April 19, 2009

Good Times (as usual)

So yesterday, I was supposed to go to the temple with my Parents. That didn't happen because they got a bit busy and I wasn't trying to go to the temple all by myself (loner status). Anyway... we (parents, sisters, nephews, and I) ended up meeting with the rest of the FAM at my Aunt and Uncle's house. My cousins (my Dad's older sister's sons) were throwing another New Years party at Jumbo. I wanted to go check it out, but when I called my other younger cousins, they were like, "DUDE... we went last weekend and called you, but you didn't answer". Oops... that was when Sovina was in town and I went out with the girls instead... haha. Anyway... none of them were going to go again... they were all Khmer partied out from the weekend before. My Sisters didn't want to go (not their thing... boo!) and my Brother wanted to go, but he had kids and a b*tchy wife to look after. BLAH. I text a few friends (the ones that go to Khmer parties anyway) and most were busy and others had already gone the week before. FACK!! SO... I wasn't planning on going at all.

Finally around 7:30pm, my old good friend from high school, Nary, text me and told me that she was calling into work and she'll see me at Jumbo! OH MY! I didn't even drive myself to my Aunt and Uncle's house so I couldn't leave Tacoma to go back home to meet up with her. She was such a doll and came to pick me up right away... brought me to my house to grab my things... then headed to her place to get ready. It was a lot of driving, but she didn't even complain one bit... she's still the same sweetheart I used to hang out with all the time back in high school. It was so nice to finally catch up with her. She still cracks me up and we spent a good amount of time reminiscing about the good ol' days. :D

So we finally got to the party (extra late). We managed to take a shot together and for some reason, we were pretty much DONE for the night. HAHA! There, I saw lots and lots of familiar faces which reminded me of why I love going to Khmer social gatherings such as these. I was followed by a guy with a Barney doll (kind of cute), but Nary was at my rescue the entire night!

Oh... and then Samphy remembered that last new years when I first met him, I practically told the entire club that it was his birthday and these random girls kept dancing with him and giving him lap dances. So... it was pay back time! He went up to my cousins who were throwing the party and told them that it was my birthday. Clearly, they don't know my birthday because they made a freakin' announcement and the crowd sang the birthday song and I stood there like a dumbass in the middle of the dance floor while people sang to me. I felt sort of special, but had to giggle to myself because my friends and I all knew damn well it wasn't my birthday. So then... all the older cousins came up to me and were like, "you didn't tell us its your birthday!" I'm like... "Bong... its not. HAHA!" They laughed and said its cool... at least everyone had a good time. You wouldn't believe how many random strangers came up to me to wish me a happy birthday. I didn't feel like explaining the truth to any of them, so I smiled charmingly and thanked them like I was 16 again! HAHA!

Overall, what a great night! I can't wait to bring Nary out with the rest of us girls during our future outtings. I am really really craving a reunion like it was a dulce de leche cheesecake! Ahhhhh! Ranns and I are going to work something out. :D

Myself and Nga... she's so grown up now!!
(and perfect day to get a pimple below your nose, Thyda! WTF)

Nary, Pov, Nga... and ME tryin' to jump in the picture! LOL

Samphy and I... and that one guy put his Barney doll in our picture! LOL

Let me explain: Gio NEVER dances and the other girls tried to get him to go dance ALL night.
They failed, but I got him up there with only the sweat I already had before I tried. LOL... love Gio!

Pimpin' out the boys... Gio and Samphy.
Damn... we look SO thuggish, ruggish, BONE!

Damn... they're hott, huh? Hubba hubba!

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