July 11, 2007

I'm just a bit "tickled"...

I understand that when participating on a public forum, people are bound to have different experiences, thoughts, and opinions from you. If we all think alike and are always going to come to an agreement for everyone, then why bother with the forum anyway? So everyone can respond with, "I agree" or "I know what you mean" everytime someone posts something? Thats silly.

What gets me most is when people expect you to agree with them or would like you to react to certain things the way they did or would. And to top it off, after insulting your opinions or questioning why you think the way you do, they turn the tables on you and remind you that not everybody is going to agree with them. HA! I could have sworn that fact was already pointed out in the conversation. I say what I do because I want to express myself and got others' opinions and defend myself when I need to... not to play echo.

My favorites are the people who are always so self righteous. Its either MY way or the highway. Good for you to have such confidence in yourself and your statements, but what authorities do you have to tell me (and others) that you are right and we are wrong? Silly people.

Oh... you gotta love those that are in denial that more than one person can disagree with them. They then accuse you and the people who share the same perspective as you whom also chose to express their thoughts of ganging up on them. Geez... is it that hard to accept the fact you are not as "right" as you think and people see it differently.

People give me TOO much credit when they think that people and even majority of the website is behind me in everything. I guess they probably think this because more people agree with me, but rest assured that I don't page people and ask them to agree with me nor do I feel it necessary for anyone to post just to "back me up". Give the people some credit for having their own thoughts and urge to post, will yah? I'm not that powerful to twist people's arms nor do I hold a knife to anyones' neck to make them do or say something. They see when people agree with me, but are they blind to see or do they just miss the times when people teased me and made fun of me and insulted me? I guess people have selective reading and you can't really blame them.

Hehe... and to think that I (or anyone else) follow them around just ot pick on them... hehehe.... got me giggling like crazy! I don't really have time nor do I feel it necessary to follow anyone around. If you're going to post something that caught my attention or I have a response to, just know that I will do just that... respond. Get over yourself because I have yet to find anyone special enough to follow around unless they are one of my loved ones. Hehehe... silly people!

A student is bound to ask a teacher and thats more common than the other way around. If you want to teach me something or enlighten me, please be ready for answers when I ask the questions. Or at least don't get mad at me for asking. I'm intrigued and I am learning... isn't that your true intent? To teach me something? I hate learning something but still have lingering unanswered questions. It sometimes makes it harder for me to sleep at night. I guess a curious mind isn't such a great thing afterall, is it?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask for an answer or opinion... and they get butthurt when you do give them your answer and/or opinion. If you can't handle that, then don't ask. Simple concept, is it not? I didn't realize it was ever necessary to state the obvious, but lately I've been proven wrong.

The world wide web... never ceases to amaze me.

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