April 15, 2009


I think I pulled something in my leg. For some reason, it freakin' aches and there's nothing I can do about it. I already tried rubbing some tiger/monkey balm stuff on it but it hasn't helped any. WHAT AM I TO DO?

So last night I was talking to Sam. Apparently, he got sort of mad at me for something I had said over the weekend, but I had NO IDEA what I had said. He said that we need to have a serious talk. WTF? Then... he told me that I kept saying that I hate my life. OKay.... FALSE because I would never say something like that and mean it. I love my life! :D So we had this argument going back and forth debating if whether or not I said it. I know myself... I didn't say it. Blah blah... we let it go. Then I said, "Fuck My Life"... because it was something that I had been saying all weekend long because of this website, http://www.fmylife.com/ . Then he's like, "There! Thats exactly what you said!" Uhmmm... okay... its this thing that we had been saying all weekend since Jackie had been hooked on this site and was reading it 24/7! Everytime something stupid or silly happens, we say, "FML" or "Fuck My Life". Sam didn't know that and got all crazy on me because I had said, "Fuck My Life"! I don't remember why I said it, but it was probably because I spilled something on myself. I know Sovina said it after we drew on her face and she fell asleep in the bathtub (LOL... good times!)

BUT duuuuuuuuuude! This whole time I've been beating myself up because of something I had said and don't remember that had caused Sam to be this upset with me. LOL! He ended up laughing because he had no idea what the site was about but just got mad that I kept on saying the phrase. MAN! Who told him to jump into conslusions? FML!

Oh... and another FML moment that my Facebook friends have already seen, I ran over a bunny on Easter! LOL... I drove back just to see if I really did kill it, and I did. I'm horrible! The responses I got cracked me up though (still horrible, I know)... but here they are:

(couldn't fit all of them in one... here's the rest)

Easter Bunny DID exist (not anymore... lol!)

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  1. hahahahaha running over a bunny on easter!!! that is hilarious! lol