October 30, 2009

The Hunchback of Long Beach!

No exaggeration... I look like Quasimodo right now!

The other night, I wore my glasses and somehow hit myself in the eye and its been hurting ever since. Yesterday, there was some discharge (whitish/yellow) from my eye (left side), but that stopped for the most part... I would just get some eye booger like discharge every so often. It feels like its bruised or cut internally. I put some eye drops in to try to help with the pain, and it just burned and stung even more! This morning, I woke up looking like Quasimodo. What am I to do now?

We put together Sam's costume for Halloween last night... I'm so excited to do his face/makeup! Its rare that I buy an actual costume because I am just too cheap to spend $50 on something that I'd wear once and don't really like to begin with... so we found the perfect costume for him just by putting different things together! Some things we already had and little odds and ends here and there. Its perfect... you'll see!

I didn't find a costume for myself. Well, I did find something very decent and was cute enough to buy, but I couldn't justify waiting in an hour and a half line just to see if its available and then having to purchase it without trying it on and not being able to return it if it doesn't fit. So I said screw it! I'm being generic and wearing what I already have and just adding some accessories to it. But right now, I want to somehow be a pirate so I can wear an eye patch. Seriously... its THAT bad!

I attempted to make some sushi yesterday and was inventive and didn't have a sushi roller mat. It was not pretty, but it was good (IMHO). I even created something that I believe will be the next best thing and wouldn't be surprised if others got smart and followed my idea and included it in their menus! HAHA! I'll post a separate blog about that later.

Anny and the gang are coming down from Modesto and I've convinced Yacky to come out to The Reef with us. Apparently, everybody and their mommas are gonna be there! I wanted to do something low key, but the promoter convinced me. Why/How I talk to promoters down here too... I do not know. I'm just a people person and will talk to everyone who knows how to give me a response. I'm tired of talking to myself.

Okay... clean up time and probably put together some dishes for the night. Some are coming over. I don't know how many, but I don't care... I'll eat everything I make if I have to.

Happy Halloweezy, everybody! OH... and I'm still upset no one responded to me and tell me what they're gonna be for Halloween. How rude! Hmph!


  1. Lol teeeds! I'm the greenlight at work. Haha
    hope your eye is better and happy loweezy to you too!

  2. Wady... thats so cute! Gimme the green liiiiiiiiiight!

    Dude... my swelling went down a little. So much for my Quasimodo costume! Haha... I miss you and don't have your number anymore since I broke my last phone (again) and couldn't recover all my numbers. So... text me with it, will yah!?! Mwuah!!