October 30, 2009

The Hunchback of Long Beach!

No exaggeration... I look like Quasimodo right now!

The other night, I wore my glasses and somehow hit myself in the eye and its been hurting ever since. Yesterday, there was some discharge (whitish/yellow) from my eye (left side), but that stopped for the most part... I would just get some eye booger like discharge every so often. It feels like its bruised or cut internally. I put some eye drops in to try to help with the pain, and it just burned and stung even more! This morning, I woke up looking like Quasimodo. What am I to do now?

We put together Sam's costume for Halloween last night... I'm so excited to do his face/makeup! Its rare that I buy an actual costume because I am just too cheap to spend $50 on something that I'd wear once and don't really like to begin with... so we found the perfect costume for him just by putting different things together! Some things we already had and little odds and ends here and there. Its perfect... you'll see!

I didn't find a costume for myself. Well, I did find something very decent and was cute enough to buy, but I couldn't justify waiting in an hour and a half line just to see if its available and then having to purchase it without trying it on and not being able to return it if it doesn't fit. So I said screw it! I'm being generic and wearing what I already have and just adding some accessories to it. But right now, I want to somehow be a pirate so I can wear an eye patch. Seriously... its THAT bad!

I attempted to make some sushi yesterday and was inventive and didn't have a sushi roller mat. It was not pretty, but it was good (IMHO). I even created something that I believe will be the next best thing and wouldn't be surprised if others got smart and followed my idea and included it in their menus! HAHA! I'll post a separate blog about that later.

Anny and the gang are coming down from Modesto and I've convinced Yacky to come out to The Reef with us. Apparently, everybody and their mommas are gonna be there! I wanted to do something low key, but the promoter convinced me. Why/How I talk to promoters down here too... I do not know. I'm just a people person and will talk to everyone who knows how to give me a response. I'm tired of talking to myself.

Okay... clean up time and probably put together some dishes for the night. Some are coming over. I don't know how many, but I don't care... I'll eat everything I make if I have to.

Happy Halloweezy, everybody! OH... and I'm still upset no one responded to me and tell me what they're gonna be for Halloween. How rude! Hmph!

October 29, 2009

Yay... play with me!

Wow... I am actually shocked to see that others have responded and voted on the poll I put there on the side of this blog. Thanks for voting and keep voting because you have another day to do it. I figured it would be fun since I'm so into the show... mainly for their clothes! HAHA... its true! So... what do you think? Hmmm...?

Maybe I should make this a more interactive blog? It seems like no one ever really responds to me (okay they do... occasionally), so I'm really just talking to myself. I don't mind talking to myself... I really don't. BUT... its just funny and fun to actually have someone talk back to you. So... talk back to me, please!

Inspired by the Cheesecake Factory, I whipped up some Cajun Jambalaya Pasta last night. My brothers in law, my nephew, and their friend came over before basketball and they killed it! I really liked it. Anthony (my nephew) said it was too spicy, but too bad for him because thats how I like it! :) Too lazy to post any food pictures on this thing. Find it on FB.

We bought our tickets to Seattle last night (finally). Looking forward to our family reunion and it just so happens to be Jenn's birthday. Its also Pearly's birthday, but wouldn't be able to make it there. It was nice catching up with her this morning. She's been going through a lot lately and sometimes, its just nice to hear from a friend showing that he/she cares. Once I found out what had happened a few weeks ago, I called her right away. I know the feeling of going through tough times and sometimes, it only takes a phone call/text message/fb message from a good friend to make you feel better. Its times like that when you realize who your true friends are when they show that they are there for you through those dark moments. Love the girl... miss her!

Still don't know what to do for Halloween... slowly being convinced to go to the party at The Reef. Maybe... but I'm sort of lazy. Its tomorrow and I don't even have a costume yet. Heck... I don't even know what I want to be! HELP!!

I wonder what everyone else is doing/going to be for Halloween. Care to share?

October 28, 2009

We need to STOP!

We really really do. Two people should not be visiting Costco more than once a month. We're there about every week! Our original plan was to only pick up our pictures and this collage I had ordered (which is so cool, by the way), but tell me why we ended up spending nearly $200 yesterday on groceries that we probably don't even need. Okay fine, they're not all groceries, but they are household items that are probably necessary, but really... Costco sizes? Our place is getting a bit crowded and our fridge is overflowing. I have an addiction to buying things. Correction -- I have an addiction to buying things I don't need. Sam calls it "ka'pek ka'pok" stuff.... which is true. What's wrong with me?

From now on, I am going to try my best to reduce the number of things that I buy. I hope to not pay a visit to Costco again until another two months (except for the times when I need to pick up pictures... again).

BUT... the coupon book is just screaming my name! I'd feel like I'm missing out on a good deal if I don't use those darn coupons! Why did we spend $200 to save $18? HAHAHA! Its ridiculous. We need to stop... right now!

On another note, I made shrimp ceviche and fish tacos for the first time last night! Those who are my FB friends would know that I've made attempts at cooking and its not half bad, if I must say so myself. Sam is the worst (or maybe best) food critic ever! He notices every little thing... even if you are missing a few grains of salt! Its annoying... but at the same time, I'm thankful for his honesty. Now, he's actually really loving/enjoying my cooking and yesterday, he even told his parents that I'm a great cook. Very surprising because the guy doesn't give compliments to anybody. Just kidding... he's not that bad. Another ego boost for me! Whoopty doo... because I really need one, right? ;) (thats sarcasm just in case anyone didn't catch that). Back to what I was saying... I ate so freakin' much last night! I seriously was in such food coma that I don't think I even moved once in bed!

For those who don't know.. Southwest Airlines is having a 72 hour sale. Check it out! southwest.com

October 27, 2009

Photo Updates?

THIS is the TShirt that I got and have already worn it to bed once! :D

Ladies... if you are not going to be in the sun and are going to be indoors or take pictures with flash, please avoid using any SPF. It reflects light and can make you look ghostly pale with the flash. See above.

We are waiting for our dinner... hoping to see some hot sweaty pirates. Okay maybe not.

My sexy dark pirate! LOL! He was such a good sport!

At Mai Tai... what a fun night it was!

We finally had our girls' night... long overdue!! I always have a nice time with them... some of the sweetest, caring, and thoughtful girls you'd ever find! :)

Oh my gosh... our highly anticipated dinner at Guppy's! I couldn't stop thinking about it all week!

If I dazed off in conversations that week, its because I was thinking of this bad boy! It was sooooo yummy! (How do they run out of mangoes???)

Spontaneous Yogurtland Venting Pow Wow last night with Sovi and Yacky! Guess which one was mine!! HAHA... the fullest one, of course!

Why is it that I miss my Husband more now when he works overtime than when I was living a thousand miles away? Ahhh... weird.

Been working on a few new things and trying to organize my life (still). I can't even keep my bedroom in order because I have too much junk and when I am doing one thing, I get distracted and think/do another. Its horrible!

My brain had been stimulated the past few days... its a great, yet painful feeling. Now, I need to exercise my body. There are too many good foods down here and too many dessert joints (Guppy's, Yogurtland) for me to not. Although I must say that I did get asked if I have lost weight. Whoa... ego boost! Utilized my handy dandy Target scale and it looks like I did. Ain't stoppin' me now. I would still like to lose 35 pounds. Is that gross? LOL!

I can't believe its Halloween again already. No way am I spending over $50 on a costume I will wear once. HELL no. Call me cheap, but do you know how many clearance items I can get with that money and for sure I'd wear it more than once? Psssh! Which totally reminds me... need to consult with Sam to see what our plans are. Actually, just sent out an email to our friends. I hope they're up for hanging out with me. HAHA!

Alright... sort of late for my date with the beach. I usually cancel on it, but not today. HAHA!

October 23, 2009

Quick Update!!

Okay. Its been a few days since I've posted in here. Let me just take a few minutes (okay more than a few since I am on my phone right now) to update!

On Wednesday night... Sovina surprised us and brought us to Pirates Dinner Adventure for her birthday!! It was so thoughtful of her because we've never been. So much fun!!! We all really enjoyed ourselves there with a bunch of little kids! Of course they needed volunteers from the audience and all four of us happened to be the lucky chosen ones. Sovina and I were teamed up and we were in this competition with some other teams and of course, we won!!! Haha! The actors/entertainers were SO talented. I was beyond mesmerized! Ahhh! Thanks Sissy for such a wonderful time!

Last night, we went out to Mai Tai bar with Sam's coworkers and of course, Sovi came to my rescue and kept me company again! One of Sam's coworkers celebrated her birthday there and she complained on how she felt old and she just turned 24! What the heck! I admit... I still think 24 is old and am not accepting the fact I am turning 25 so soon. No way, jose!!

I got them drunk off my games... as usual! Those games are evil. I do need to come up with some new ones though! LOL!

We walked over to Gameworks and met up with Aida, her BF who is visiting from France, and his friend. They were so into video games... Unbelievable! We made our way to the karaoke lounge there and sang a few of my karaoke favorites. Then suddenly the manager at Gameworks brought us some yummy sangrias and said it was on the house. Sam and Jordan were sitting behind us, but I don't think the dude knew that those were our guys. Haha! Oops!

Finished it off with yummy spicy duck fried rice... came home and knocked the heck out! Ahhhh!

I've been working on a little project of mine and I swear... my brain is toasted! Sam came home and took the laptop away from me... it was THAT bad! I needed a break anyway.

Now... gotta get ready for dinner and Guppy's with the ladies! Its been awhile since we sat down and caught up with each other so I'm really excited!! Oh... And I've been thinking of brick toast and shaved ice all week long, its ridiculous!!

October 21, 2009

Thursday Funday!

So to thank us for taking care of them, Sovina and Jordan are taking Sam and I out today. They really don't have to, but they insist. Its a surprise so I have NO idea where we are going. I'm so nervous, yet so excited!

Its nice to have good friends around... especially when you're in a totally different environment. Sivhui and I got to hang out for a bit yesterday and it was nice to just sit down and catch up with her. Oh... and I earned myself a shirt at Yogurtland! How cool is that? :D

I miss my friends back at home. Seeing their emails and pictures and posts make me really sad because I'm not there with them to join in on all the fun that they're having. Can't wait 'til one of them come and visit me soon. I know everyone's busy though... which is a good thing, but I just miss them!

Halloween is next weekend already? Okay... so we were invited to the Lok's party... and then also another party... but we also have some friends who might be coming in from out of town that weekend. WHAT to do? It'd be rude of me to invite them to someone else's place, right? (Just saw it on The City last night where Sami invited these people to Whitney's Ex-Boyfriend's Roommates, BBQ when she was a guest herself who was invited by Whitney) WHO DOES THAT?!?! Haha... it was pretty funny... I was amused.

Okay... lots to do on the agenda before Sam gets home and we get picked up. Hope everyone has a great Hump Day today!

EDIT: Okay... I was gonna edit this, but decided not to and am just going to leave it because it cracks me up! (Check the comments for details... LOL!)

October 19, 2009

Truth Hurts...

Sure does!

Right now, the truth is that I need to freakin' whip myself into shape somehow, someway. I know it sounds sort of superficial since I have tons of other things to worry about, but its really not. I feel myself being LAZY or TIRED when I'm at this state and I am beyond ogre status! Seriously... I just need to do the damn thang already!

Sam and I decided to go for a run today. Actually, I decided to go because I'm committing myself to 45 minutes of cardio at least four times a week. And that, my friend... had just started today! :D Whooo... I feel great knowing that I did it and have loads of energy, but my legs feel like they are wiggling off! No joke! Tomorrow, I shall do it all over again and this time with less panting and more smiling. Speaking of panting.. I do need new work out clothes! HAHA! Workout clothes is always my motivation to work out but isn't trying it on and getting out of it a work out in itself? I always thought so. o_O

Trying to organize my life and at the looks of my calendar, I have absolutely nothing planned tomorrow. YAY! AND... Sam isn't working. Well, this could be a bad thing because I really do need to get some things done. I vow to stay off facebook as much as I can. I've been pretty good, actually. I only go on to go to my profile (duh!), respond to MY messages (because I'm responsive like that), and look at MY pictures!! HAHA... just kidding... for the most part at least. Oh... got some pictures from SoJo's birthday party!! Hold up... only saved a few that were uploaded... I like the pictures of the girls... guys just ruin everything! :D

Here we go...!!

A few from my phone:

My handsome Husband and I...

Jackie, Thyda, Aida... all here for Sovi!

Jackie, Thyda, Sovina... love these California girls!!

Now... from a different camera!

Would you trust yourself with these two faces when you're drunk? I know I wouldn't!

Lets get the party started!!!

Excuse the mess... I literally had 10 minutes to get ready after smelling like chicken all day!

MAN!! I'm still upset I didn't have time to get ready and go all out! Boo! :(

Myself with the pretty ladies!!

Hold your cup up... and shut up!!

Damn... and here I was thinking we didn't get any pictures! LOL

I see Aida and Jenny about to drink from their right hands... tsk tsk! Oh wait those are chasers... NM!

Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot!!!

While I'm posting pictures... let me just drag and paste a few that I was tagged in from FB! HAHA..!

When I first moved down to CA... I was parking lot pimpin' with these girls!

From Laughlin... haha... I thought this was a cool picture that Mikal took!

I looked like I was struggling while Sivhui was just chillin'. Sad, son!

"Help me! Help me!"

Nara and I at Elisa's wedding... awww... my camera made our faces look hella white, but we'll just claim that we're "glowing"... I guess!

Sam took this picture of me last night after I decided to play makeup out of boredom in the middle of the night! LOL... kinda scary looking, but I like the old fashioned type of look... sorta. Many lessons learned though... no shimmer on up close pictures. I look like I just came out of a frying pan!!


Fallin' For You

I am posting this everywhere, I know. I just love this song! Its been my jam all weekend long... and I'm still not tired of it after hearing it on repeat nonstop for the past 72 hours. Yeah... I like it THAT much!

I realized that I love Colbie Caillat and her songs! This one in particular, makes me feel like I'm floating or am in a dream. Its so sweet... and the music video makes me like it even more. So cute! Hehe... I'm such a nerd... here listening to it and thinking about Sam and I. Yeah... we have our moments. But at the end of the day, we don't go to bed angry at each other and I'm fallin' in love with him all over again... everyday.

Okay... while I'm here... recap of the weekend, shall we?

Friday -- Guys came over for cards again. I was planning to get some work done, but that didn't really happen. I like the fact that they'd rather stay in and come over and play cards for a couple of bucks and enjoy each other and good company rather than be out at the bars and the clubs. Peace of mind for me because I am one to worry about the little things and everything. Thats something I've learned about myself lately... is that I need to calm down and not be so concerned. Take a chill pill, Thyda!

Saturday -- Sovina and Jordan's birthday extravaganza! I made some chicken satay sticks and lemon pepper shrimp skewers for them because I knew that there will be a lot of drinking done and people should really eat something before they get sick! So... we rolled up in a hummer limo to Boulevard 3 on Sunset in LA. When we got there, a friend got really sick and thank goodness Diane was coming to meet up with us. She's our savior! Sam and I ended up bringing our friend over to Diane's and had her stay there instead of taking a cab home to Long Beach because that would have been very expensive and not very safe. After we got her settled in, we went back to the club that I once fell in love with only to find that they ran out of tacos!!!! BUT... they still had strawberry (and other berries) chocolate fondue! Hehehe... yes... at a club! The birthday kids had fun and thats whats important! Sam and I hadn't gone out clubbing together for awhile, so it was nice to get our groove on for a minute! HAHA... then we left to go get our friend ready for our ride back but Hummer Driver was mad that there was puke in the hummer and he had to clean it up and that a champagne glass was broken. I don't blame him... but man! We almost got left stranded at Diane's in LA. She offered for us to stay the night, but I think it was best if we were to get home. Almost got a cab, but sweetie Diane wouldn't allow that and freakin' drove us all the way home! We didn't get home until 4am... so I assume her and Derek didn't get home until around 5am. Very kind of them!

See... I love how people just genuinely care. They would be selfless and do things without being asked, without complaining, and truly out of their own good heart. I've realized that there are people who are all about them and then there are the few who would actually put others first wholeheartedly. Not because they want the recognition, but because they... as I said... CARE. We need more people like that. Thanks Diane and Derek!

Sunday -- Nice chillaxin' day with my Husband. I made him breakfast... almost in bed! HAHA... we don't have a breakfast in bed tray (although I sort of want one now), so I just woke him up to come eat with me outside while watching football. It was a well deserved big breakfast... more like brunch! We had a long and hard night. I just wanted to stay in and chill out. We ran a few errands then came home and had dinner. Probably the most chill day we've had since I've moved down here, surprisingly. Thank goodness he has the day off tomorrow. I don't like his schedule so much, but I like it when he's home. :)

Okay... lots of cleaning up to do (I always say that, huh?)! Toodle loo!

October 17, 2009

When Shall I Sleep?

I don't know why I procrastinate the way I do. I am easily distracted and its really killing me... how do I change that?

The guys came over for Poker as usual and I whipped up some firecracker chicken drumsticks and grilled beef and prahok for them. I was really disappointed in the prahok this time around and I think I know why... it was the different brand/type of prahok that I bought. I did it the exact same way I did before but for some reason, this one wasn't as yummy. :( Lesson learned.

I'm trying to organize my life and after all the tools that I've tried to use, it had only improved slightly. I just found another new tool tonight (not new to the world and not new to me either but I just didn't have an interest in trying it before... now I regret not trying it earlier. FML.)... so hopefully this one will get me on track!

Sovina and Jordan's birthday celebration tomorrow... well, today. What to wear? I have no idea. Sam doesn't know what to wear either. After tryin' to help her figure out some things, I think I enjoy planning/organizing events... just not when they are for myself.

I stress too much... not a good thing. Over things I shouldn't even stress about. Even my horoscope told me to calm down. What the heck!

Okay... yawning pretty badly. Goodnight!

October 16, 2009

The Good Life!

Did I ever mention how much I am enjoying the married life? Actually... we have our moments, but overall... I'm loving it!

Thank goodness for recipe books! I found one the other day at Borders for 5 bucks and of course, I have my Borders Rewards membership thingy and got 40% off that so after tax, it was like 3 bucks! SCORE!! Tried a recipe out of there that Sam had circled to show me that he wanted to try it and he kept saying how it was good! I'm so proud of myself! Though it is following someone else's recipe, I'm still proud because I actually did the damn thang!

We were on a hunt to find some seaweed last night. I've been wanting to try to make some sushi! Unfortunately, we were out of luck. Well, we went pretty late and most Asian stores were closed. Better luck next time!

I love Target! So many cool things there and for some reason, I never get bored!

I'm trying this new thing... no eating after 8pm. Will be interesting... hard, yes... but I love challenges! We finally got a scale last night! Wuahahah! Its FUN! Often disappointing, but fun regardless.

Tonight, will be whipping up some things for Sovina's birthday tomorrow. Then, I need to figure out what to wear. Party Bus... never been on one so should be interesting!

Last night, I had a glass of wine and knocked out so good. Woke up feeling great. I thought I was drunk in the morning for a minute!

Our place is a mess and I need to really clean it up here. Procrastination is the devil and being easily distracted doesn't help. Who wants to come help me clean up?

October 15, 2009

Was it for real?

I am still wondering... was it for real? I've never been treated like that before... I was totally living the life! Did they not realize that we were nobodies? I mean... I could have easily thrown out my own trash or put my own sugar in my coffee... but they wouldn't let me. One of the wardrobe stylists said, "don't you worry your pretty little head... we're here to take care of you". Should I be offended? I mean... did I seem that incompetent? Haha! I guess I shouldn't be complaining. WAIT... I'm not complaining. I'm just reminiscing and trying to relive the feeling but just realized I'm back to getting my own coffee... dammit!

I met a lot of great people yesterday... talented people! I'm inspired... again.

Oooh... you know that show, "NEXT" on MTV? Well, I met one of the people who created the show! He was so cool and was so nice and actually gave us the low down and the dirty scoop. Oh my... how crazy some of the things I've learned can be. One thing is for sure... show biz is not what it seems on TV. Come on... it takes a week and a half to film a 30 second commercial? Are you kidding me? There are so many people involved in everything. In our part, we sat in a car and there were at least 10 people surrounding the car just waiting to wipe down the windows if there was any drop of rain on it. Its insane! I had at least 4 different people fix my seat belt for me. Who does that?

Anyway... the commercial airs in March and I just can't wait! I still can't believe its real... someone pinch me!

I know its not a big deal since its such a short/small part. Its a three second non speaking part, but its a big deal to me, okay? LOL!

WTF is going on???

Okay so I've been getting these notifications saying that I've gotten these comments on my ONE post. What the heck? I think its spam, but its in a totally different language and why the heck are they only spamming that one post?



October 14, 2009

All Done!

So I just got back from my shoot... well, it was over nearly 3 hours ago, but I sort of stayed around and mingled and ran an errand before coming home. I must say that it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Will elaborate shortly, but gonna go make something to eat now. Miso hongry! Should have stayed for lunch, but was too excited at the time to be hungry and wanted to beat the traffic. Okay... be back in a bit... maybe!

October 13, 2009


Though I pulled an all nighter that evening, I still managed to miss my flight. This time, it really was not my fault but there's no point wasting time elaborating. I made it and thats all that matters, right?

My plane landed at 11:40am and my fitting appointment was at 12:30pm. Surprisingly, I made it... I was determined to and despite the distance, I still made it. I guess when you really want something and its meant to be, it will work out in the end.

On my way to the airport though, I was responding to the casting director and I had noticed an email address that was copied onto the email. It turns out that it was Jimmy's email address! How small could this world really be? Jimmy and I met at UW and we have performed together at two of the KhSA UW New Years' shows. What gets me is that they auditioned people throughout Southern California and at a few different locations. How the heck did they manage to put two people who know each other and have performed together a thousand miles away together to act together again? This world really is that small, huh?

It was nice to see the familiar face and I must say that it was a relief to know the person that I will be partnered up and acting with. Whew... this should be a breeze because the people you work with changes the experience completely!

We had our fitting and it took awhile to get into/out of the outfits, but it was done and it was so surreal to me. I've never been in a shoot setting before and was in awe seeing the many trailers and RVs that were jam packed with different wardrobes for the different actors. They had an onset hair stylist and makeup artist (duh), and that is what I'm really looking forward to! Basically, the entire block was blocked off and it looked like at least 100 people was part of the crew and was on set. I can't believe its really happening still!

Tomorrow is my first day of the shoot and I look forward to it. I'm nervous... but so ready to just do it already and so ready to learn. I must rest up for it and give it all I've got.. even if its for a millisecond of fame! :D

The guys came over for Monday night football last night and stay around and hung out with Sam later so I went to bed pretty late and woke up early (way too early). Tonight, I shall go to bed really early (hope I can sleep... maybe NyQuil can help?) because I think that the call time can be as early as 6am! Coffee... its a must tomorrow!


As many of you may know (my FB friends), I flew back to Washington this past weekend to attend the Miss Washington USA 2010 pageant. My friend was one of the contestants and there was no way I would miss this moment in her life. Whats funny is that I usually would buy airline tickets last minute and not once have I bought it more than a week in advance. In this case though, I bought the ticket in early August and the event is mid-October. Now do you see how important this was to me?

Though she didn't win the title and crown, I know for a fact that she accomplished and deserved so much more than a crown and sash. Throughout this process, I've been inspired to be a better person and to follow my dreams. Not once had she ever doubted me and she never failed to give me words of encouragement trying to push me closer to what I want and what I believe in. That is exactly what friends are for and I am blessed to have such beautiful people in my life through it all.

I have a new outlook in life and have found many inspirations lately... wish me luck or not, its up to you. I don't really care for luck anymore nor will I sit here and question myself. I will just "do the damn thang" and by doing so, I will have my answers.

October 10, 2009


A few weeks ago, someone I had met sent me a message suggesting that I try out/audition for a role in a.... I'd rather not give too many details because to be honest... I don't know all the details myself! Anyway, I didn't really think much of it because I didn't think that it would be possible anyhow. The money involved... I mean the pay for the job if you are casted was very attractive and my goodness... we all know that I need it very much! Even so, I wasn't so confident in myself and I've never done anything like it. So... I sort of just disregarded it. The topic was brought up again, and again, I was encouraged to give it a shot. I figured it couldn't hurt to try and I have nothing to lose... but I still didn't do anything about it because I was nowhere near a computer (only on my BB) and couldn't submit my pictures and information anyway. She then had asked me if its okay if she submitted a picture of me and my information to the casting agency. Sure... why not?

On Monday evening (when I was at the airport and on my way back to Cali), my information was submitted. By Wednesday morning, I got a call from the casting director asking me to come in to meet with them. I didn't know what to think and honestly wasn't going to because I figured I'd be left disappointed anyway. I had heard that there were auditions held in Long Beach for the same roles, but I didn't make it out to it because I was intimidated at the possible turnout. (Surprisingly, I'm not very competitive when it comes to this) I told her that I wasn't able to make the auditions that day, and she told me that she didn't want me to go to the audition, she wanted me to go to the straight to call back (skip the audition step). Apparently, I was one of the agent's pick that they'd like to meet already. Whoa... ego boost! So... I was scheduled to go to the casting studio on Thursday. Sam and I showed up and after seeing some familiar faces, I realized I was probably told something that everyone else was told (agent's pick... blah blah). I saw that many others had modeling/acting resumes and some even had headshots ready! I had a big purse with my vitamin water and lots of makeup I had used to apply in the car on the way there. HAHA! It was my first audition for anything! I was so nervous and was so close to turning around and going home because dude... competition! Thank goodness Sam told me to just give it a shot since I'm already here. So... I do! We were in a group setting with some other people. I thought I did okay... but would have done a few things differently if I could do it again (for better, of course).

The next morning (Friday morning), I got a call from the casting director letting me know that I have been put "on avail". Apparently, I am one of the top finalists for the part but I haven't been officially booked yet because the agency still had to go over a few things and wanted to see if I was available on the day of the shoot. I'm like... okay... they're probably telling everyone this too! A couple hours later, I got called and was told that I was the top pick and congratulations... I booked the job! WHOA... I thought they were going to say J/K... but they didn't! They wanted me to be in there tomorrow... well, today (Saturday) for a fitting. No can do because I was already on my way to the airport. Thank goodness we were able to work something out for Monday and the shoot is only a couple days later.

I'm so excited, yet so nervous. How I did it? I have no idea... but I just know that I was having fun! Will keep posting about this new adventure of mine and lets see how it all goes! I can't explain how excited I am though... Sam's happy for me too! He gave me a huge hug after the call. Thank goodness for such a loving and supportive Husband!

Wish me luck with everything... I'll try to break a leg! Heck... I'd break an arm if I have to! (don't jinx me)

Gotta wake up soon... good night/morning!!

The Crown!!

As many may already know, my best friend Ranny is competing for the crown... in about 10 hours! She will be running for the Miss Washington USA 2010 pageant! She is a hardworking, intelligent, and beautiful girl who can and will be a great role model for many. She is already an inspiration to those who are lucky to know her. And that is why I am here... to cheer her on and be there during the crowning moments... hopefully to a girl who I know deserves it most! :D So proud of all that she's done and her ambition. We've been through a lot together, but I know its only the beginning!

I should be asleep by now considering the fact that I should be there at the salon to do her makeup by 6am. I'm so excited! I love having beautiful models to work with... it makes my job a lot easier and more pleasant! :D

Back at home!!

I'm back at home!! WAIT... which home? Where is home? Good question!

As I said before, WA will always be my home... but CA is my new home. Its confusing... but I have two homes. Right now, I'm at the WA home.

Decided that my blog shall be updated more often and although it might not be anything too exciting, its nice to have a little outlet. I don't know and don't really care if anyone reads this, so don't be surprised if I'm a little bit too honest for my own good. Let me say this in advance.... oops!

My days have been busy and a little bit crazy. It feels like there are not enough hours in the day. Right now I am up and blogging but really, I should be getting the little sleep that I might be able to squeeze in all weekend.

I just got here a few hours ago. My Sister and Niece picked me up and of course, we had time to squeeze in a few bites. After that, no more junkie food for me! I've been eating really bad lately and I can feel my body feeling more and more gross with every bite. WHY do I do it to myself? I don't do it to myself... the freakin' cheesecakes and cream pies and ice cream cones do it to me. They are the devil... the yummy yummy devil!

I'll be here for a few days... the weekend to be particular. My Husband is in Vegas with the guys. Sometimes I wonder if they just wait/plan/pray for me to go out of town so that they can play with Sam. HAHA... its cool though... I hope they're having a good time. According to Sam's BBM, he misses me already. BS. He's probably loving the craps table more than me. I don't mind... just make the money, honey!

October 6, 2009


Washington will always be home to me (its hard to choose one city when really, I'm all over the place and have lived in many different "cities" there... every few miles is a different city, it seems).

I am honored and thankful for Elisa to even considering me to be her MakeUp Artist for her big day. Even more so when she flew me up there for that reason. Weddings are all so different and so fun! I have been on both sides of the situation now and I truly understand the stress and pressure that the Bride and wedding party go through. Its a lot of work and each married couple deserves a nice long vacation right afterward... I guess thats why there's such thing as a honeymoon, right? Anyway... I learn something new everyday and I've learned and taught myself quite a bit at this wedding. One thing is for sure... I need to be more confident with my work. I wish I would have had time to take pictures and focus on the makeup, but I didn't. I didn't sleep for two nights prior so I was pretty out of it. Hehe... more details later, perhaps!

I got to hang out with my Family... that was very important. Yes, I managed to yell at the kids... just like usual. Haha! Love my Parents... I've missed them a lot.

Okay... update more later... much more to say.