June 30, 2009

Miso Heppy!!

So glad I went out to Happy Hour with the girls tonight. I was extremely late and if I was them, I would have kicked my ass! LOL!

It was fun catching up, but I swear I could have stayed there a few more hours. I ate too much for my own good. I feel so bad! I ordered so much sh*t because I figured we'd just have separate bills like we usually do. Little did I know that they didn't let me pay for jack sh*t... not even a dime! Seriously... I think I ordered like 10 plates by myself! Ugh! Luckily I only had one glass of wine, or else I would have felt even more guilty. My last happy hour with the ladies before I become a married woman and I move on out of here. Damn. I know I haven't really seen them much, but it was comforting knowing that they're like... right there. What the f*ck am I gonna do now? :( They all promised they'd visit and they know that I will... so hopefully it will be alright.

Speaking of moving... I am crossing my fingers and toes tonight praying for this one. Please please pleeeeeeeeeease let this house be it so we can get on with it already. I went to IKEA today and the sale was awesome. If only I had a house to shop for already, dammit! BUT... sale ends on July 5th, so I still have 5 days to hope! Eeeek!

Need to get packin' for Cancun! I have my bikinis ready... mainly from my Bridal Shower. I love them! Ahhh... if only I knew how to swim! LOL

June 29, 2009

Leaving... AGAIN.

Oh man... what a fun filled weekend it had been! Lets see...

Wednesday - EARLY flight to LB. The Man sitting next to me was telling me how he was coming down to LB for a Square Dance Convention. How interesting! So yeah... didn't get to sleep on the plane as I had planned. My nephew picked me up and I hung out with my nieces and nephews for a bit at my Sister's house. Clogged the toilet and everything! TMI... sorry... but true story! Sam picked me up with a rose on my seat in the car. How cute and sweet he can be sometimes. Keyword: SOMETIMES. We were able to check out some houses that I had seen online. Many didn't appeal to me so much, but it was okay. I guess I can't really hope or want too much with a budget like ours and only one source of income at the moment. Oops! Sweetie Sam (he was so on a roll that day for a minute) brought me to Yogurtland but surprisingly, I wasn't feelin' it and ended up not getting anything. Instead, Cha for Tea's popcorn chicken was pretty good... but nothing compared to Guppy's!

Thursday - Dropped Sam off at work and pretty much chilled out the whole day with his Mom. Finally picked Sam up (I love his schedule, BTW) and helped myself to a French sandwich. Yumm! I can't wait to live off those things when I move down here! HAHA jk! Then, Sam went to go drop off his passport stuff and as I was waiting in the car, I heard that MJ had passed and I couldn't help but get cold chills. I was shocked and for some reason, I saw him as a twenty something year old talented Man. I never realized he was already 50! RIP MJ and Farrah Fawcett.

We tried to take a power nap, but I was too excited for Mai Tai. Sam was meeting up with his coworkers for a drink at Mai Tai, but I insisted we go earlier for the Hang Ten happy hour thingy where there are actually specials on food. Oh man... we ate A LOT! I remember when Sam gave this waitress there a twenty something dollar tip for an eighteen dollar bill. WTF. She wasn't even THAT cute! To his defense, he was drunk. WHATEVS!! LOL! Anyway... I thought we were meeting up with a few coworkers... little did I know that we were meeting up with 30 or 40 something people. I had lots of fun though. His coworkers are kind of crazy... which I like. Totally my kind of people! :D Supposedly, Sam got approval for our marriage after some of them met me. WTF. I almost asked them who the hell they thought they were where Sam needs THEIR approval. HAHA jk... totally kidding! They're cool.

Friday - We got to sleep in until like... noon! Sam didn't have to work (yay!)... but as soon as we woke up, we took care of business. Not like that, you perverts!! We went to go book our photographer for our LB wedding reception. I admit... I did not like the guy nor his work, but f*ck it. I will hold my tongue and bite my lip... and keep the bitch in me inside. Ugh. Oh well. I'll just try my best to get ALL the good shots with Lok In The Moment at the wedding in Seattle. I know I wouldn't be disappointed there. We also got Sam's and his brothers' pants hemmed... which should have been done a long time ago, but whatever. We then met up with the rest of the gang for some Korean BBQ. Yummmm! Originally supposed to go try Shabu Shabu since the Long's were ravin' about it, but it was too late and we were all too hungry to wait for the drive out there. The waiter at the Korean BBQ place probably hated us and when we were done, he said, "Finally". LOL! Cracked me up! We then called it a night because it was late and everyone was all too tired and we had to get up bright and early for the Mac <3 Hui wedding the next day.

Saturday - WEDDING Dayyyyy!! Mac and Sivhui looked GREAT and their wedding ceremony went really well! I loved how it somewhat looked like they were on a stage and the space was plenty. Oh... so Mac sent Sivhui a text message that morning and she told us about it. Of course, our nosey butts wanted to read it too, so she showed it to us. Paline, Lily, Lyna, and I couldn't make it past the fourth word in the message without starting to cry. WTF. We stopped at, "No matter what happens..." because we couldn't take it anymore. WHY are we so sappy and such babies? Haha! We finally made it through the entire message... but it was so hard not to cry. Sivhui cried again! LOL... it was cute and so sweet. Mac is officially the sweetest guy out of the group and Sam still has a lot of work to do. And I mean a lot! HAHA... jk... but not really kidding. Too bad we missed the breakfast slightly (Sam's fault... I swear), but we surely didn't miss out on the lunch! We sat at the table closest to the food (of course) and our hungry asses... we didn't even wait for all the food to come out yet before serving ourselves. The food was delish and I was somewhat in pain after eating because I ate THAT much. Oh man!

I managed to make it to the mall by myself while Sam took a nap after the ceremony looking for a dress and maybe some shoes. I ended up buying some shoes... but they weren't for the wedding (oops). Couldn't find a dress that I was too crazy about, so I ended up wearing a dress I already had. Got home about 2 minutes before the Lok's got there. Darn them for always being on time. We need to learn a thing or two from them. Mikal was smart and picked up some chicken sandwiches for us while we waited for the Long's to get there. Luckily we all ate some of it because the food wasn't served until much later. I would have been an angry camper at the reception if it wasn't for that sandwich! The wedding was beautiful! The couple was beautiful! Ahhh... it was perfect! We all went a little camera crazy... but it was fun. I can't wait to see all of the pictures! Mac made us cry again when he sang to Sivhui while they danced. Damn... where does he learn all the sweetness from? Overall, it was a great wedding and we all had so much fun! Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We predict that they will have a honeymoon baby because every family member of theirs who recently got married has a honeymoon baby! Hehe... I can't wait! Stayed up until nearly 3am just chatting with Thep and Samorn. Ahhh... I love them! :)

Sunday - CJ invited Sam to play a game with his team. I know that Sam missed playing so he just HAD to go. I didn't mind it so much... I actually enjoyed watching the game (surprisingly). They won (yahhhhh!). Then, we went out to lunch where I choked on a duck bone and Sam made me realize that I don't chew my food. LOL. I'm such a dumbass for that. From now on, I will try my best to chew my food! Then, we ran a few errands and picked up some things for the wedding. Most importantly, we picked up my wedding gown. I'm not so crazy about the overpriced (IMO) French lace, but oh well. Other than that, I love it... and Sam loves it! He didn't see me in it (he's more superstitious than I when it comes to this), but he still loved it... which made me really happy! :) Came home and Sam and I worked on our CA wedding invitations together. It was fun! He was so good at it too! I wish he would have been able to help me with the WA ones and be there to help me with favors and other little DIY projects that I need to finish. Oh well... when we live together, we'll work on little projects together often. Or so I hope!

My Sister invited us over to hers and her boyfriend's place in Costa Mesa for a little BBQ. Yummmmm! Good food and I think I ate too much because I knocked out the entire drive home and knocked out right away in my jeans and contacts and everything when we got home. LOL!

Monday - Killing time and waiting for Sam to get off work so I can go bye bye back home. Oh sh*t... I think my laundry is done! Toodle loo!

June 23, 2009


Too much on my hands at the moment. I don't even know if I'll even continue to blog anymore. Too much to do and this leisure internet thing is taking up too much of my time. Hours can go by and I wouldn't even notice it! Oy. Will look for a new hobby after the weddings.

On another note... I had the craziest time this past weekend. Holy smokes. Those who were there... please no sharing. LOL! Only the "Pre-Christian" stuff can be posted and shared... PLEEEEEEEEEASE!! Hahaha... thank you to my girls... I love you all!

I love my girls... hahaha!!

In the kitchen... of course!

My Bridesmaids... who made it all possible!!

Miso Heppy... drinking my Thydatini! LOL

June 17, 2009


OMG... so I've been sort of having Baby fever lately (I know... wait at least until after the wedding... I know, I know).

Thats all going away right now as I am watching "Baby Story" on TLC. WTF. I don't know if I ever want to go through all that and the pain... oh hell no! WTF. I'm so scared now... haha! I'm all nervous watching this and really trying hard not to turn off the TV or change the channel. I must watch this... I must! LOL. I think TLC is officially my new favorite channel. Its so for real! Well, I guess its The Learning Channel for a reason.

Oh man... I don't wanna go through all that... I really really don't. Goodbye, Baby Fever!

Give Aways...

Cleaning out the garage.... giving away a nice new headboard with compartments for storage. Will be in front of my house if you need it! LOL!

Had shrimp for dinner... itchy again but it was so good... so worth it!

Looks so gloomy today... I bet its gonna rain though the weather man said its not. LOL!

So our neighbor finally sold his house... finally. He reduced the price so much, its crazy. I'm surprised he even settled. They're moving to Las Vegas... must be nice! I wonder who our new neighbors are gonna be. Too bad I won't be here to taunt them. Lucky them.

I really need to hit the gym today... I really really do. Ugh! Maybe I'll finish my book there?

June 16, 2009

How Well Do You Know Thyda?

Oh my gosh... I gave in and jumped on the bandwagon by creating a quiz to test my friends. LOL... I admit that some of the questions were pretty tricky, but they were all true! I love reading my friends' answers.... it freakin' cracks me up because it sort of shows me what they think of me. HAHA!

So far, no one scored 100%... not even close! They all would have failed but as I said, it was sort of hard. I made Sam take the quiz although he doesn't have a FB. He got 68% and surprisingly, he's in the lead! Well some of the questions, he got right only because he HAS to know. Honestly, I think he would have failed miserably if he didn't know some of those answers by default. Its so fun!! I think one of these days, I'm going to go back and take all my friends' quizzes... just because its fun! :D

House shopping is not as fun when I'm not there, so I might just have to fly back ASAP after my Uncle's memorial and my Bridal Shower this weekend. I must say that California has some weird street names. Seems like most of them were named after some type of food... fruits and veggies to be exact! LOL

I received Teri and Narith's wedding invitation the other day... it was so cute! I bet they spent lots of $$ and so much time on them because they were freakin' adorable! Looking forward to their wedding too! OH... and Sivhui and Maccara's wedding.... WHAT to wear? Ahhh... I love weddings... just not my own! :P

June 15, 2009

Help Me!

I am VERY nervous about my Bridal Shower this weekend! Oh Man... if you know my friends then you'd know that I'm in BIG trouble! Help me!

June 11, 2009


Because I think its really funny...

(via text as the Lakers were down by a few points at the beginning...)
Thyda: Are you worried yet? LOL
Sam: (No response because he's mad I'm rubbing it in his face)
Thyda: I remember why I don't like Kobe. He's a cheater. Please don't like him!
Sam: (Again... no response probably because he's so into the game)
Thyda: (remembering our conversation a few minutes before the game) Since you're gonna buy me a house, I hope the Lakers win tonight, Babe!!
Sam: (No response... probably sensed Thyda's sarcasm)
Thyda: (As the Lakers were ahead by two points) Two points ain't shit!!!!
Sam: First you're a Magics fan, then a Lakers. Now back to Magic? I don't trust you anymore!
Thyda: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaha!!

LOL!! Okay... it wasn't THAT funny, but it just reminds me of all the things I do and say just to push his buttons or piss him off. Really... I don't know how he stands me! Oh yeah... because he L.O.V.E me!!

I'm so excited to start looking for a house! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!

UPDATE: He just texted me with "Who's fan are you now?" after the Lakers won. Whatever. I'm a fan of whomever is playing against the Lakers... just because. LOL! I'm crackin' up about my Facebook status updates and comments with some Lakers fans. HAHAHA! Cindy even gave me a "booyah!" Whatevs!

Half of me is weak...

... its true!

So yesterday and today, I've been helping my Dad lay down cement in the backyard. Each bag of the mix is 80 pounds and I've been lifting them! We got twenty bags yesterday and I'm going back to get another twenty. But as I was saying... I've been lifting them and today after finishing the last of what we had bought yesterday, I was sore and took a little time off to flex in the mirror (lol) and noticed that my right arm has a lot more muscle than my left! I also noticed that while lifting the bags. My left arm is weak sauce and as of right now, its useless to me (not really).

The next time I hit up the gym (lol), I am going to focus on my left side. Now... how do I run on only one leg? Help?

June 10, 2009

Pocket full of Sunshine!

Its going to be NICE for the rest of the week and into the weekend here at home. (Gosh... I love home!) Going to do some yardwork today and get our backyard ready for the big day. I'm so ready to sweat!

Its been awhile since I seen the girls. Happy Hour tonight and I need to get them their invitations... long overdue! I miss them. Its hitting me that I won't be a Washingtonian in only a month and few days... how am I gonna do this? Ahhh... I wish I had more time. :(

ALSO... need to go get the alcohol today. I posted something on the Sam and Thyda blog... inputs please! :)

June 9, 2009

I Miss Him Already...

I'm such a dork. I'm sitting here watching the Lakers/Magic game and I'm laughing to myself thinking about how funny/cute my Fiance... or soon to be Husband is. He makes me laugh... I miss him! :)

I don't think anyone knows the REAL him like I do. Ahhhh... love that punkass. Sometimes, I just want to squeeze the life out of him... thats how much I adore him!

I'm crazy.

Sexy Little Things Noir

Sexy Little Things Noir™ Eau de Parfum by Victoria's Secret

Got this for my friend as a Bridal Shower gift (originally wanted to get her something else but they ran out of it and I was on a time crunch so this had to suffice and figured she can exchange it for something else if she didn't like it). I also got myself a very small bottle because I wanted to try it and I liked the soft and pretty scent at the store. I think I really really like it and might have to get a full bottle for myself!

Hehe... I know this was totally random and out of nowhere, but I can't help it. I had to post about it since I feel a bit silly sitting here and sniffing myself all by myself. HAHA!

Okay... back down to business!

No Place Like Home...

Its so great to be back at HOME! No matter where I move, this will always be my home! :)

Miss Sandy picked me up at the airport yesterday and even venting to her about the wedding planning got me a bit emotional. I realized I should have just hired Sandy to be my planner... seriously. I guess the hardest part about the planning is the decision making of everything. I am very indecisive and can't make decisions for sh*t. I need someone to just tell me that I'm getting and thats it. Another toughy is the $$$. It would be a different story if I was planning for a slightly smaller wedding (say... 200-250 guests) but it gets really ugly when planning for 500 guests (and that doesn't even include the second reception). Because of the extensive guest list, we may have to go cheap on a few things... but we'll see.

Meeting with my florist this weekend and we'll see what we can work with. I'm not too particular about the flowers that I want because I'm just not big on flowers in general, but I do want it to look pretty.

Still gotta pick out my cake and also pick out my Khmer outfits.

I guess I'm in a time crunch and everything pretty much needs to get done within the next two weeks before I go back to Cali because the weekend after that, I'm leaving to Cancun. When I get back, its Teri's wedding and then its only 6 days before my own.

As you can see... this is where I start to panic.

(I guess this should have been posted in my Sam & Thyda blog, huh?)

June 7, 2009


So I'm supposed to be packing up to go back home but I decided to mess around online for a bit. Let me just do a quick post. BLAH.

-Sivhui's Bridal Shower yesterday was cool. I went with Paline and Lily and we didn't get to stay the entire time because Paline had a birthday party to go to. Lily had a graduation to go to. And I had a wedding to go too. What are the chances of all that happenin' in one day? I ate too much food for my own good and that didn't even include the cake because we had to roll out early! LOL! I had fun though!

-The wedding last night was fun. I think I met all of Sam's Parents' friends and I can't seem to keep up with who is who. It was PACKED and I guess they had to add about 10 tables, but I barely noticed. The Bride and Groom sang a Khmer duet together... it was so cute. I asked Sam if he wants to sing with me on our wedding and he pretty much told me hell no. LOL. Its okay... he's monotone anyways! o_O I'll just sing all by myself! "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone....!!!" The Bride and Groom seemed like they had a lot of fun and the Bride was so sweet! I don't even know her, but she gave me a hug! Awww... I felt so special! I also finally met Rocky's girlfriend... she's so cute! For some reason, I thought he was pulling my leg when he told me that she was there so I had to text Narin in GA to confirm. She told me she was there, but I called BS on her too. I felt so stupid. Oh well! Pictures coming soon... maybe!

-I think I'm hitting my wedding planning stress mode. I even cried the other day... WTF?

-Parents are probably mad at me for staying in CA for so long when I have so much sh*t to do at home. I think I'm going to get a good ass whoopin' when I get home! LOL. Almost 25 years old and anticipating an ass whoopin' from her parents. I am SO lame!

-I'll be back in CA in 2 and a half weeks. Decided I'm not going to bring any of my things back home since I'll be back anyways and don't feel like paying for my check ins.

-Job hunting... sucks!

-My wedding is in about 6 weeks. WTF. I think I'm gonna cry.

June 4, 2009


I'm trying to upload pictures from Sam's camera onto this computer (done), but I can't figure out how to open them up and resize them and them upload them onto here. Yeah... I'm sure no one wants to see 2.4 MB pictures of me anyway. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to actually figure it out and once I figure out how to do it, Sam's gonna expect me to do it to hundreds of them and will expect me to do it in the future. Yeah... thats a no no.

I know that I said I'd update more on my trip later, but I'm too darn lazy. Too much to say and too much to write. I think I'm slowly growing out of my blogging my every move phase (or am I?). Honestly, I think I'm just getting old and boring. LOL... not really!

Did I tell you that Mary missed me so much while I was gone that she flew down here and spent a few days with me? LOL! Really... she did! *blush* I'm gonna take it as she used her other reason to be here just as an excuse to see me. HAHAHA! We had a great time!

Today is Sam's Friday. We probably would have done something fun... but the freakin' Lakers are on today. Fuck! I said that I hope the Lakers lose... and I swear he looked like he was about to kill me. LOL! Lose Lakers, LOSE! Lose Lakers, LOSE!! Yeah... I hope this doesn't get back to him or any of his friends... they really would kill me!

Wow... I'm actually on a roll today with my blogging. Maybe I'll continue? Not sure. We'll see.

What do you (the readers) wanna hear/read about? (I already know I won't get any responses to that, but I figured I'd try it since most bloggers actually talk to their audience and ask them for feedback. HAHA!)

June 2, 2009

So Much To Do... Such Little Time!

As y'alls can probably see... I haven't had much time to update this damn thing.

BUT... you can always see my sometimes overly frequent updates on TWITTER if you really care THAT much: twitter.com/thyda

So convenient and it doesn't take a lot of work just to twitter... I can do it straight from my phone no matter where I am! YAY me!!!