January 28, 2009


I just want to scream! For no particular reason at all... and NO... I'm not mad nor am I frustrated by anyone or anything. I just want to go somewhere and scream my lungs out! Ahhhhhh! (Since I can't do it in real life, might as well do it virtually! hehe!)

I didn't even go on one hike this summer. Thats so sad. I remember my first time ever going hiking with the girls... I almost DIED! Then, I loved it and always wanted to go back and hike more mountains... but I was NOT about to go alone. No way, Jose!!

My First Hike - Mt. Little Si

Lake 22? (Yeah... I'm the biggest one in this thirsty ad)

Mt. Pilchuck? Is that how you spell it?

LOL... still can't believe I did this pose. I almost peed my pants doing it!
But damn... I'd do it again!
Knees bent and better posture, this time! For sure!

When I move, I'm going to miss Washington's hikes. Seriously. California's got NOTHING on Washington when it comes to this stuff! And Mt. Rainier is not even a real hike to me. BLAH! I liked Snow Lake too... thats where all the attacking birdies were! HAHA! Surprise Lake's surprise is the mosquitoes. Eww! Would love to check out some of the other hikes I've heard about though! (These pictures are all from a couple years ago, I haven't hiked in a few years. Boo!)

OH man... wish I was on top of one of those mountains and just scream!!


  1. Don't worry, we'll get in some hikes before you move.