October 10, 2009

The Crown!!

As many may already know, my best friend Ranny is competing for the crown... in about 10 hours! She will be running for the Miss Washington USA 2010 pageant! She is a hardworking, intelligent, and beautiful girl who can and will be a great role model for many. She is already an inspiration to those who are lucky to know her. And that is why I am here... to cheer her on and be there during the crowning moments... hopefully to a girl who I know deserves it most! :D So proud of all that she's done and her ambition. We've been through a lot together, but I know its only the beginning!

I should be asleep by now considering the fact that I should be there at the salon to do her makeup by 6am. I'm so excited! I love having beautiful models to work with... it makes my job a lot easier and more pleasant! :D

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