January 5, 2009


This morning, I was reminiscing about the good times we had on our way to Havasu. We thought up this little game where everyone took turns lip synching into the camera. We didn't have a choice... we weren't able to choose the songs that we had to lip synch to... we just had to do it... on the spot! Freakin' Durand was camera man and punked out and didn't even do it when it came to his turn!

I texted them all this morning reminding them of the good times. Ahhhh... I accidentally said, "on our way to Tahoe" and Paline's like, "dork! I didn't go to Tahoe with you... but do you mean Havasu?" or something like that. LOL... totally spaced out and I didn't even know it!

Sam's first day at the new jobby job is today. MAN... I don't know how I'm gonna handle him being gone for so long. As I said, its not like we live close anyway, but the thought of him being even further away is so hard to bare. Ahhh. I guess I'll be in Georgia for his graduation... maybe even earlier. YAY!!

He really is my BEST FRIEND and I really can go to him with anything. I can vent to him for hours and he'd still take it. Yeah... he'll drift off every now and then, but I don't really blame him. Last night, I think I was just babbling on and on non stop to the point where he goes, "Babe... you talk so much... I need to sleep". What an ass!! He's getting a punch for it next time I see him.

LMAO... Maccara just text me, "too bad it wasn't Tahoe, it was Havasu. LOL. Fun times". Okay, now I really feel like an idiot. HAHAHA... they all should know me by now though.

I'm addicted to my blog. And NO... I don't get money for the sales and crap that I post. Though I should really look into it, huh? Its all for fun and I love sales and discounts so much that I just wanna share with errrrrrrrrrybody!



  1. haha well you were already sliding. these people were already there stopped at the light....then they just decide to go randomly!!!

  2. I took a marriage prep class and the advice they emphasized the most was to "Marry your best friend!" You're right on track sista!

    We probably won't do a Havasu trip again this year but I'm looking forward to Seattle and Canada. Can't wait!!!