October 10, 2009


A few weeks ago, someone I had met sent me a message suggesting that I try out/audition for a role in a.... I'd rather not give too many details because to be honest... I don't know all the details myself! Anyway, I didn't really think much of it because I didn't think that it would be possible anyhow. The money involved... I mean the pay for the job if you are casted was very attractive and my goodness... we all know that I need it very much! Even so, I wasn't so confident in myself and I've never done anything like it. So... I sort of just disregarded it. The topic was brought up again, and again, I was encouraged to give it a shot. I figured it couldn't hurt to try and I have nothing to lose... but I still didn't do anything about it because I was nowhere near a computer (only on my BB) and couldn't submit my pictures and information anyway. She then had asked me if its okay if she submitted a picture of me and my information to the casting agency. Sure... why not?

On Monday evening (when I was at the airport and on my way back to Cali), my information was submitted. By Wednesday morning, I got a call from the casting director asking me to come in to meet with them. I didn't know what to think and honestly wasn't going to because I figured I'd be left disappointed anyway. I had heard that there were auditions held in Long Beach for the same roles, but I didn't make it out to it because I was intimidated at the possible turnout. (Surprisingly, I'm not very competitive when it comes to this) I told her that I wasn't able to make the auditions that day, and she told me that she didn't want me to go to the audition, she wanted me to go to the straight to call back (skip the audition step). Apparently, I was one of the agent's pick that they'd like to meet already. Whoa... ego boost! So... I was scheduled to go to the casting studio on Thursday. Sam and I showed up and after seeing some familiar faces, I realized I was probably told something that everyone else was told (agent's pick... blah blah). I saw that many others had modeling/acting resumes and some even had headshots ready! I had a big purse with my vitamin water and lots of makeup I had used to apply in the car on the way there. HAHA! It was my first audition for anything! I was so nervous and was so close to turning around and going home because dude... competition! Thank goodness Sam told me to just give it a shot since I'm already here. So... I do! We were in a group setting with some other people. I thought I did okay... but would have done a few things differently if I could do it again (for better, of course).

The next morning (Friday morning), I got a call from the casting director letting me know that I have been put "on avail". Apparently, I am one of the top finalists for the part but I haven't been officially booked yet because the agency still had to go over a few things and wanted to see if I was available on the day of the shoot. I'm like... okay... they're probably telling everyone this too! A couple hours later, I got called and was told that I was the top pick and congratulations... I booked the job! WHOA... I thought they were going to say J/K... but they didn't! They wanted me to be in there tomorrow... well, today (Saturday) for a fitting. No can do because I was already on my way to the airport. Thank goodness we were able to work something out for Monday and the shoot is only a couple days later.

I'm so excited, yet so nervous. How I did it? I have no idea... but I just know that I was having fun! Will keep posting about this new adventure of mine and lets see how it all goes! I can't explain how excited I am though... Sam's happy for me too! He gave me a huge hug after the call. Thank goodness for such a loving and supportive Husband!

Wish me luck with everything... I'll try to break a leg! Heck... I'd break an arm if I have to! (don't jinx me)

Gotta wake up soon... good night/morning!!

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