February 22, 2011

Sweet Reunions

This past weekend, my friend Thuy (who I have known since 6th grade) came to visit.  My old friend Jamie (who I have known since 1st grade) recently moved down to Los Angeles... a few blocks away from a makeup showroom that I am affiliated with. We had a little reunion and it was so amazing to finally catch up on 13 years.  We would usually see each other briefly at times (once every few years), but this was the one time that we actually got to sit down and really talk.  They were sweet enough to come to my wedding, but of course, there was no way that I could have held a two minute conversation with them then. 

It was interesting to see how much we have all grown up and to see what lives we are living today.  Though its been so long since we have had a slumber party like this, it was nice to have one though it was over a decade late.  Reunions are always so sweet and this is just that... sweet.

I think that from now on, we are going to do a better job at keeping in touch and being a part of each other's lives.  Now that Jamie is a lot closer, I think that I will be seeing more of her and Thuy has two more reasons to visit often.  :)

Oh... and I HAVE to mention this.  I still bring up the story from first grade where I insisted that Jamie choose "pink" to be her favorite color (our teacher split us in groups according to our favorite colors), but instead, she chose "purple"!  I was really really upset at her for not doing what I told her to do (choose pink) and I think I said that I didn't want to be her friend anymore or something.  I don't know why this story still sticks with Jamie and I, but it does and I will always remember it.  Now that I am older and I am really thinking of it, WHY was I such a bossy brat and WHO am I to tell her what her favorite color is?  I really really hope that I am not still this bossy.  If I am, slap me! 

February 14, 2011

Back Into The Swing of Things...

I love having a schedule and coming to work.  I know that this might change in a few months, but so far, so good. 

Do not be surprised if I develop an accent after working here.  LOL... I'm practicing!  Accents are soooooo cool!  You know like that one commercial for the Adam Sandler movie, "Just Go With It"?  I have to hear that same "HELLEW!" about every half hour.  Love it!

Our appraisal and home inspection went great this past weekend... couldn't be happier with the results.  Sam couldn't sleep for days worrying about it but I knew that there isn't much to worry about when it comes to a brand new home.  Now... on with the rest of this process.  It is and will be a long ride, but I just know that it will be worth it.

I'm really excited for furniture and appliance shopping.  Its going to be expensive but I'm trying not to stress it too much.

Alright... back to work I go. 

Happy Valentines' Day, everyone!  Its going to be packed everywhere, so my lovely Husband will be cooking me dinner tonight.  Excited because he is a great cook.  I am lucky.  :)

February 9, 2011


Its been a long time coming, but

I got the job!!

I've been waiting quite awhile to say that.  Such a great feeling.  Its been so long that I feel like I am learning how to walk again.  I may stumble every now and then, but I pick back up and keep on walking... better every step.  :)

I can't express how happy I am about the job and my close friends know that it can't be any more perfect than this.  (Of course more money would be great, but that makes everything better, so it doesn't count. LOL)

What's crazy is that immediately after I got hired, I started getting responses from other companies.


*shakes head* 

You know how they say that things happen for a reason?  Well, I am a true believer.

On Monday, we submitted our paperwork for OUR house.  *crosses fingers still*  Tuesday, I get a job.  I seriously felt like this had been MY week.  Its better than my birthday week, actually (and that was pretty hard to beat).  I did buy Mega Millions and SuperLotto lottery tickets, but I didn't win a dime.  Oh well, I'm already a winner!!

Last night, I kept waking up every hour paranoid that I would be late for work.  Eeeps... good thing I wasn't! 

Alright... night night time for me.  Sweet dreams... and please still keep your fingers crossed for us and OUR house.  More details about it later AFTER we close escrow (I hope).  And after the house... who knows what comes next?  ;)

February 7, 2011

Fingers Still Crossed!

This house hunting and purchasing process has been a pretty stressful one.  Shopping has never been so difficult.  I thought I would be good when it comes to any type of shopping, but this one is SO different.  The biggest purchase of our life and it will stay with us for a VERY long time.  Ahhhh!!  Its okay though.  I know that in the end, it will all work out and all of this stress and headache will be worth it. 

Please, keep your fingers crossed for us still.  Thanks!  :)