July 1, 2007


I hate myself for not showing my parents enough appreciation that they deserve. I wish my family was a little bit more affectionate and expressive with their feelings. We kind of weird each other out when someone gets all sappy and emotional with each other. I don't know... I just wish I had enough balls to be able to tell them how I truly feel... how much I am grateful for them and thank them for EVERYTHING that they've given me.

* sigh *

I wish I was a better person. I wish my parents wouldn't feel like they have to watch out for me or be there for me when I need them. But what can I say? They're parents and its in their nature to love and nourish us... and they're ALWAYS the first one ready to save your ass when you need it... even without you knowing it.

I promise myself that one of these days, I will have the courage and confidence to hug and kiss my parents and cry my heart out... tears of joy of course... and let them know how much they truly mean to me. One day shall be soon... wish me luck.

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