June 11, 2009


Because I think its really funny...

(via text as the Lakers were down by a few points at the beginning...)
Thyda: Are you worried yet? LOL
Sam: (No response because he's mad I'm rubbing it in his face)
Thyda: I remember why I don't like Kobe. He's a cheater. Please don't like him!
Sam: (Again... no response probably because he's so into the game)
Thyda: (remembering our conversation a few minutes before the game) Since you're gonna buy me a house, I hope the Lakers win tonight, Babe!!
Sam: (No response... probably sensed Thyda's sarcasm)
Thyda: (As the Lakers were ahead by two points) Two points ain't shit!!!!
Sam: First you're a Magics fan, then a Lakers. Now back to Magic? I don't trust you anymore!
Thyda: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaha!!

LOL!! Okay... it wasn't THAT funny, but it just reminds me of all the things I do and say just to push his buttons or piss him off. Really... I don't know how he stands me! Oh yeah... because he L.O.V.E me!!

I'm so excited to start looking for a house! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!

UPDATE: He just texted me with "Who's fan are you now?" after the Lakers won. Whatever. I'm a fan of whomever is playing against the Lakers... just because. LOL! I'm crackin' up about my Facebook status updates and comments with some Lakers fans. HAHAHA! Cindy even gave me a "booyah!" Whatevs!

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