June 29, 2010

The Worldcup IS a BIG deal!

Thyda into sports?  No way!  Since when?

I was never one that was really into watching sports.  I am a bit clumsy and I also suck at playing any kind of sport.  BUT... I did used to play soccer for awhile during my younger years.  Middle school years was when it all started.  I loved the sport because it was so intense and whenever I got kicked in the shin or tripped and fell flat on my face, it was a good feeling that sort of woke me up.  I would get back on my feet and felt this strong bolt of rage run through me and knew that it was finally game time for me... time to kick some ass.  Just kidding... sorta.  I used to always say that my life is sort of like a game to me.  Friendly competition and challenges make everything a little bit more fun and exciting, doesn't it?  (Though there is a place and time for everything... my last statement doesn't apply to EVERYTHING in life, but thats another post of its own)

For awhile, I was into the NBA games and the road to find the champions of 2010.  I would tweet about it... but I can't really say that I was THAT into the game.  I told people (those who ask anyway) that the reason why I was rooting for any team that was playing against the Lakers was to spite those around me.  My Husband and about 98% of our friends were all Team Lakers!  Of course they are Team Lakers because they are here from the Los Angeles area... I would be too if I was them.  But... what fun would it be if everyone was rooting for the same team?  I wanted to throw in a little bit more competition in there and stir things up for them and really get their blood pumping.  It worked because some of them really were angry and started ignoring all my trash talk.  I thought it was pretty funny, but I know that one day they are going to beat me up for spiting them.  Another reason why I was anti-Lakers is because I felt like the Lakers fans didn't really love the team, but they were all on Kobe Bryant's nuts, if anything.  I hated all the credit that they gave Kobe.  Seriously... why don't you just lick his butt crack already if you loved him that much?  (I'm sure some of them would if they could... sadly)  If I was the other players on the team, I would have just said, SCREW IT and threw in the towel or fall asleep in the middle of the court and wait for Kobe to win the championship by himself.  After I thought this silently to myself, its funny that one of the final games, the team really did give a half assed performance on the court and Kobe did have to work the entire game himself.  Don't get me wrong... I understand that Kobe is a great athlete and is the M.V.P. of the team, but give the other guys some credit.  You know... the ones who assist Kobe on the shots, the ones who have strong defense and block the opponent's shots.  Anyway... congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers... you guys really did deserve the title.  But you Lakers fans out there, I hope you realize that the Lakers is not a one man team (though it seems like it sometimes).  If you give the other players the credit that they deserve, just MAYBE they would bring their best games and you guys can hold your title for the third time in a row next year.  :)

Anyway.... the World Cup IS a big deal!  It only happens once every four years and its a little friendly competition for countries all over the world.  They practice for months... actually, years just for this tournament.  Soccer is a sport where you really have to play as a team.  Its amazing to see how people of different countries can get together and show such strong support for their representatives in the game.  I cried during the American National Anthem.  I know that it sounds a bit dramatic, but its pretty emotional for me because I imagine what its like to be in their shoes... working so hard to get that far and then seeing all the support they get from their home country.  Its a beautiful, beautiful thing to see.

I would wake up at 4am... sometimes 5am (missing part of the earliest match) just to watch the World Cup.  Call me crazy, but I don't even want to move when its on because I could miss something at any minute that I take my eyes off the TV screen. 

I am still very upset that USA lost to Ghana the other day because I had really high hopes for our team.  My heart broke when I saw the unjustified bad calls made by the refs against USA... but it was also heartwarming and touching to see that the boys kept fighting for the goals that they wholeheartedly earned.  Anyway, I am still proud of them for getting as far as they did.  Better luck in 2014, USA!

Now, though the team that I would want to go all the way (USA) is not in the game, I still try to follow up.  This morning, the last team from Asia was eliminated after an intense 90 minute game with a 30 minute overtime AND a kick off.  First one in the 2010 worldcup.  Heartbreaking to see the Japanese boys cry... so I shed a few tears myself.  It just goes to show how much heart and soul these players put into the game. 

I understand that there are more problems in the world and a million more things to cry over or worth shedding a tear for.  But sometimes, we have to relax and not take life so seriously and enjoy the leisure and entertainment that we are blessed to have today.  Sure, it would be great if the world can be saved and we can put an end to poverty, hunger, and various life threatening diseases... I commend anyone who tries to create peace on earth this way.  We also have to remember that we only live one life and we deserve to enjoy what we have now.  So relax and sit back and enjoy a game that has brought so many people together (though with all the drama during the matches, I wouldn't be surprised if its a cause of a war in the future... halfly joking).  Its great to be concerned of the negative things in life, but don't forget to embrace all of the positives either.

Okay I admit... I don't know what I am saying and am not going to reread this entry.  My eyes were mainly on the match on ESPN rather than the computer screen so please excuse the typos and ramblings on nonsense.

By the way... Portugal just lost to Spain.  Better luck in 2014, Portugal!  (Cristiano Ronaldo... ooh weee!)

June 28, 2010

Returning Soon!

If I got a nickel for every time I said that I was going to come back and post more, I'd have almost a dollar by now... or at least 50 cents!

Its been a pretty busy ride for me.  But if you were to ask me what I've gotten done, the answer is probably "nothing".  Nothing extravagant or praise thirsting, that is.  This is going to be one crazy and fun-filled summer and it already started before I was even ready!  Have you noticed that when you hope for time to stand still or at least slow down, it just seems to speed up even faster than it did before you asked it to turn down the pace?  I guess time and life is just as hard headed as I am.

These past few months, I've learned a lot about people closest to me, which includes myself.  I learn new things about myself everyday and I have to admit that I didn't know myself as well as I thought I did.  I still surprise myself at times (and yes, I do jump). 

Well, I promise to come back and elaborate on everything I have been meaning to for the past few months.  I just got an email today that excite me and made me realize that I should keep up with my blog more than I have been lately.  The number of readers I have still amazes me.  For awhile, I thought that no one read my blogs, but as the time goes by, I've noticed that I would get more responses on my posts (no matter how meaningless).  Also, the messages/emails/tweets that you readers send me are constant reminders that I am not really writing or talking to myself... I am talking to you!  Thanks for listening, by the way.  I honestly don't know why I stopped writing (publicly).  There's a part of me that somewhat wishes that my blog was anonymous and no one knew who the author behind this blog was so that I can be free to write and say whatever I want without stepping on toes.  But on the contrary, I love getting responses and comments from YOU (readers and responders) who let me know when I am out of line or when they concur.  Its those comments that remind me that I am human and my opinion is sometimes not the best, but I also have my moments when there are others who have already walked the path that I am about to start on or are currently on the same journey as I am.  And THAT is what makes it much more fun.

I have been blogging for years and years... it may not have been here on blogspot.com, but it had been everywhere you can imagine.  My friends used to make fun of me or think that I was silly for doing so... and often teased me fore spending too much of my time doing it.  Whats funny is that all of a sudden its the new "in" thing and there is so much hype about it when I was just getting over it.  I feel that blogs are a way for you to express yourself, not attempts to impress others.  Oh well... we all write with different purposes and I shouldn't let others' purposes turn me off and away from mine. 

Before I ramble about sweet nothings like I usually do, let me sign off and take a breather before I get back into my blogging streak.  Talk to you soon!

June 2, 2010

Weddings, Dresses, and Shopping... 3 of my LOVES!

Helping my best friend plan her wedding has been so much fun.  Details, details, details!  I love helping to plan weddings... any wedding but my own.  :P

If I could, I would marry Sam all over again... have a totally different kind of wedding.  I loved my wedding(s), but I would like to have something totally different.

I would like to actually walk down an aisle and say vows that I have written myself.  Trying to help Jenn with her vows, I've cried a few tears... happy tears, of course.  OH... and reading the "readings" that will be read, makes my heart smile and dance... even do a twirl in the middle of it all.  Ahhh... love is too sweet!

OH... and bouquets!  I admit, I didn'tput too much thought in flowers at my wedding.  They are expensive and they die by the next morning... but they make such a huge difference.  Will put more thought into my bouquet and centerpieces as well.

All in all, I just LOVE weddings and I can't wait until the couple of weddings that I will be attending.  In fact, two of our friends are getting married in 3 weeks.  Holy smokes... I just can't wait!

Now... on to the dress shopping!  Eeeek... Paline and I were eyeballing the same dress at Forever21 (first store I think of... its affordable).  I wouldn't post it here, but its so cute!  She can totally pull it off.  For now, I will continue searching.  Help me?

-Cannot be white (duh!)
-I might want to wear a long dress... I haven't worn one in awhile and they usually make me look taller! :)
-Try to stay away from black... I love black dresses too much
-In laws will be there... amongst hundreds of other elders so it can't be too revealing
-Comfortable enough to sit and eat in for hours and dance the night way in.

Here are some that I like so far... but some aren't fitting for what I am looking for, but they are cuuuute!


1. I am NOT petite... but this is SO cute!  I know its black, but its adorable.

2. LOVE this shade of yellow, but thats one big shoulder there.

3. For some reason, I like this print on the dress.

4. WAY too close to white, I know.

5. This comes in more colors... check it.

6. Too much going on here... its "happenin'".  I think it looks fun though.

7. Yowza!  Way too sexy for the occasion... sitting next to my in-laws.  I would wear it to a different event though... definitely.  Thats IF I can pull it off.

8. What's up with all the cute dresses coming in shades too close to white?

9. Cute!  Looks fun... ruffles are fun!

10. Sweet... but it looks a bit too short (like some of the other ones)

11. Reminds me of the long version of a dress I have.  More colors.

12. Not my intention to find one shoulder dresses, but the ones I think are cute seem to be one shoulders.  Hmmm...!

13. Probably won't be fitting for the occasion, but I love this.  So funky!

14. I do need some print and patterns in my life... pretty soft colors here.

15. A little bit too casual for Cambodian wedding reception, no?  Would definitely wear it elsewhere.

16. Simple... but too close to white.

17. You gotta see a picture of the dress on the model... cute!

18. I am feelin' the big flower print... in black and white.  Why?  Don't know.

19. Sexy... but only if I can pull it off.

20. This dress is convertible.  I am thinking that it is a must have!!  AND... comes in different colors!

I think I am starting to enjoy online shopping more than going to malls.  Its all in one place and within my fingertips.  If I find something I like or am interested in, I can go find it at the mall... IF there is a store nearby.  How convenient!  :D