January 29, 2009


I'm in Californiaaaaa!!! FINALLY!

Helped Sam's Mommy roll up about 300 egg rolls earlier! HAHA... it was YUMMY too! I plan to eat a whole lot more tomorrow morning! Too bad Sam already took me out to dinner when I first got here so I could only eat one egg roll (surprisingly)! No worries though... will make up for lost rolls tomorrow!

Nothing really planned tomorrow since Sam has to work. Thank goodness he gets off at 3:30pm though. PLENTY of time to play! YAY!

Saturday - Mikal Mac Morn's birthday -- not sure what we're doing yet. So far, I got responses saying that people are "IN"... but they have NO idea what they're IN for! I'm sure they don't want me to decide because I really do love Dragon House! :D

Gotta see my Nephew before he leaves to South Carolina for training. What's up with all my loved ones leaving me? Boooooo!!

Oh... and I told myself that I'd pack light this time, right? Tell me WHY I ended up with one check in that was exactly 50.0 pounds! AND... my carry on was so stuffed that it wouldn't fit below my seat nor in one of the overhead compartments, so they had to let me use the closet reserved for First Class! HAHA... oops! I suck at packing light. Well, I'm a big girl, so my clothes are bigger and takes up more room. Makes sense, right? ;)

Sam's already snoring next to me. I go night night now. (I LOVE being with him! *sigh*)

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