April 4, 2012

Yup... still pregnant!

I love being pregnant and I especially love knowing that I have a little one inside of me that will soon be in my arms. 


I must admit... being THIS pregnant is REALLY uncomfortable.

I know that he is probably really comfy and likes being in my belly where it is warm and cozy... I just wish that I can say the same.  o_O

Sleeping has been... wait... what sleep?  I can't sleep!  Everyone is telling me to get as much rest as I can now because once he is here, it would be hard to get some real sleep.  I'm trying, but I just can't.  I cannot find a good position to fall asleep in that does not involve back aches or discomfort to my stomach.  What is worse is that I am one of the unfortunate who got hit with really bad acid reflux.  Imagine getting heart burn nearly all the time, but it hits you ten times as hard at night.  I can't lay down flat or else the acid comes up to my throat.  I have to sleep with tons of pillows... almost like I'm sitting straight up in bed, which in turn, cause back aches for me.  There were times when I would wake up choking on what tastes like puke in my throat.  Yummy, right?

Don't get me wrong... I couldn't be happier carrying my little bundle of joy.  I just sort of wish he's ready to come out and play with me and be in my arms already.  I also feel bad for the little man being all cramped up in there.  :( 

Well, at least I'm eating really well... for his sake, of course!  ;)

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