October 19, 2009

Fallin' For You

I am posting this everywhere, I know. I just love this song! Its been my jam all weekend long... and I'm still not tired of it after hearing it on repeat nonstop for the past 72 hours. Yeah... I like it THAT much!

I realized that I love Colbie Caillat and her songs! This one in particular, makes me feel like I'm floating or am in a dream. Its so sweet... and the music video makes me like it even more. So cute! Hehe... I'm such a nerd... here listening to it and thinking about Sam and I. Yeah... we have our moments. But at the end of the day, we don't go to bed angry at each other and I'm fallin' in love with him all over again... everyday.

Okay... while I'm here... recap of the weekend, shall we?

Friday -- Guys came over for cards again. I was planning to get some work done, but that didn't really happen. I like the fact that they'd rather stay in and come over and play cards for a couple of bucks and enjoy each other and good company rather than be out at the bars and the clubs. Peace of mind for me because I am one to worry about the little things and everything. Thats something I've learned about myself lately... is that I need to calm down and not be so concerned. Take a chill pill, Thyda!

Saturday -- Sovina and Jordan's birthday extravaganza! I made some chicken satay sticks and lemon pepper shrimp skewers for them because I knew that there will be a lot of drinking done and people should really eat something before they get sick! So... we rolled up in a hummer limo to Boulevard 3 on Sunset in LA. When we got there, a friend got really sick and thank goodness Diane was coming to meet up with us. She's our savior! Sam and I ended up bringing our friend over to Diane's and had her stay there instead of taking a cab home to Long Beach because that would have been very expensive and not very safe. After we got her settled in, we went back to the club that I once fell in love with only to find that they ran out of tacos!!!! BUT... they still had strawberry (and other berries) chocolate fondue! Hehehe... yes... at a club! The birthday kids had fun and thats whats important! Sam and I hadn't gone out clubbing together for awhile, so it was nice to get our groove on for a minute! HAHA... then we left to go get our friend ready for our ride back but Hummer Driver was mad that there was puke in the hummer and he had to clean it up and that a champagne glass was broken. I don't blame him... but man! We almost got left stranded at Diane's in LA. She offered for us to stay the night, but I think it was best if we were to get home. Almost got a cab, but sweetie Diane wouldn't allow that and freakin' drove us all the way home! We didn't get home until 4am... so I assume her and Derek didn't get home until around 5am. Very kind of them!

See... I love how people just genuinely care. They would be selfless and do things without being asked, without complaining, and truly out of their own good heart. I've realized that there are people who are all about them and then there are the few who would actually put others first wholeheartedly. Not because they want the recognition, but because they... as I said... CARE. We need more people like that. Thanks Diane and Derek!

Sunday -- Nice chillaxin' day with my Husband. I made him breakfast... almost in bed! HAHA... we don't have a breakfast in bed tray (although I sort of want one now), so I just woke him up to come eat with me outside while watching football. It was a well deserved big breakfast... more like brunch! We had a long and hard night. I just wanted to stay in and chill out. We ran a few errands then came home and had dinner. Probably the most chill day we've had since I've moved down here, surprisingly. Thank goodness he has the day off tomorrow. I don't like his schedule so much, but I like it when he's home. :)

Okay... lots of cleaning up to do (I always say that, huh?)! Toodle loo!

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