October 13, 2009


Though I pulled an all nighter that evening, I still managed to miss my flight. This time, it really was not my fault but there's no point wasting time elaborating. I made it and thats all that matters, right?

My plane landed at 11:40am and my fitting appointment was at 12:30pm. Surprisingly, I made it... I was determined to and despite the distance, I still made it. I guess when you really want something and its meant to be, it will work out in the end.

On my way to the airport though, I was responding to the casting director and I had noticed an email address that was copied onto the email. It turns out that it was Jimmy's email address! How small could this world really be? Jimmy and I met at UW and we have performed together at two of the KhSA UW New Years' shows. What gets me is that they auditioned people throughout Southern California and at a few different locations. How the heck did they manage to put two people who know each other and have performed together a thousand miles away together to act together again? This world really is that small, huh?

It was nice to see the familiar face and I must say that it was a relief to know the person that I will be partnered up and acting with. Whew... this should be a breeze because the people you work with changes the experience completely!

We had our fitting and it took awhile to get into/out of the outfits, but it was done and it was so surreal to me. I've never been in a shoot setting before and was in awe seeing the many trailers and RVs that were jam packed with different wardrobes for the different actors. They had an onset hair stylist and makeup artist (duh), and that is what I'm really looking forward to! Basically, the entire block was blocked off and it looked like at least 100 people was part of the crew and was on set. I can't believe its really happening still!

Tomorrow is my first day of the shoot and I look forward to it. I'm nervous... but so ready to just do it already and so ready to learn. I must rest up for it and give it all I've got.. even if its for a millisecond of fame! :D

The guys came over for Monday night football last night and stay around and hung out with Sam later so I went to bed pretty late and woke up early (way too early). Tonight, I shall go to bed really early (hope I can sleep... maybe NyQuil can help?) because I think that the call time can be as early as 6am! Coffee... its a must tomorrow!

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