October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch...

Life of the Party...

Santa Baby

(new blog dedicated to my BABY)

6 months...

(new blog dedicated to my BABY)

October 10, 2012

Here we go...

I'm definitely going to go back and post the old posts that I have drafted before... when I have the time to, of course.

BUT... here is the beginning of my new blog dedicated to the most precious person to me in the world:

September 8, 2012

My Baby is a Tough Cookie!

This past week, my son was sick.  He threw up on Sunday afternoon and that later turned into a short fever, a cold, and a cough.  I must say that it was one of the toughest weeks for me to see him like that.  I can only imagine what is going through his young mind.  He had NO idea what was going on and to suddenly feel that icky?  My poor baby.  :(

He is getting a lot better though... still coughing here and there and has a slight runny nose, but that is nothing in comparison to what he was going through earlier this week.

I know that he will be sick many more times before he is old enough to understand what is really going on (even I don't really understand what is going on when I am sick) and I am just going to have to toughen it up and deal with it as it comes.  I wish that I didn't have to and that my baby would never get sick, but we all know that that's inevitable.  *sigh*

I know that I love my little man with all of my heart, but I learned that I love him so much more than I thought I could ever love.  Seeing that he was congested and wasn't able to blow his runny nose, I tried all that I can to help alleviate it.  Those bulb aspirators suck and I couldn't find the awesome snot sucker at any store.  I couldn't wait for it to be shipped to me, I had to help my baby right then and there.  Without any hesitation, I brought his little nose to my mouth and literally sucked the snot out of his nose with my mouth.  (I spit the snot out, by the way)  I never thought that I would ever do this for anyone, but for my baby, I would.  AND I would do it over and over again until he feels better.  He hates me for doing so, but that's okay... as long as he felt better.  Now THAT is true love, my friends.  When I said that I'd do anything for my baby, I really meant it.

On another note, check out the video of my baby trying to sit at 4 months:

I know that he didn't actually sit up all by himself since I propped him there in that position and he isn't exactly sitting up straight, but I am still damn proud of my baby for sitting there by himself for quite a long time before falling over. He's been trying to push himself up for the past 1.5 months but we always felt that he was too young to try to make him sit, even if he really wanted to. Lately, I've given in to his sweet face and his ongoing efforts of trying to sit so I've been helping him sit up. This morning, he actually stayed sitting without falling over for awhile. He was slouching so his posture needs some work, but still... I AM SO PROUD OF MY BABY!!!

The video is pretty long but I posted it before I had time to edit it (I was too excited)  Just fast forward to 3 minutes. It starts getting more exciting shortly after that. LOL

June 5, 2012

Happy Baby, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

I still cannot believe that I am a Mommy.  It is THE best feeling in the world!  I count my blessings everyday and when I do, I count Brayden numerous times because he is worth a million blessings.  The excruciating labor and the continued sleepless nights are definitely worth it whenever I see my Baby smile.  :)

I get to wake up to the sweetest smile every morning... I am so lucky that he has chosen me to be his Mommy.

Brayden at around 6 weeks old

Waking up to play at 2am... he reminds me so much of myself.  (Yikes!)

 I love my son!

May 31, 2012

Sleeping Beauties!

Brayden is asleep with his Daddy... that means I get some time to myself... which means... BLOGGING!  Don't get me wrong... my Baby is a really good baby and doesn't give us too hard of a time, but when he's awake, I would much rather play with him than anything else.  :)

Yesterday, I took pictures of him as he was falling asleep.  This is the process of him falling asleep:

1. He looks at you
2. He looks around a little
3. He smiles a little
4. He gets drowsy
5. Totally knocked out!!

AND... here he is when he is actually deeply asleep:
OH... it was a good dream, alright!

I am so blessed with the sweetest Baby... and so thankful that he is such a happy little one! :)

Love him so so so much!

Okay... going to go back and spy on my two boys sleeping.  Toodles!

May 25, 2012

Brayden's 1 Month Photos

I still cannot my little Baby Boy is already 6 weeks and something days old.  Time is flying right by and he is growing up a little too fast for me to grasp.

I promise to be better at blogging, but he's been keeping me busier than I've ever been in my life... and I love it!

Here are some pictures that his Dad took on the day that he turned one month old... I mean, young!

Look at that smile!

Always posin'!


He woke up and gave Mommy and Daddy the glare! LOL

May 15, 2012

My First Baby's Birth Story...

I obviously have been pretty busy lately that I haven't had a chance to post anything.  Some of my friends that I haven't seen yet keep asking me about my labor and delivery.  My response is that its better told in person... which it is.  BUT... I did email one of my friends the story (I wasn't going to see her anytime soon).  Let me go ahead and cut and paste that portion of the email here for anyone who is curious... LOL!

Let's see... it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but it was worth every second.  I actually started feeling contractions on Saturday evening around 6pm.  I tried to wait it out... but ended up going to the hospital at 2am that night.  (We made a pit stop at Jack in the Box, of course! HAHA)  They monitored me and my contractions were already 2 minutes apart... BUT... I was still at 1 centimeter.  SO... they sent me home at 5am.  I was pisst because the contractions were so close together and they were getting stronger, but they sent me home anyway.  I tried to get some sleep (but couldn't) when I got home that morning.  I just laid there in bed waiting.  At 11am, my water broke... ALL... OVER... my... bed!  My first thought was, "oh hell no!  This is going to ruin my mattress and my new mattress topper thing!"  LOL!  So before I even rushed to the bathroom, I tore off all the sheets and tried to save my bed!  Whew!  Then, I ran to the bathroom with Sam following and cleaning up after me.  It was gross!! I showered and then we headed back to the hospital right away (but made another pit stop at Jack in the Box again. LOL).  Contractions kept on coming... stronger and stronger.  It was to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore so I asked them for the epidural.  I was only at 1 cm still, so they didn't give it to me and made me wait some more.  I was so mad!  I was laboring some more and trying to do stuff to make myself dilate.  By 6pm, I was still at 1cm!  WTF!  They upped the pitocin (sp?) so that I would contract.  I contracted alright... so badly and it hurt like hell! At 9pm, I was STILL at 1cm!  WTF!  I should have taken your advice and did the you know what because that might have helped me dilate faster.  HAHA!  I couldn't stand it though... I was in so much pain and insisted that they gave me the epidural.  I was seriously crying because it hurt so bad!  So... they gave me the magic juice... best thing ever invented!  I LOVE IT!  It kicked in pretty fast and I was feeling good so I tried to get some rest but couldn't because nurses kept on coming in to check up on my because my blood pressure and heart rate were being kind of weird.  Anyway... by 2am, I was finally at 3 centimeters.  I was like... THAT's IT?  Oh well... at least it's progress.  I was starting to feel numb on my left side.  Apparently, the epidural was going to one side more than the other.  :(  By 5am, they said that it wasn't safe to give me much more or else it would take days for me to feel my left side again.  So... no more epidural and I was starting to feel all of my contractions again!  :(  By 7:30am, they finally checked me (they didn't check me sooner because I was progressing so slowly) and when they did, I was 10 centimeters plus 2... so it was definitely time to push!  They got me all ready to go and they said that they could see the baby's head.  No wonder I was in so much pain and was nearly screaming... and crying!  I was shaking with every contraction.  They were waiting for my doctor who was in surgery, but they had me practice pushing.  So... I did.  They asked me if I wanted a mirror and I was like... HELL NO!  Then they told me that many people use it as motivation to push harder.  Okay fine... bring on the mirror!  HUGE mirror at the bottom of the bed... I saw everything!  With my practice pushes, I saw his head.... his hair!  I knew it was close, so I kept pushing harder... crying because I felt ALL the pain because I couldn't get any more epidural.  (Can we say that I did it naturally then since there really wasn't any more epidural)  I pushed so hard that they made me stop practicing my pushes until the doctor got there.  I was pisst!  Finally, the doctor came and I started pushing again.... and then he came out and met me for the very first time at 10:44am on Monday!  I started crying my eyes out!  They put him on me while he was all dirty, but I didn't care... I was kissing him over and over!  He cried for about 3 seconds but once he was on my chest, he stopped crying and was looking up at me!  :)  I looked over and saw Sam wiping his tears!  It was the best moment of my life!  I tore pretty badly... and I walk funny now.  HAHA!  Anyway... that's my story!  LOL

 YUP!  So there goes my story.  Obviously, I was emailing a friend so it was pretty informal and I talked to her the way that I usually would.

8 lbs, 9 oz - 22 inches long
BIG FEET like his Momma!
My HAIRY baby!

My sweetheart... love him so much!

May 5, 2012

So In Love...

Posting from my phone as my son is laying on my chest after a good meal. I am so in love with him!! :)

April 4, 2012

Yup... still pregnant!

I love being pregnant and I especially love knowing that I have a little one inside of me that will soon be in my arms. 


I must admit... being THIS pregnant is REALLY uncomfortable.

I know that he is probably really comfy and likes being in my belly where it is warm and cozy... I just wish that I can say the same.  o_O

Sleeping has been... wait... what sleep?  I can't sleep!  Everyone is telling me to get as much rest as I can now because once he is here, it would be hard to get some real sleep.  I'm trying, but I just can't.  I cannot find a good position to fall asleep in that does not involve back aches or discomfort to my stomach.  What is worse is that I am one of the unfortunate who got hit with really bad acid reflux.  Imagine getting heart burn nearly all the time, but it hits you ten times as hard at night.  I can't lay down flat or else the acid comes up to my throat.  I have to sleep with tons of pillows... almost like I'm sitting straight up in bed, which in turn, cause back aches for me.  There were times when I would wake up choking on what tastes like puke in my throat.  Yummy, right?

Don't get me wrong... I couldn't be happier carrying my little bundle of joy.  I just sort of wish he's ready to come out and play with me and be in my arms already.  I also feel bad for the little man being all cramped up in there.  :( 

Well, at least I'm eating really well... for his sake, of course!  ;)

March 21, 2012

Back At It... Sorta!

Well, well, well... what do we have here?  My old little blog, of course!

Its been quite awhile since I've last checked in.  Life has been SO busy lately that I've been pretty bad at blogging.  Oops!  I really need to get back on it so that I can document life's little events and all the wonderful things that I've been blessed with.  Its nice to go back and reminisce every now and then.  If I don't blog now, what am I going to refer back to in the future?  o_O

I'm currently on maternity leave and just waiting for my bundle of joy to arrive.  We finally got our little office area set up in our house so hopefully this will help me get back in the groove of things.

It's actually past my bedtime, but I shall have more to say and time to say it in days to come. 

Here is a picture of Hubby and I during our maternity photo shoot with my great friend, Nara.

As promised, more updates to come later!  :)