October 13, 2009


As many of you may know (my FB friends), I flew back to Washington this past weekend to attend the Miss Washington USA 2010 pageant. My friend was one of the contestants and there was no way I would miss this moment in her life. Whats funny is that I usually would buy airline tickets last minute and not once have I bought it more than a week in advance. In this case though, I bought the ticket in early August and the event is mid-October. Now do you see how important this was to me?

Though she didn't win the title and crown, I know for a fact that she accomplished and deserved so much more than a crown and sash. Throughout this process, I've been inspired to be a better person and to follow my dreams. Not once had she ever doubted me and she never failed to give me words of encouragement trying to push me closer to what I want and what I believe in. That is exactly what friends are for and I am blessed to have such beautiful people in my life through it all.

I have a new outlook in life and have found many inspirations lately... wish me luck or not, its up to you. I don't really care for luck anymore nor will I sit here and question myself. I will just "do the damn thang" and by doing so, I will have my answers.

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