April 22, 2009

Rom Bot Hip Hop!!

LOL!! Okay so for the past half hour, I've been listening to this over and over. I don't care what they're saying (although its funny as hell), but with this beat, I can't sit still. Michael shared it with me earlier and if I go around singing this song, I'm going to kill him!!

I like the version that Nack and Bunthoeun did a couple years ago at the New Years' show. If I remember correctly, they were rapping/singing about durian. Maybe its better because they're my friends and in my opinion, they rock!

Rom nung kyom... rom bot hip hop!! (LOL)

Oh... and so the topic of Will Demps came up (damn.. he's foine!). I forgot how foine he was. I first fell in love with him while watching CRIBS. Ahhhh! It started on Ranny's status and then she posted these pictures of him... and oh my goodness! I was on the phone with Sam earlier and I couldn't stop talking about my Will! I sent him a picture of Will and he was like, "whatever... your man (Will) sucks". I think I just made him self conscious and he's gonna be at the gym every freakin' day now. Ooops?!?! LOL!

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