April 28, 2009


I'm still swooning over my dress! LOL... okay so it might not be ALL that, but I love it anyway!

I almost gave up on looking for THE dress, but I'm glad I found it!

So... let me share my conversation with Mary this morning regarding the swine flu and our trip--

Mary: I heard that airlines are crediting people back if they booked to Mexico and they're not letting anyone enter Mexico.
Thyda: Hopefully it will be okay by then... if not, where else should we go?
Mary: CABO!
Thyda: Uhmmm... Cabo IS in Mexico!
Mary: Is it? OH...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She cracks me up! And what makes it even more funny is that she's the one who did all the booking and arrangements for this trip! HAHA!

Less than 4 weeks and I get to see my Baby again! YAYYYYY! Supposedly, the world sort of stopped when he left. HAHA! I mean... the guys don't even play poker anymore. THATS A BIG DEAL!!!

Leaving for California with my Parents in a week. Oh man... I don't know what happened to all my summer clothes!! Wish I was allowed to shop! Hmph! I miss the feeling of picking up something new and bringing it home like a puppy (except... I don't really like puppies unless they're really really cute. wait... shouldn't that be the same for my clothes? I confuse myself!)

Got that freakin' HALO song stuck in my head. Was singing it yesterday and my nephew asked me which Halo I'm singing about... as in which game edition of Halo. LOL!!

Oh man... I think I'm going to have to sneak away from my Parents (and Sams') for an hour to indulge in some Yogurtland. I've been craving! (There's this place in Southcenter called Tootie Frootie. The selection is less and its 39 cents an ounce rather than 30 cents like at Yogurtland! What a rip off!)

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