January 11, 2009


I pretty much spent all day yesterday (Saturday) recovering from Friday night and hanging out with my fam. Was supposed to go out for my niece's (more like my second cousin since she's my cousin's daughter, but you know Cambodians would refer her to "niece") 22nd birthday, but didn't because I couldn't really pull myself together. Was also too cold to leave the house too. Brrrr!

Poor Lee went out and said that he hated War Room and left. Shoot... so do I. I haven't been there in years and I don't miss it one bit. I think its a bunch of people who think that they are above others because they like underground or whatevs. Yeah... kiss my ass. LOL!

NERD party was so extreme! Everyone thought that there was a birthday party or something... but it wasn't. It was just a theme we decided to go with for the night. Crazy Jane whispered to me after being approached tons of times just on our way to the bathroom, "Even when we're at our ugliest, we're still the hottest"! LOL... thats sad. I wouldn't be surprised if a group of little girls try to pull off what we did. I doubt they will.

Saw TONS of old friends from High School... including a few that still aren't my favorite people. LMAO! Sandy witnessed one time when Heidi Bohoe (lol) was totally trying so hard with her haterade. So my old prom date (as friends, foo), dated one of my best friends for like... 3 or 4 years. Then, Heidi BoHoe snatched him up... when Heidi BoHoe (still crackin' up at the name) was one of our "friends". Many times when she was about to get her face with the endless sty on her eye socked, but she's lucky that we still love her BF (as a friend because really, he was a good persona nd a great friend). Anyway... I was talking to him and she came up and was like, "OH _______ !" and tried to kiss him and pull him away! Sandy and I thought that shit was too funny to witness to really act upon it. Besides, we're beyond fighting with hoes... they need more of our pity more than anything.

Okay I'm being mean... I'll stop.

Excited for Nara's get together tonight! Hmmm... need to go pick up my gift for the exchange! LOL!!

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