June 9, 2009

No Place Like Home...

Its so great to be back at HOME! No matter where I move, this will always be my home! :)

Miss Sandy picked me up at the airport yesterday and even venting to her about the wedding planning got me a bit emotional. I realized I should have just hired Sandy to be my planner... seriously. I guess the hardest part about the planning is the decision making of everything. I am very indecisive and can't make decisions for sh*t. I need someone to just tell me that I'm getting and thats it. Another toughy is the $$$. It would be a different story if I was planning for a slightly smaller wedding (say... 200-250 guests) but it gets really ugly when planning for 500 guests (and that doesn't even include the second reception). Because of the extensive guest list, we may have to go cheap on a few things... but we'll see.

Meeting with my florist this weekend and we'll see what we can work with. I'm not too particular about the flowers that I want because I'm just not big on flowers in general, but I do want it to look pretty.

Still gotta pick out my cake and also pick out my Khmer outfits.

I guess I'm in a time crunch and everything pretty much needs to get done within the next two weeks before I go back to Cali because the weekend after that, I'm leaving to Cancun. When I get back, its Teri's wedding and then its only 6 days before my own.

As you can see... this is where I start to panic.

(I guess this should have been posted in my Sam & Thyda blog, huh?)

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