January 31, 2009

Its HOT in here!!

So as I said... people in California think that 80 degrees weather is cold. WTF?

Going to Van Nuys today to bring some stuff to some relatives, then hopefully we'll make it back in time to hang out with the gang.

OMG... last night, they were SO retarded! It was some of the guys' birthdays so they all came over to Sam's place and they got a little bit too drunk. Four out of nine of them pretty much threw up in the bathroom... I was surprised that they made it to the bathroom in time! Hilarious guys!

Earlier when they were here, Sivhui, Lily, and I (the Brides to Be's) went to go see "Bride Wars". We heard that it wasn't that good, but surprisingly, we really liked it! Maybe we can relate in some ways... I don't know. I love both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, so maybe thats the reason why I really liked it? HAHA!

Went to the grocery store with Sam's Mommy this morning and the lady checking out spoke English to me. Then, I responded to Sam's Mom in Khmer and she said she was afraid to speak Khmer to me because she thought I was "Americang"! HAHA... well at least she didn't say Mexican this time!

Okay, time for Pho... and then we're heading out! Not sure what we're doing tonight, but I was hoping for some D&B... but I guess the guys don't wanna. Maybe some Karaoke since the guys were being gay and sat there singing along to some old school music all night last night. Hehe... they're funny. Paline suggested Massage, but we'll see! Okay... PHO time pho riels!!

January 30, 2009


Been frying and eating some eggrolls with Sam's Mommy all morning. Its yummay!! Need to bring it over to Sam's work for their potluck in a little bit. He is one picky ass guy!! He just called to make sure that there's no shown oil and no broken ones! Grrr! If I had it my way, I'd let it sit in oil and bring it in like that for him... broken! His Mom is too nice! He should know that BEGGARS can't be CHOOSERS! What a punk!

So... I guess we're just having dinner with the guys tomorrow for the birthdays and then playing it by ear. I just wanna see everybody already!

Not sure what we're doing tonight but I really hope it has nothing to do with poker. Ugh!

Excited for our engagement photos... finally! I have NOTHING to wear!! Ahhhh!!

Okay... back to more eggroll frying for my picky ass Fiance! Ugh!! LOL

January 29, 2009


I'm in Californiaaaaa!!! FINALLY!

Helped Sam's Mommy roll up about 300 egg rolls earlier! HAHA... it was YUMMY too! I plan to eat a whole lot more tomorrow morning! Too bad Sam already took me out to dinner when I first got here so I could only eat one egg roll (surprisingly)! No worries though... will make up for lost rolls tomorrow!

Nothing really planned tomorrow since Sam has to work. Thank goodness he gets off at 3:30pm though. PLENTY of time to play! YAY!

Saturday - Mikal Mac Morn's birthday -- not sure what we're doing yet. So far, I got responses saying that people are "IN"... but they have NO idea what they're IN for! I'm sure they don't want me to decide because I really do love Dragon House! :D

Gotta see my Nephew before he leaves to South Carolina for training. What's up with all my loved ones leaving me? Boooooo!!

Oh... and I told myself that I'd pack light this time, right? Tell me WHY I ended up with one check in that was exactly 50.0 pounds! AND... my carry on was so stuffed that it wouldn't fit below my seat nor in one of the overhead compartments, so they had to let me use the closet reserved for First Class! HAHA... oops! I suck at packing light. Well, I'm a big girl, so my clothes are bigger and takes up more room. Makes sense, right? ;)

Sam's already snoring next to me. I go night night now. (I LOVE being with him! *sigh*)

January 28, 2009


I just want to scream! For no particular reason at all... and NO... I'm not mad nor am I frustrated by anyone or anything. I just want to go somewhere and scream my lungs out! Ahhhhhh! (Since I can't do it in real life, might as well do it virtually! hehe!)

I didn't even go on one hike this summer. Thats so sad. I remember my first time ever going hiking with the girls... I almost DIED! Then, I loved it and always wanted to go back and hike more mountains... but I was NOT about to go alone. No way, Jose!!

My First Hike - Mt. Little Si

Lake 22? (Yeah... I'm the biggest one in this thirsty ad)

Mt. Pilchuck? Is that how you spell it?

LOL... still can't believe I did this pose. I almost peed my pants doing it!
But damn... I'd do it again!
Knees bent and better posture, this time! For sure!

When I move, I'm going to miss Washington's hikes. Seriously. California's got NOTHING on Washington when it comes to this stuff! And Mt. Rainier is not even a real hike to me. BLAH! I liked Snow Lake too... thats where all the attacking birdies were! HAHA! Surprise Lake's surprise is the mosquitoes. Eww! Would love to check out some of the other hikes I've heard about though! (These pictures are all from a couple years ago, I haven't hiked in a few years. Boo!)

OH man... wish I was on top of one of those mountains and just scream!!

January 27, 2009


It snowed last night/this morning! I didn't even know it, but no wonder it was so freakin' cold. Well, it better clear up by Thursday and the airport runways better be okay. Hmph!

The girls are having a slumber party at Melaine's this weekend. I'm sad that I'm missing out because its something that we've been talking about for awhile now. :(

Mary finally joined Facebook... finally! I just KNOW that she's gonna get so addicted. Very much looking forward to that.

Oh... Sam told me about a wife being murdered over her Facebook status. I didn't believe him at first because I thought he was just trying to scare me. But then I googled it and its true! Crazy people!

We're going to do something for Superbowl Sunday. I am not sure what, but I'm really excited and can't wait! (For the food, that is!)

January 26, 2009

Oh KIDS...

So I just had a very interesting dinner with my nephew. He told me some very interesting things and I also told him a few little white lies. Oops!

Justin: How do babies come out of their mommies?
Aunt Thyda: Through their belly buttons.

Justin: What's a husband?
Aunt Thyda: When a boy and a girl get married, the boy is the husband and the girl is the wife.
Justin: If someone tries to kill my wife, I'm gonna beat them up!
Aunt Thyda: o_O

Justin: A girl tried to marry Kennth.
Aunt Thyda: WHO?
Justin: Her name is Luc. And Kenneth married her back.
Aunt Thyda: How do you know?
Justin: Because they sit by each other on the bus like a thousand times!

Oh... and he also tried to sing my ringtone. And if you've heard my ring tone... yeah. LOL! Ahhhh... I love that little man!


I'm so excited to finally see my Baby in three days! Can you believe it? THREE days!! YAY!!! Last night, he was doing my laundry! LOL well he was just washing the sh*t load of clothes that I left there at his place. So cute because I've never had anyone do my laundry for me, so this was special and kind of a big deal! Hehehe... I told him not to, but he did it anyway. My sweetheart!

His Mom told me not to pack so much stuff this time because she wants to send back some things with me. LOL! I think she might get frustrated with me because I always end up shopping and having no room left in my luggages for anything important.

Been talking about the other reception in California. Looks like its gonna happen! Man... its just going to be a busy ass summer and I don't know if there are any weekends still available! Yikes!

January 25, 2009


One of my ALL time favorite songs. I think that Michelle Branch's CD, "Hotel Paper" was the only CD I had ever anticipated and actually bought the first day it came out (besides some of Britney's of course). I loooooved this song and it was one of my favorite driving songs ever. There were times when I was so frustrated with things and would just drive and scream and cry to this song... and it really did make me feel a lot better.

I couldn't find the actual music video, but I found something even better. Here's her singing acoustic LIVE... and she does it so flawlessly. Such talent!

I don't know what happened to her, but I still love her and really miss her music. *sigh* AND... she's really pretty! Bonus points!!

If I just breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe....!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Last night was fun. Unie's holiday party was fun with some really yummy food and some BLAH drinks... which was great for me! Well, I had a cosmo at first, which tasted a lot like Hawaiian Punch! Seriously... maybe the bartender forgot the alcohol? Then, I had a martini and I forgot how strong/gross martinis are that I didn't even drink it! Yuck! I was just inspired by Gossip Girl's drink of choice chosen by all the characters and decided to give it a shot. Yeah... bad idea. What a waste! We left right after the speeches because I wasn't feeling so great and wanted to go hang out with my friends at FUEL for Brother Seung's birthday and Unie also wanted to leave... so we did! YAY! LOL

I hadn't been to FUEL in so long. Luckily I found parking right in front of it before the holiday party and then Unie picked me up and dropped me back off. The guy at the door tried to tell me that there's cover and I told him that I'm not paying cover because I'm stopping by for a birthday party (dive mode! lol). He asked me what the password was, and I was like... "gas? fuel? i don't know!". He laughed and let me in anyway. I found out later that the password was, "Sam's my Daddy!" LOL! (Sam's the other birthday guy) Hell NO I would have said that... I only say that when... nevermind! :X

I'm kind of sad that I missed dinner because I loooooooooooove BBQ and I heard from everyone that it was good and I missed out! Boo! I hate missing out! Nara kept saying that she's so full and sleepy! LOL! Birthday Boy was all over the place! I was able to get a few videos of him dancing all up on his Wifey with Nara's camera. She better not erase it because it was so freakin' cute. Awww! He told me that he wanted Malibu Rum and Pineapple so I got him a shot with a chaser. I didn't know he wanted the mixed drink! Oops! I didn't drink at all because I wasn't feeling so good and am sort of growing paranoid. I actually had to drive home this time and after the last time I got pulled over... yeah... no good. I did get pressured into taking a sip of Grace's shot. Ewww. Yuck. Jeff freakin' called me out for drinking on a Tuesday night but not a Saturday night for Seung's birthday. Guy had a point and I was really tempted to just f*ck it and drink, but I couldn't. My headache was just pounding and telling me No, No, No, No, No!!

I got to dance for a little bit, then I decided to head out and call it a night. Head was about to explode! As I was leaving, Seung pulled me to the side and thanked me for coming and was telling me so many great things! LOL... I was so flattered because he told me that I'm so cool and that he's happy for Sam and I. He also said that being with Sam is the best decision I've made in my life as long as he'd known me. (I agree! But don't tell Sam that. He doesn't read this blog, so whatever) OH! He also said that after I move, he and Nara are going to come visit me ALL the time! HAHAHA... I don't care if he was drunk while saying it, but I'm going to hold them to it anyway! :D I went downstairs and said to Nara, "Your man is f*cked up!" LOL... then I came home and updated my Facebook status and went night night. Nara commented saying that Seung was wheezing over the toilet and she didn't know what to do. HAHAHAHA... now thats when you know that he'd had a GREAT birthday! :D

I better get ready. The FAM is heading down to Olympia for Chinese New Years at my aunt and uncle's place. I haven't been there in SO long! Pray that I will get a cute little red envelope! HAHA! I'm serious, too!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!! :D

January 24, 2009


So I'm over at my oldest Sister's place setting up her computers and internet for her. BLAH. Now, I can come over and use the internet if I want. Actually, Babysitting wouldn't be such a drag anymore. HAHA!

I want her laptop... its cute. :D

The desktop she has is one that I gave her a couple years back. Now that I want a desktop again, I've been asking for it back and she wouldn't give it. HAHA... totally tryin' to be an Indian Giver... but dude, she's not even using it at all. Seriously! BLAH!

Okay now my work is done and I shall go back home now. Toodle loo!

January 23, 2009

Schweitzer misses me...

So I'm not in Schweitzer, ID with the girls as I had planned. Turned out that the trip was going to cost a lot more than I had thought initially and with my trip to California next week and a wedding to save up for, I came to my senses that I just couldn't afford this weekend. Sad, huh? Unie ended up not going last minute either due to the excessive FUN we had on Tuesday night. Its okay though because this worked out and they were able to take one large SUV rather than two. YAY! For sure though, I know I'm missing out and you know damn well that the girls are missing me! I mean... how could they not? LOL!

That means I'll be able to join in on a few festivities in Washington this weekend. Unie asked me to be her date to her company party... and how do I ever turn down a nice dinner and drinks? Especially another opportunity to dress up? Yeah... count me in! (She was going to miss it for snowboarding in Idaho, but since we're both not going to that, we might as well do the damn thang!) Also... its Brother Seung's birthday. I was looking forward to some BBQ and bowling, but really... company parties are hard to miss! LOL! Will get to join them for some fun afterwards though... yay!! The last time I've ever been to Fuel was for Lang's birthday.. many many moons ago. Wait... was that FUEL? I don't even remember! HAHA!

How ridiculous is it that a cop knocked on our door today telling us that someone reported a non moving vehicle in front of our house. Its my Brother's car! He carpools to work now and doesn't use his car as much. First off, there are four parking spots in front of our driveway and enough space on the street to park four cars in front of our house alone, and thats not even counting across the street. The reason why my brother's car is parked out there is because the driveway is often used by my Dad and it would be hectic to move my brother's car back and forth every single time he needs to pull in, so it is more convenient to park it on the street. Yes, could have moved it into the garage, but the garage is often used for other things and its hard to get around it with a car blocking half of it. Ugh. The cop said that this was reported today and he is not going to make us move it because it is in no way violating any laws and he sees no problem with it being there. He said that he's not sure if it violates any Home Owners' Association rules, but if so, it has nothing to do with him. He just wanted to let us know that someone tried to report it just so that we'd be aware, but again, he has no problem with it. Whoever reported this really needs to find something better to do with their time. Its so effin' ridiculous! Someone's gotta be THAT bored, right? Oh... and another thing... EFF YOU, HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION! What the hell are you doing with our money anyway because I don't see you doing jack sh*t with it. Really. I'm not the homeowner, but maybe I should check out one of those meetings in my Parents' place. Just to see. I sort of miss our old house and neighborhood and our freedom there. No homeowners' association to deal with (not that I know of, anyway). IMO, it was more spacious too. I just love that house... growing up there for 15 years? Yeah... it grew on me. This house my Parents bought for 6 years now has got NOTHING on it. NOTHING!!! LOL... okay I'll stop. Appreciate what you have, Thyda! Gosh!

My nephew's teacher called the house today. I had a nice chat with her and she praised my nephew about how well he's doing in class. Even I'm VERY impressed! She said that he reads well over 80 words per minute and comprehends it all. Amazing, right? He's probably even better than me! She thanked us for everything that we've been doing at home. :D Last night, I caught my nephew reading one of his chapter books and laughing to himself. He's so cute! My niece Rachanny reads flawlessly at the age of 4, so I can't wait until she actually goes to school! She knows more about a lot of things than I do. Yes, I'm admitting that shamelessly. Ooooh... maybe I should record her reading one day. YES! PROJECT!!!!

Speaking of reading... maybe I'll get to catch up on some of my own this weekend? Hopefully! *sigh*

Uh Oh...

Tell me WHY I just had a dream that Sam was going to abandon me when I'm in California? WTF... thats scary! Not really ABANDON abandon, but he just never wanted to come out and play. Could he have been cheating on me in my dream?!?! LOL!

Seriously though, I always have dreams of him screwing me over in so many different ways... not even funny. I'd get so pisst in my dream that I'd bring it out in real life. "Why did you ____________ in my dreams?" I would ask him. Sometimes, it would get more serious than it should... all because of my stupid ass dreams! I know... I'm psycho, I tell you. I do NOT know how he puts up with it, but he does!

Note to ANONYMOUS who left a comment on my Long Beach post: Seriously, dude... whats your problem? I know you're the same person who kept leaving me a few comments on some of my LJ posts. Whats your issue? Are you Sam's other girlfriend or something? (HAHA... totally joking) I mean really... who the heck would still be up to leave me comments at 3am? (Or maybe 6am eastern time... or wait... maybe it can be any time since I have NO CLUE where you are) But really though... why don't you just befriend me and we can chit chat? I love talking to people... so lets just do the damn thing! :D You know you love me! XOXO

January 22, 2009


I just made beef lok lak for dinner and I'm so freakin' full! My parents ate ALL of it and my Brother said that it was "perfect"! Teehe. Miso proud!!!! :D

My parents are both sick and I don't wanna leave them at home tonight. Therefore, I kissed the private party goodbye. I even have a GOLDEN ticket! I went on their site and it seems pretty exclusive. HAHA... can't you tell I still feel special?

Okay... going to watch The Biggest Loser! Sodany said that the wrong person went home. I'm about to get mad! Hmph!

Long Beeeeeeeeeach!

Trying to put together an itinerary for my stay in Califorina. My plans usually don't go as... well... planned. BUT... I like brainstorming anyway.

WHAT is there to do in Long Beach while Sam is at work? ANY suggestions? PLEASE!?!


I really need to grow out my hair. Seriously. I am so sick of my hair because there's really not much I can do with it, but I shouldn't cut it. Especially with the wedding coming up. It would sort of break Sam's heart if I cut it again. Supposedly, he loves my thick hair... in which, I hate.

I don't understand why people want thick hair. My head feels heavy and it takes forever and a day to do anything with it. I want thin, soft hair. I really really do.

Okay... I know, another superficial post, but whatever. Don't act like you don't think about these things too! ;)

California Bound!!

Its official and the ticket is bought -- I'm going to California!!!

Seven more days... can't wait to finally see my Baby!


Yesterday was Somara's first birthday and I think I had a little bit too much cake. She's so cute though. She wouldn't blow out the candle and after I had her brother and sister help, then she'd try to blow it out after it was already blown. Haha!

It is freezing over here and this fog is SO ridiculous!

Oh -- forgot to mention that the night before, our friend Unie got a bit lost on the way home and I spent almost all of yesterday worrying about her. Well, we found her and oh my... we're going to be talking about this one for years to come! I was panicking all over facebook! HAHA... !

Though there are many things going on tonight, I think I'm going to have to pass. You'll probably see me blogging all day and possibly all night.


January 21, 2009

Oh MAN...

So last night, we got invited to this private party to celebrate our new President and also for the Verizon Blackberry Storm launch party. I know that it was a Tuesday and sort of early in the week, but dude... FREE COVER and best of all, OPEN BAR? Meaning FREE drinks? Of course I'm there! Thing was... open bar was from 8:30pm-11:30pm. The girls and I got there at 10:30ish. Managed to squeeze in 7 or 8 drinks each, took some pictures for the Verizon promotional thing, and was drunk off our butts. Not that I'm really proud of it, but how the hell did we all manage to drink so much within an hour? Never ever doing that again!

Joel Madden from Good Charlotte was hosting the party. He looked better in person and I was really looking forward to seeing his wife, Nicole Richie somewhere, but was disappointed. Joel Madden and I made eye contact... I swear! For a loooong time too! LOL!

We seemed to be the few Asian people there, but I was glad that the club wasn't as crowded as it would be on regular nights.

Somehow, Mary's elbow ended up bleeding and there was blood everywhere. We don't even know where it was from! CRAZY!

We got little gift bags and each got a Verizon Blackberry Storm scarf. I snagged one for Sam since he actually has the phone and I don't.

I love private parties now... but man... people at those parties are so stuck up. Or at least last night's party. Oh well... I don't care. We had so much fun! A little bit toooooooooooooo much fun, actually.


Sandy and I got invited to this other private party on Thursday night. From what I know, we can each have plus one. If I go, Mary's my plus one! LOL... she came a little bit too late and the girl approached Sandy and I and only had two tickets to give away. Boo! Not sure if we're going. I sort of need a break. But man... I've heard about this private party before and from what I hear, its the best. We'll see how I feel that night. HAHA!

January 20, 2009


Wow... its scary to think that two Senators collapsed at about the same time during the inaugural luncheon. Has anything like this ever happened before?

Though I am happy to see Obama take the White House, I can't help but be a little bit worried for his safety. The world is full of crazies. And sadly, especially in America, it seems.

"blacks aren't in the back, the yella can be mella, the red man can stick around man, and whites will do what's right."

LOL... WTF? We're always "mella", foo! Go, Dr. Suess!

* sigh *

Watching the 44th President... beautiful.

My new FB status?

Thyda Lim thinks that everyone should get a razor and shave their hoo ha's in light of getting rid of BUSH!! ;).

Oh Sam!

Dear Sam,

Its so hard being away from you. I miss you so much. I miss you laughs, your random kisses, your BIG bear hugs, the way you look at me... and everything else about you! Yeah, I'm probably going a little bit crazy over here with my lack of sleep, but that is not the reason why I am writing this. I am writing this because I miss you SO much more than you'd ever know. You suck for not being as emotional and needy as I am. :P

at Disneyland in July 2008 with my Family
(WHY are my legs so pale?)

STILL one of my favorite pictures ever....
You are SO handsome... I am SO amazed by you.

Yeah... I guess I sort of love you. HAHA!



January 19, 2009

Oh My!!

So... I was eating out with my Sister and Nephew earlier tonight. We were getting ready to go see a movie, right?

Well, I went to the bathroom before we left the restaurant and had my phone in my back pocket of my jeans. I was EXTRA cautious and decided that its probably not a good idea to put my phone in my back pocket because... WHAT IF it fell in the toilet? So what did I do? I smartly put it in my jacket pocket.

As I pulled down my pants and bended over, I heard a LOUD ass PLOP!!! It couldn't have been ME or any of my "wastes" because my butt didn't even land yet. Luckily I didn't set my butt down because my PHONE freakin' fell into the toilet and took the toilet seat cover with it. WTF!?!?!?!

It fell down so deep into that toilet hole that I literally had to DIG for it in that damn hole. Thank goodness I didn't actually "GO" yet, because I really had to DIG in there... like... DIG DIG! It was so gross, but my phone was still alive when I took it out. HAHA! I even rinsed it REALLY quick because I was not about to have it settle on my face with toilet water residue! I turned off the phone to dry it up, and haven't resurrected it yet.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

HAHAHA... I know I've had bad luck with phones, but this has gotta be the worst and the nastiest. Eww.

January 18, 2009

Sleep? Doubt It!

Yep... still haven't slept in a few days. I don't know whats wrong with me. This addiction is getting a little out of hand, but I can't seem to stop or fight it.

Good news is that apparently, I only have abut 700 minutes of it. HAHA... thats 11 hours and forty minutes if I don't take any breaks. In which, I will.

Speaking of breaks, I just took a short break to mess with my Sister and Nephew a bit. I LOVE annoying my nephew and trying to tease him any way I can... just to see his reaction (evil, I know!). One of the things he said to me was, "Man, you're crazy!" LOL... I didn't even know he talks like that (using "man")! Then, I pretended to dance to NO MUSIC at all and he goes, "eww... you dance disgusting!" HAHAHA... HOW do I feel offended by that coming from an eight year old? And NO... I was not getting nasty or low or anything... just being silly and shaking myself to some mute music that only I could "hear". My Sister was cracking up at his comment and yeah... so was I! If he wasn't so cute, I'd punish him for sayin gthose things!

Sam's back from Vegas. HAHA! This morning, he text me with, "Hi Babe. I have a question. How come you text me with 'I love you' with an LOL last night?" HAHA... because I really was LOLing last night and for what reason? I really don't know. Maybe I AM going crazy!

Or MAYBE I just need sleep?

Sam fell asleep on the phone awhile ago (not sure if I'm offended... haha) and he started snoring SO loud! I recorded it and plan on sharing it with the world when he's mean to me. So far, he's been the perfect sweetheart. :)

Okay... BACK to my addiction now. Wish me luck on some sleep tonight! Maybe.


Dear Addiction,

Because of you, I did not sleep until 3am yesterday... knowing that I had to wake up at 8am to drop my Sister's car off at Honda of Fife to get some things done. Now, you STILL have me up and its nearly 3:30am.

WTF is wrong with you? Wait... WTF is wrong with me?

Maybe I just love you too much? Yeah... thats probably it! LOL


January 17, 2009

Circuit City Sucks!!


So Sister and I heard about the going out of business sale at Circuit City. We went there hoping to snatch some laptops for some decent prices. Here's the deal...

- You get 10% OFF (which covers tax and a few more cents)
- The laptops you get are display only
- The laptops don't have batteries, so you have to purchase them separately, and can be anywhere from $100-$200

WHAT A FREAKIN' JOKE! Went to a few other stores and tell me WHY they had the SAME laptops for cheaper even with the additional 10% OFF at Circuit City, BRAND NEW and in package, AND with batteries!?!

If you're thinking of rushing to Circuit City to get some good deals, save the gas. :)

January 16, 2009


I have a new addiction!! LOL...with all of these addictions, you would think I'd be in rehab by now, right? Hehehe... but I'm not. Not yet, at least!

Looking forward to dinner with my sister and stuff tonight! Crab legs... yummy!

Sam's leaving to Vegas tonight with the boys. LUCKY! I guess his friends don't like the fact he's going to be gone for months because that means a PAUSE in their Friday Poker Nights ritual. I can never understand how people can play poker over and over... week after week and not get tired of it. I guess its the same for me and dancing and going out with the girls. I will never get tired of it. Someone tried to convince me that it will be over and it will change after I get married. HA! Not even! Heck... even Sam knows that! :D

A little late on my coffee fix this morning. Now, I am hungry. If I don't eat a Big Mac today like I did yesterday, I'd be okay.

Got tons of books I need to get reading on... but my new addictions are so hard to push aside right now. LOL!

January 15, 2009


I'm drenched in sweat, but still, I manage to post! LOL

So I actually did get on a treadmill today. Man... it wasn't a pretty sight. :( From this day forward, TREADMILL will be my best friend and I shall spend at least half an hour with him everyday!! I've been neglecting him for far too long... but I don't miss it as much as he missed me! Boooo!

I ate a Big Mac today. I shall be punished! Oh... and some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream too! IT WAS SO GOOD! But still... WTF is wrong with me, yo? Again, I shall be punished!!

Goal of the Day

Today, I shall run on the treadmill!! LOL


So what if it was for a short period of time, at least I did it!! Man... haven't done that in SO long, it feels like!! LOL


I think that I'm slowly but surely kissing my MySpace goodbye. I'll always have it... but I've noticed that I rarely even sign on to approve comments and such anymore. All of my friends are on Facebook anyway... well, most of them. Sam refused to sign up for Facebook because he said that he barely signs into MySpace anyway so he wouldn't even sign into Facebook much. I think he's missing out and he'd actually like Facebook a lot more. LOL! Oh well... he can't spy on me if he doesn't sign up, so its all good! :D

*** I started to write something, but decided to delete it. You never really know who can be reading your blogs... or do you? LOL... either way... don't feel like hurting any feelings today. Maybe tomorrow?

January 14, 2009

RANDOM survey -- got off MySpace! LOL

1. Do you like chinese food?
Not my favorite, but I'll eat it!

2. How big is your bed?
Queen... made for a QUEEN!

3. Is your room clean?
Psssh... I WISH!!

4. Laptop or Desktop computer?
Laptop -- I'd much rather have a desktop sometimes! :(

5. Favorite comedian?
Do my FRIENDS count?

6. Do you smoke?
Ewww. NO!

7. Does anyone like you?
WHO doesn't like me? LOL jk!

8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
Her last name (can't you tell I'm hungry?)

10. Sleep with or without clothes on?
Without! I get to really enjoy my 600 thread count cotton sateen or Egyption cotton sheets! LMAO!

11. Who sleeps with you every night?
My Care Bear (Sunshine)

12. Do long distance relationships work?

13. How many times have you been pulled over by the police?
OMG... don't even remind me! At least 5 times in this life time!

14. Pancakes or French Toast?
Swedish pancakes, please!

15. Do you like coffee?
LOVE it!

16. How do you like your eggs?
Over Easy! (we're still talkin' about food? OMG)

17. Do you believe in astrology?

18. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My MOM! LOL... she calls me every hour, it seems!

19. Last person on your missed call list?
Miss Jennifer Weeks -- sorry honey! I'll call you back soon!

20. What was the last text message you received?
"Haha almost forgot! I'll tell D!"

21. McDonalds or Burger King?

22. Number of pillows?

23. Last thing you ate?
Hot Cheetos last night! SO GOOD!

24. Last thing you bought?
Venti Quad NonFat Caramel Mocchiato STIRRED!

25. What are you hearing right now?
Sound of my heater!

26. Pick a lyric?
What do you mean, "pick a lyric"? I don't get it!

27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?

28. Can you play pool?
I try... you wouldn't want to see me in action though. If you do, stay clear!

29. Do you know how to swim?
LMAO... with fins, yes! Without fins, no!

30. Favorite ice cream?
Changes all the time, but right now, Pistachio Nut! OMG still talkin' about food?

31. Do you like maps?
YES... they are FUN!

32. Tell me a random fact:
40% of McDonalds' sales come from Happy Meals!

33. Ever had a hard on at work?
I don't have a penis... so no.

34. Ever attend a theme party?
ALL THE TIME!! Haha... they're the best!

35. Ever do a keg stand?

36. Craziest place you've slept after a night of drinking?
I woke up on my bathroom floor once... does that count?

37. What is your favorite season?
Summer Summer Summertime!

38. What is the first music video you ever saw?
I don't remember. LOL

39. Pick a movie quote:
"Behind every great love, is a great story"

40. Favorite quote:
"When you're struggling with something, look around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something. And to them, its just as hard as what you're going through".

41. What is your favorite hangout?
On a friend's couch!

42. Best friend's name?
Besides Sam? Jennifer and Ranny

43. How long have you known them?
TEN years!

44. Last time you laughed at something stupid?
Couple minutes ago!

45. What time did you wake up this morning?
5:45am to turn off my alarm! LOL

46. Wake up next to anyone?

47. Best thing about winter?
Cute sweaters!

48. Name a couple of favorite colors:
Pink, Yellow, Green

49. How old are you?
You mean how YOUNG am I? 24!

50. What month is your birthday in?

51. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated?
I didn't know that they were real until recently! LOL...

52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one?)
Don't Have One!

53. What are you doing this weekend?
Hanging out with the FAM! (Sister coming into town... yay!)

54. Who will take this survey?
Nobody. LOL

Missing some friends...

So I've been on a search from my old close friend from Middle School, Melinda. She was one of the closest girls to me during those years. We drifted apart in high school, then reunited for a little bit. Then all of the sudden, she disappeared. She's like the ONLY person I can't seem to find on MySpace, Facebook... and couldn't even google her! One of our old friends messaged me on Facebook saying that she's looking for her too. Last we heard from her was that she was moving to the eastcoast with her boyfriend, but that was over five years ago. Dionne said that maybe we can go ask her Dad at their house? The thought of it scares me... but I really wanna find the woman! Melinda... where are you, woman!?!?!

I feel like I haven't seen Sunaro in YEARS! Its sort of crazy trying to schedule to meet up. Lynnwood to Federal Way is an hour away! Crazy how we have always lived so far from each other, but used to always find the time and drive out of our ways, but we didn't realize it at the time. Hopefully we can schedule something soon.

Also miss my Californian couples!! Always a fun time with them and haven't seen them in months! I better schedule something quick before the Lok's have little Lauren running around! ;) HAHA... totally kidding, Paline! I'll be seeing a whole lot of them this summer though! With Mac and Sivhui's wedding... and hopefully Durand and Lily's wedding in August! Oh wait... I'll be moving there! DUHHHHH!!!

Most of all, I miss my best friend -- Sam! Yeah... you already know! :D

January 13, 2009


So I finally decided to start on one of my New Year resolutions today and that was to drink a lot of water.

I've had to pee at least 50 times already... WTF!?!?! And they're not little pees... they're a whole lotta! HAHA! TMI... but whatevs... its true!

What a waste of time drinking so much water. You spend time gulping and you spend time walking back and forth to the bathroom. I'm tempted to just bring my laptop and sit there! Might as well since I'll be back there in a few minutes anyway!! HAHA

Justin, I love you!

My nephew is so cute. He's the sweetest kid I know and if I could, I would adopt him to be my own in a heartbeat!

I've never seen a kid love his mother so much... its amazing how he does. He would lose in the memory game just so that his Mom would win. (WTF?)

If and when I have kids, I hope that they can love me the way Justin loves his Mom. Now THAT is true love!


"I liked it better when you were counting calories!"

... ouch!

January 12, 2009

Revenge of the HOT Nerds!!


WHO is the HATER girl? LMAO

Thumbs up, Seven Up!

Nerdies with the Boobies!!

How can you NOT love us? LOL...

We are SO cool!!

New Years Eve - New Years Morning RECAP


So much fun...

BUT little did I know...

What my FATE was going to be...

The End!


Forgot to mention -- NARA gave me a BOMB ass belated birthday present that I put to use right away before I even left her house. Got home and played with it some more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nara!! You know me too too well sometimes! :D

Eeeeek... gonna go play with it again! LOL

The white elephant gift exchange was fun also! I stole Pearl's gift... mwuahahhahah! I'm so selfish like that! ;)

Ate... So... Much!!

Did NOT want to get up this morning. Was still recovering from my FOOD COMA!!

Seung and Nara had postponed their holiday get together for a few weeks now due to the crazy weather we'd been having. Finally, it happened last night. They're my favorite host and hostess EVERRRRR! Never too little food at their place and they never let you bring anything. Well, if you were to bring anything, there would be too much food and no room to put it all! Seriously! LOL I ate so much to the point that I can barely breathe and barely move. I stayed a little bit longer because I was waiting for Seung to burn me their wedding DVDs, and I stuffed my face some more! WTF!?! AND... they insisted that I bring food home! Haha... another reason why I'm always the last to leave their place! JK!

Got home and attempted to watch the DVDs with my parents, but only one of them worked on a regular DVD player. This is probably due to me rushing Seung with the burning. BUT... we watched parts of the rest of the three DVDs on my laptop. LOL! My nephew was so cute trying to spot me and "Pu Sam" throughout it all. My Mom made fun of Sam's hair (lol)... he'd kill me if he was to read this... but its funny! After seeing their wedding video, it got me all excited for mine!! Eeeeeeeeek!! :D

Was too lazy to blog the entire weekend, so I sort of gave myself a break. I hope nobody missed me! HAHA

January 11, 2009


I pretty much spent all day yesterday (Saturday) recovering from Friday night and hanging out with my fam. Was supposed to go out for my niece's (more like my second cousin since she's my cousin's daughter, but you know Cambodians would refer her to "niece") 22nd birthday, but didn't because I couldn't really pull myself together. Was also too cold to leave the house too. Brrrr!

Poor Lee went out and said that he hated War Room and left. Shoot... so do I. I haven't been there in years and I don't miss it one bit. I think its a bunch of people who think that they are above others because they like underground or whatevs. Yeah... kiss my ass. LOL!

NERD party was so extreme! Everyone thought that there was a birthday party or something... but it wasn't. It was just a theme we decided to go with for the night. Crazy Jane whispered to me after being approached tons of times just on our way to the bathroom, "Even when we're at our ugliest, we're still the hottest"! LOL... thats sad. I wouldn't be surprised if a group of little girls try to pull off what we did. I doubt they will.

Saw TONS of old friends from High School... including a few that still aren't my favorite people. LMAO! Sandy witnessed one time when Heidi Bohoe (lol) was totally trying so hard with her haterade. So my old prom date (as friends, foo), dated one of my best friends for like... 3 or 4 years. Then, Heidi BoHoe snatched him up... when Heidi BoHoe (still crackin' up at the name) was one of our "friends". Many times when she was about to get her face with the endless sty on her eye socked, but she's lucky that we still love her BF (as a friend because really, he was a good persona nd a great friend). Anyway... I was talking to him and she came up and was like, "OH _______ !" and tried to kiss him and pull him away! Sandy and I thought that shit was too funny to witness to really act upon it. Besides, we're beyond fighting with hoes... they need more of our pity more than anything.

Okay I'm being mean... I'll stop.

Excited for Nara's get together tonight! Hmmm... need to go pick up my gift for the exchange! LOL!!

January 9, 2009

I'm Ready...

Though I got sick yesterday (from my own pictures, sadly), I am ready to party like a rockstar tonight! :D

The girls are already plotting something against me, but I am determined to be the last one standing! They'd better watch out now! LOL

Its times like these when I really miss my Vany. She would totally get a kick out of everything and she's the best at teasing me. "Thyda Freakin' Lim"... as she calls me! LOL

I still can't believe that Unie still uses the word, "crunk"! I'm gonna start using it with her too! The thing is, she really thought that was the latest lingo. No honey, but we can make it happen! She has some of the coolest lingos around like, "K.O." instead of Knock Out!! LMAO!

Ranny said that since I'm coming tonight, she's bringing an extra pair of panties and suggested that Unie do the same. Don't get nasty... its not going to be wet in THAT way. She means she usually laughs so hard and wets her panties just a little. LMAO! Whatever I can do to get them back!

I miss my Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! So very proud of him and the new job! It was a long and hard process (and wait), but so very much worth it. I'm going to miss him while he's away (I mean FURTHER away), but I'm sure I'll go over there and see him after his graduation. LOL! Hopefully I'll get to see him before... ahhh!

Seven more months... very much looking forward to it! :D

January 8, 2009

Pictures from New Years...

after seeing the pictures from New Years, I literally threw up!


Maybe I'll post some here later... already made a FOOL out of myself on Facebook!

LOL... but you know what? No shame! It just goes to show that I have so much fun with my girls.

Now if I was running off with some dude or not knowing where my panties were, thats a different type of "fun" and a whole different story. No worries though... that will NEVER happen. NEV-ER!

My friends are EVIL!!

How dare they threaten me on Facebook!?!?!

Okay that just means I can NOT be the first one out this weekend. Must get some sort of blackmail material on them too. I'm just sayin... payback is a biatch!! LOL

Soooooo excited!

Mary texted me seeing if I finished OUR book yet. I honestly haven't but she's dying for me to finish because she needs someone to talk about it with. LOL! So funny!

Our second book club meeting is in three weeks and I haven't even gotten that book yet! Tsk tsk to me!!

MySpace is SO 2003... yeah.. I've been on there since then! I loooooooooove Facebook too much now. Its so funny because everyone and their mamas are always on, it seems! Probably from their phones, but still... its fun! Such a distraction! About to leave MySpace. Actually, I think I'll always have it... just not get on it so much because it is so lame now. I used to think Facebook was lame, but I've had a change of heart. LOL!

January 7, 2009


Okay I guess you can say that I'm never happy.

When its hot, I complain that its too hot.
When it snows, I get pisst that its snowing so much.

But really though, Weatherman... is this FLOOD necessary????

Seriously, this weather nonsense has really gotta stop! A nearby town (Fife) is being told to evacuate and that is not even more than two miles away from my house! Its also possible that I-5 might close down if this doesn't stop. I-5, dude! COME ON!! Leave us WASHINGTONIANs alone, dammit!! We really do need a break! :(

Oh... and don't even get me started on mudslides! Again, I live on a hill!

Its so bad that the ceiling in my sister's bathroom is leaking! WTF!?! Right now, there's really not much we can do about it but to put a bucket there. If my house falls apart, I am really going to be pisst. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?!

Oh... My... Gosh!!!

I wrote this on the whim last night, submitted it, and just got an email saying that it will go LIVE within 48 hours. More like 48 seconds!!


Can you find MY article?!?!?! LOL!

Get Along With His Friends?

Guys are more than willing to admit that they love the fact that you get along so well with his friends. Why wouldn't he be?

Knowing that you don't mind hanging out with him and his friends on a guys' night certainly makes him at ease because he doesn't have to report to you like he probably would when he gives you the lame "its a guys' night" excuse. This way, you're there to witness it and he doesn't have to do any explaining.

On top of it all, he likes knowing that his friends might even wish that they had such a wonderful girl to call his own. He likes being the envy of the group.

BUT be careful with this and learn how to draw the lines!

Sometimes, a guy really does need his time with just the guys. And eventually, the friends are going to wish that you weren't always there on your man's arms. Its not that they don't like you, but they need the space from you just as much as your guy does.

A hang out with the guys is fine every now and then, but remember... you've got a life of your own and girlfriends who would probably appreciate and enjoy your company even more!

(Besides... girls have more fun anyway!)

Rain & Wind

The rain and the wind is crazy! Apparently, we should be ready for a flood!?! o_O I wonder if that applies to us who live on hills. I hope not!

I couldn't sleep because the rain was coming down HARD on my window. I mean... REAL hard!!

Rain, rain, go away! Come back down another day! OR don't came back down until I ask you to, please!

I need a massaaaaaaaaaaage! :(

January 6, 2009


I looooooooooooooove Uncrustables! They are so perfect! Perfect amount of peanut butter and the right amount of jam, too! AND... no bread crusts I would feel guilty for throwing out. And the soft bread is already smushed so I wouldn't have to do it myself. HAHA

Uncrustables, I love you!!

Starbucks Folks...

There's a reason why sweet and friendly people work at Starbucks. They are there to make my day!

Yeah... if a grumpy little b*tch was to serve my coffee to me so early in the morning, she would have already ruined my day! Grumpy, snooty people should not be working in any customer service positions. They really do ruin people's days!

So Tired Of It...

SOOOOO tired of the cold nights all alone. So, so tired of it.

Time just isn't flying by fast enough at the moment. Ugh.

I wish I can move all my friends to California with me. A few of them say that they'll be willing and wanting! LOL! I know its easier for them to say than do though. Diane is there now... can't wait to hang out with her again!

I'm just so afraid that the friends I make in my new "home" wouldn't be the same as the friends I've had and held onto all my life. Even Sam said that my friends are hard to find. So, so true.

We're having a "Revenge of the Hot Nerds" party this weekend to kick off Jane's return back east. Very excited because its never a dull moment with them. I feel that I can totally be myself and they wouldn't look at me like I'm crazy or embarrassed by me. Thats what I love most! Well, they can't look at me weird or say that I'm embarrassing because they're the same as me... if not worse! LOL!

I didn't realize VisionShock entertainment was geared towards the Asian crowd. LOL! No freakin' wonder!!!

Dancing to: Bottle Pop by Pussycat Dolls... just can't help it everytime I hear it!

January 5, 2009

Cancun, BEACHES!! (lol)

We're in the process of booking our CANCUN tickets!!

Man... thank goodness I have great friends who didn't even let me do any planning on my Bachelorette weekend in Cancun. They spend sleepless nights shopping around for the best deals and stuff, I don't know how I can thank them. Thing is... I didn't even have to ask! They're all looking forward to it, sometimes I think more than I am! I'm nervous!!!

I've asked the girls to not make the week seem like its all about me, because I don't want it to be like that at all. We're considering it our group trip... before any of us get hitched! I'm the first to go out of our group. Scary, I tell yah!

We're going snowboading/skiing in Idaho in two weeks. I was going to bail out because I honestly can't afford it... especially when I have a wedding that I should be saving towards... but my girls insist! Matter of fact, everything's already taken care of. Really looking forward to this. I am determined to not fall as much this year. HAHAHA!


This morning, I was reminiscing about the good times we had on our way to Havasu. We thought up this little game where everyone took turns lip synching into the camera. We didn't have a choice... we weren't able to choose the songs that we had to lip synch to... we just had to do it... on the spot! Freakin' Durand was camera man and punked out and didn't even do it when it came to his turn!

I texted them all this morning reminding them of the good times. Ahhhh... I accidentally said, "on our way to Tahoe" and Paline's like, "dork! I didn't go to Tahoe with you... but do you mean Havasu?" or something like that. LOL... totally spaced out and I didn't even know it!

Sam's first day at the new jobby job is today. MAN... I don't know how I'm gonna handle him being gone for so long. As I said, its not like we live close anyway, but the thought of him being even further away is so hard to bare. Ahhh. I guess I'll be in Georgia for his graduation... maybe even earlier. YAY!!

He really is my BEST FRIEND and I really can go to him with anything. I can vent to him for hours and he'd still take it. Yeah... he'll drift off every now and then, but I don't really blame him. Last night, I think I was just babbling on and on non stop to the point where he goes, "Babe... you talk so much... I need to sleep". What an ass!! He's getting a punch for it next time I see him.

LMAO... Maccara just text me, "too bad it wasn't Tahoe, it was Havasu. LOL. Fun times". Okay, now I really feel like an idiot. HAHAHA... they all should know me by now though.

I'm addicted to my blog. And NO... I don't get money for the sales and crap that I post. Though I should really look into it, huh? Its all for fun and I love sales and discounts so much that I just wanna share with errrrrrrrrrybody!


January 3, 2009

Saturday with Sister...

Sister's on her way home now. YAY! Three hour drive? She's so crazy! :D

Planning on reorganizing my closet later... we'll see how that all goes. I don't know where all my clothes and accessories disappear to. WTF.

I'm actually pretty happy with my move back to blogspot. Now, I don't feel so guilty for spamming people's friends list. Its up to them to see my posts or not. If someone took me off their friends list, I wouldn't be offended one bit. I promise. :)

January 2, 2009

My Wedding Song...

I still love MY wedding song to be!

As indecisive as I am, you would think that I've changed my mind on the song by now, right? Yeah... I thought I would too. Don't get me wrong.... I did consider a few different songs and came close to changing it, but this is still stuck on me. Its been nearly a year since I've decided on this song... I doubt it would change in 6.5 months, right?

"I'm gonna love you... like nobody loves you baby!"

Marriage Changes You...

Does it?

I really hope that after I get married, I won't change one bit. I know that in my last entry or so, I said that there are some things I would change myself, but now that I think about it... I don't think I would. Okay fine, I'd like to be more organized and responsible, but other than that, I sort of love myself and my personality. :D Those who don't... well... that just really sucks for them.

New Years' Eve night was when I realized that I do have a great personality! My friends LOVE me and apparently, I can make them laugh. Ranny said that I'm her daily dose of laughter... and that makes me feel good! I once asked my friends why I am always the one that they pick on... and they simply told me that its because I can handle it better than anyone else. Not to boast... but I guess this is true... only to a certain extent though. I guess it really depends on who its coming from. People whom I love... they can tease and poke fun of me all they want and I'd love them no less. If I dislike someone or have a reason not to enjoy their comments (no matter if its positive or negative), I'd go buck wild on their ass... or else keep it inside and build a grudge. I'm great at holding grudges with people I dislike. They're lucky I have short term memory!

Back to what I was saying... I see that there are quite a bit of people who change after marriage. I'm not just talking about the fact that they are on lockdown either... I am talkin' about a full 180 turn around. Who triggered these thoughts? My Brother. Its sad to say... but I've always envisioned his future to be so different from what it is now. I guess I'm not really in a position to say whats right and whats wrong... whats better and whats worse. Its just... I didn't see any of this coming. Even so, I love him with all my heart. I just sort of wish he made different (I can't say better) decisions. Oh well. Embrace it, I guess.

Sometimes I wonder if Sam expects me to change. But honestly, I don't think he would really love me the way he does now if I was to change. He'd better love me for me and who I am now. If not, then he's in for a hell of a roller coaster. I am not about to change... I hope, I pray, and I wish.


Sometimes I sit here and wonder what people think about me. I know I shouldn't really think too much because its mind over matter... I don't mind and they don't matter, but its natural to have those little curiosities, right?

I wish that I can jump out of my body and take a look at myself from others' perspective. I'm sure there would be a few things that I would change about myself... and I'm not just talking about physically either.

I wonder if others really take a minute to think about how others may view them. Bitches, especially. Do they know that they are bitches? Someone should really tell them, "Girl... you're a bitch". But of course, we are all too polite to do such thing... or at least I'd hope we are all polite enough to be courteous. How funny the world would be if we all stopped being so polite.

LOL... the thought of it just cracks me up!


I feel completely useless trapped in my house. In a way, I don't really want to move. I just want to focus and work on a few things, but the time goes by so quickly that way.

I've set a goal for myself and I am VERY determined to reach it one of these days... hopefully sooner than later.

Snow... again?

I can NOT believe I just woke up to snow again!! I honestly did not expect it at all. There were NO signs that snow was going to happen yesterday. All took me by surprise.

I wanted to go running this morning, but with the snow, homie can't do that!

I've been thinking about my wedding a lot lately and I'm really really looking forward to marrying my Baby! He'll make such a great Husband and am so blessed to have him in my life. He makes me laugh and smile over and over again... and he doesn't even know it!

I have a bad habit -- eating when I'm NOT hungry. WTF is wrong with me? I'd get bored and next thing you know, I'm shoving handfuls of hot cheetos down my throat! A few of the girls and I were talking about this. We can't eat and do the things that we used to when we were seventeen anymore. I didn't realize how old I am until this discussion came up.

Oh... forgot to mention my aunt's New Years party the other night. I stopped by for a bit to eat and hang out with the fam before heading out. EVERYONE was there and it was so good to see relatives I haven't seen in awhile. A part of me didn't want to leave, but the bigger part of me knew that the old folks wouldn't even stay up past midnight... but surprisingly, I heard they did. I had a few too many champagnes and wines. My parents aren't drinkers, but my Mom wanted to buy beer for the party since she knew that my older cousins and stuff usually drink. So... she asked me to go pick some up for her. My Dad goes, "you're old enough to buy beer?" LMAO! My Dad is so cute! Yes Daddy... I'm still your little girl and I have never bought/drank/spilled alcohol in my life! (sarcasm) My little cousin and I poured the bubblies over and over for the elders. It was so much fun! I think we went through about 10 bottles of champagne within 15 minutes! :D Love my family too much.

January 1, 2009

New Years Resolution

I'm horrible at keeping New Year Resolutions, but you know what? I'm going to set some anyway! Maybe this will be THE year that I will follow through with them? Who knows?

  • Workout consistently
  • Run a 5K race or two
  • Save some money (hopefully)
  • Learn how to cook more
  • Watch what I eat
  • Better organize myself, my space, and my time
  • Send out Christmas cards (lol)
  • Stick with all my blogs
  • Read more
  • Start a piggy bank instead of losing all my chump change that could easily be hundreds by now
  • Learn how to be a great wife
  • Make this year the best year yet!!!

Rung in the NEW YEAR..

Last night was absolutely fantabulous!

Sandy, Mary, and I ended up not going to the New Years Nation party held at the Seattle Aquarium because we procrastinated and weren't sure if we wanted to go in the first place. By the time we decided to buy the ticket, it was sold out. Matter of fact, it was so oversold that they had to refund about 150 people! Who had ever heard of such thing? Especially when it was $65... and then they jacked up the price to $85! Crazy, I tell you!

The girls and I ended up getting a room at the Alexis Hotel, where our "If I Were A Boy" party was held. Charlie AKA Chuck happened to be throwing a party at the suite there too. So we all got ready and had a few drinks at the hotel before we all went out separate ways. Sandy was going to be my date for the night since it was just going to be us... so we decided to have, "a drink for a drink". I should not have suggested this because I knew damn well that Sandy can drink me under the table! Anyway... we had a few too many drinks... checked out Charlie's party together as a group and saw that there weren't many people there yet. So... Sandy and I decided to walk to the McCormicks & Schmick's around the corner from the hotel. We made room for ourselves at the bar... and talked about our resolutions and tons of other drama that I will not get into because it is just too much. The couple sitting next to us smiled at me, so I wished them a Happy New Year with my appletini! I think that they were a bit surprised.. in a good way. The lady told me that she loved my Happy New Year tiara... and I offered to make a trade with her for her man's hat. She was thrilled and jumped on my offer right away. Apparently, they've been looking for it all night! Then... they bought Sandy and I a round of appletinis to thank me for the tiara. How sweet! And did I mention that the tiara was only 50 cents? HAHAHA... we had more in our room, thanks to Unie!

Mary and Jah joined us for some bites... then we went back to our room to get more drinks (chug, chug, chug)... and then found our way back to Charlie's party. After partying with me a few times, he was prepared with TWO decks of cards! I punked his guests in a few rounds of high/low. Everyone was so wasted that they didn't even realize that Sandy and I were fooling them like crazy! There's one guy there who calls me BOSSY! He thinks I"m bossy, and I don't know why. I'm going to have to disagree. He said that I always punk people to drink and that makes me bossy. False... that makes me Wanttogeteverybodydrunky! :D

Counted down with the TV. I think I proved that guy's point again when I made everyone get ready to countdown. LOL! Oh well... at least they listened! Sam was on the phone during the countdown... kind of corny, huh? LoL! Whatever works!

Not too long after the countdown, we went back to our room (Sandy, Mary, and I). I was pretty shit faced at the time and I guess I sort of fell asleep in my jacket and my heels. Sandy and Mary went back to the party to grab something and forgot to get the key from me. HAHAHAHA! Whoops on their part! I was so knocked out and I guess I didn't hear my phone ring or the bangs on the door... for about another hour! They had to wait until the others got back from the aquarium because Jane had the other key. LMAO! Oooops! When I knock out, I knock out... especially when drunk! They should already know me by now!

So... they took full advantage of me.. and the eyeliners in the bathroom. HAHAHA! I will try to refrain from posting these pictures, especially when I didn't even have my camera with me last night. They drew eyeballs on me the way I drew on DoHan at his birthday a few months ago. They tried to give me lashes... wrote HI on my forehead, wrote "I Stink" on my arm, gave me a barbwire tattoo, drew glasses on for me, accentuated my cleavage, put a crown on me and posed with me for millions of pictures. At one point, someone pulled my tongue out for a picture! WTF?! I guess payback is a biyatch, huh? :P

They all said that drawing on me was the highlight of their night. Well... I'm glad I can make the best of their first couple hours of the new year! :)

I didn't know that they sent a picture to Sam... I woke up and saw a text saying, "Babe were you that messed up last night? That picture they sent me was so ugly!" LOL! And thats when I found out they sent him a picture. Bitches.

Though my New Years eve going into New Years was sort of short, it was a wonderful, wonderful time! I love my friends!