

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