June 2, 2010

Weddings, Dresses, and Shopping... 3 of my LOVES!

Helping my best friend plan her wedding has been so much fun.  Details, details, details!  I love helping to plan weddings... any wedding but my own.  :P

If I could, I would marry Sam all over again... have a totally different kind of wedding.  I loved my wedding(s), but I would like to have something totally different.

I would like to actually walk down an aisle and say vows that I have written myself.  Trying to help Jenn with her vows, I've cried a few tears... happy tears, of course.  OH... and reading the "readings" that will be read, makes my heart smile and dance... even do a twirl in the middle of it all.  Ahhh... love is too sweet!

OH... and bouquets!  I admit, I didn'tput too much thought in flowers at my wedding.  They are expensive and they die by the next morning... but they make such a huge difference.  Will put more thought into my bouquet and centerpieces as well.

All in all, I just LOVE weddings and I can't wait until the couple of weddings that I will be attending.  In fact, two of our friends are getting married in 3 weeks.  Holy smokes... I just can't wait!

Now... on to the dress shopping!  Eeeek... Paline and I were eyeballing the same dress at Forever21 (first store I think of... its affordable).  I wouldn't post it here, but its so cute!  She can totally pull it off.  For now, I will continue searching.  Help me?

-Cannot be white (duh!)
-I might want to wear a long dress... I haven't worn one in awhile and they usually make me look taller! :)
-Try to stay away from black... I love black dresses too much
-In laws will be there... amongst hundreds of other elders so it can't be too revealing
-Comfortable enough to sit and eat in for hours and dance the night way in.

Here are some that I like so far... but some aren't fitting for what I am looking for, but they are cuuuute!


1. I am NOT petite... but this is SO cute!  I know its black, but its adorable.

2. LOVE this shade of yellow, but thats one big shoulder there.

3. For some reason, I like this print on the dress.

4. WAY too close to white, I know.

5. This comes in more colors... check it.

6. Too much going on here... its "happenin'".  I think it looks fun though.

7. Yowza!  Way too sexy for the occasion... sitting next to my in-laws.  I would wear it to a different event though... definitely.  Thats IF I can pull it off.

8. What's up with all the cute dresses coming in shades too close to white?

9. Cute!  Looks fun... ruffles are fun!

10. Sweet... but it looks a bit too short (like some of the other ones)

11. Reminds me of the long version of a dress I have.  More colors.

12. Not my intention to find one shoulder dresses, but the ones I think are cute seem to be one shoulders.  Hmmm...!

13. Probably won't be fitting for the occasion, but I love this.  So funky!

14. I do need some print and patterns in my life... pretty soft colors here.

15. A little bit too casual for Cambodian wedding reception, no?  Would definitely wear it elsewhere.

16. Simple... but too close to white.

17. You gotta see a picture of the dress on the model... cute!

18. I am feelin' the big flower print... in black and white.  Why?  Don't know.

19. Sexy... but only if I can pull it off.

20. This dress is convertible.  I am thinking that it is a must have!!  AND... comes in different colors!

I think I am starting to enjoy online shopping more than going to malls.  Its all in one place and within my fingertips.  If I find something I like or am interested in, I can go find it at the mall... IF there is a store nearby.  How convenient!  :D


  1. I love the VS dress. I've been eyeing it for some time now, thinking of ways I can get it and use it, but I have absolutely ZERO places to wear it! Plus I have a bit of a tummy since my lupus went into stupid attack mode and I stopped running. Which sucks. Skinny girl with pooch? Looks like the snack that ate a basketball. Well not that bad. More like a halfway deflated basketball. Ugh.


    You will look gorgeous in any of these. Check out www.dollypearl.com she has amazing dresses!

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