January 1, 2009

Rung in the NEW YEAR..

Last night was absolutely fantabulous!

Sandy, Mary, and I ended up not going to the New Years Nation party held at the Seattle Aquarium because we procrastinated and weren't sure if we wanted to go in the first place. By the time we decided to buy the ticket, it was sold out. Matter of fact, it was so oversold that they had to refund about 150 people! Who had ever heard of such thing? Especially when it was $65... and then they jacked up the price to $85! Crazy, I tell you!

The girls and I ended up getting a room at the Alexis Hotel, where our "If I Were A Boy" party was held. Charlie AKA Chuck happened to be throwing a party at the suite there too. So we all got ready and had a few drinks at the hotel before we all went out separate ways. Sandy was going to be my date for the night since it was just going to be us... so we decided to have, "a drink for a drink". I should not have suggested this because I knew damn well that Sandy can drink me under the table! Anyway... we had a few too many drinks... checked out Charlie's party together as a group and saw that there weren't many people there yet. So... Sandy and I decided to walk to the McCormicks & Schmick's around the corner from the hotel. We made room for ourselves at the bar... and talked about our resolutions and tons of other drama that I will not get into because it is just too much. The couple sitting next to us smiled at me, so I wished them a Happy New Year with my appletini! I think that they were a bit surprised.. in a good way. The lady told me that she loved my Happy New Year tiara... and I offered to make a trade with her for her man's hat. She was thrilled and jumped on my offer right away. Apparently, they've been looking for it all night! Then... they bought Sandy and I a round of appletinis to thank me for the tiara. How sweet! And did I mention that the tiara was only 50 cents? HAHAHA... we had more in our room, thanks to Unie!

Mary and Jah joined us for some bites... then we went back to our room to get more drinks (chug, chug, chug)... and then found our way back to Charlie's party. After partying with me a few times, he was prepared with TWO decks of cards! I punked his guests in a few rounds of high/low. Everyone was so wasted that they didn't even realize that Sandy and I were fooling them like crazy! There's one guy there who calls me BOSSY! He thinks I"m bossy, and I don't know why. I'm going to have to disagree. He said that I always punk people to drink and that makes me bossy. False... that makes me Wanttogeteverybodydrunky! :D

Counted down with the TV. I think I proved that guy's point again when I made everyone get ready to countdown. LOL! Oh well... at least they listened! Sam was on the phone during the countdown... kind of corny, huh? LoL! Whatever works!

Not too long after the countdown, we went back to our room (Sandy, Mary, and I). I was pretty shit faced at the time and I guess I sort of fell asleep in my jacket and my heels. Sandy and Mary went back to the party to grab something and forgot to get the key from me. HAHAHAHA! Whoops on their part! I was so knocked out and I guess I didn't hear my phone ring or the bangs on the door... for about another hour! They had to wait until the others got back from the aquarium because Jane had the other key. LMAO! Oooops! When I knock out, I knock out... especially when drunk! They should already know me by now!

So... they took full advantage of me.. and the eyeliners in the bathroom. HAHAHA! I will try to refrain from posting these pictures, especially when I didn't even have my camera with me last night. They drew eyeballs on me the way I drew on DoHan at his birthday a few months ago. They tried to give me lashes... wrote HI on my forehead, wrote "I Stink" on my arm, gave me a barbwire tattoo, drew glasses on for me, accentuated my cleavage, put a crown on me and posed with me for millions of pictures. At one point, someone pulled my tongue out for a picture! WTF?! I guess payback is a biyatch, huh? :P

They all said that drawing on me was the highlight of their night. Well... I'm glad I can make the best of their first couple hours of the new year! :)

I didn't know that they sent a picture to Sam... I woke up and saw a text saying, "Babe were you that messed up last night? That picture they sent me was so ugly!" LOL! And thats when I found out they sent him a picture. Bitches.

Though my New Years eve going into New Years was sort of short, it was a wonderful, wonderful time! I love my friends!

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