July 31, 2007

I miss them (again)

So blessed to have met and work with such wonderful people:

Love you guys... see y'alls in 12 months!

Oh Man...

Decisions, decisions... what to do? WHAT to DO?

July 30, 2007

* sigh *

Note to self: Thyda... don't let history repeat itself.

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you.


July 27, 2007

July 18, 2007

Cambodian Heritage Camp

My flight leaves at 5am... and off to Denver I go. Been waiting for this day for a whole year now, and finally the time has come.

I can't wait to see all the beautiful faces again... and to create many more memories to cherish.

My virtual world, please don't miss me. I'll check up on you to make sure you're still solid.

* hugs *

July 16, 2007

Nara & Seung's engagement

Seung & Nara... from now until FOREVER!

July 15th, 2007

She had a dream that this will all one day be hers...

She didn't realize that her dream would one day come true...

...but her dear friends knew what's up! :D

She woke up that next morning to get ready at 5am as usual (haha)...

not knowing that the man of her dreams and his posse...

were on their way...

to her doorsteps!

They patiently waited until her family let them in.

He then asked her parents for their daughter's hand in marriage, and they couldn't say NO to a wonderful man like him.

She was then led downstairs and followed by her maids to meet her special guest.

(she couldn't stop smiling)

She was surprised to find that her special guest was the man of her dreams...

whom asked her to marry him (once again)!

How can she possibly resist? OF COURSE she said YES!

Before her laid the gifts that she had fantasized about the night before!

They waited for the "Ah-Ja" to proceed with his blessings...

and continued with the tradition of offering their parents "sla & maloo"? (not sure)

Meanwhile, her bridesmaids couldn't stop flirting with...

The man with a camera across the room!

Suddenly, a mischievous little girl tried to intrude the lovely moment...

She failed and was trapped!

But NOTHING can stop the little girl...

It wasn't long before she began to plot her next mischief!

But CAUGHT once again!

... and in her Grandmother's lap she went!

The lovely lady was finally safe and at peace from the little girl!

HE sure wasn't safe from the big girls...

... but nothing can stop them!

Not even two big girls!

The two girls got smart... and found each other instead! They said,
"Make LOVE... Not WAR!"

The two love birds finally had each other all to themselves...

and they ALL lived happily ever after!

The Beginning...!!

Don't ACT like you guys didn't like my narration!
Pretty DOPE though, huh? No lie... :D

(just more pictures to share... WARNING: 99% of ME!)

The Groomsmen, The Groom, The Bride, The Bridesmaids

The crazily in love couple!

The GIRLfriends! (yeah... they're very similar but I couldn't decide on just ONE!)

(no special caption, just liked the way the curls looked in the hair... haha!)

The LADIES and their leader! Haha!

The OH SO BEAUTIFUL Bride to be!

The girls that the Bride loves! (yeah... self proclaimed and everything!)

My extended sisters... the Kong sisters!

The couple and the gift basket packers and wrappers! (great teamwork)

The Kongs and their son/brother in law to be!

The BOYs and Grace!

ALL guys' picture is not that cool... we're helping out!

I love my Sunny!

Told yah so! ;)

My Khmer extended sisters!

With our Chinese sister, Pearl!

The BEAUTIFUL couple!

and AGAIN! :D

Gotta LOVE 'em!

Practicing for Parenthood!

My big Korean Bro the ladies can't keep their hands off of! Hahaha!

But he LOVEs us though! Hehe!

^^ Couldn't decide between those either! ^^

Name that KCer? Haha!

My partner in crime! (Rolls her eyes at me but love her anyway! grrr!)

My OTHER partner in crime! Haha!

We have this LOVE/HATE relationship... its VERY special! (its a Thyda/Thida thing)

The Bride to be... candid and beautiful as ever!

Don't ask me WHY I looked so pisst!

I wish I knew too! >:|

Yah like the purple rose?

PLAYING in Nara's Garden... another Photoshoot session with Nack? KINDA!

Pear looks yummy, huh?

... and the apple?

No wonder they said my clothes were falling off me!

Can yah see the chip in my tooth? One of my two front teeth? Hahaha!

Great weekend... and I'm still hungry! :D

Congratulations SeuNara! I love you guys!