June 16, 2009

How Well Do You Know Thyda?

Oh my gosh... I gave in and jumped on the bandwagon by creating a quiz to test my friends. LOL... I admit that some of the questions were pretty tricky, but they were all true! I love reading my friends' answers.... it freakin' cracks me up because it sort of shows me what they think of me. HAHA!

So far, no one scored 100%... not even close! They all would have failed but as I said, it was sort of hard. I made Sam take the quiz although he doesn't have a FB. He got 68% and surprisingly, he's in the lead! Well some of the questions, he got right only because he HAS to know. Honestly, I think he would have failed miserably if he didn't know some of those answers by default. Its so fun!! I think one of these days, I'm going to go back and take all my friends' quizzes... just because its fun! :D

House shopping is not as fun when I'm not there, so I might just have to fly back ASAP after my Uncle's memorial and my Bridal Shower this weekend. I must say that California has some weird street names. Seems like most of them were named after some type of food... fruits and veggies to be exact! LOL

I received Teri and Narith's wedding invitation the other day... it was so cute! I bet they spent lots of $$ and so much time on them because they were freakin' adorable! Looking forward to their wedding too! OH... and Sivhui and Maccara's wedding.... WHAT to wear? Ahhh... I love weddings... just not my own! :P

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