January 14, 2009

Missing some friends...

So I've been on a search from my old close friend from Middle School, Melinda. She was one of the closest girls to me during those years. We drifted apart in high school, then reunited for a little bit. Then all of the sudden, she disappeared. She's like the ONLY person I can't seem to find on MySpace, Facebook... and couldn't even google her! One of our old friends messaged me on Facebook saying that she's looking for her too. Last we heard from her was that she was moving to the eastcoast with her boyfriend, but that was over five years ago. Dionne said that maybe we can go ask her Dad at their house? The thought of it scares me... but I really wanna find the woman! Melinda... where are you, woman!?!?!

I feel like I haven't seen Sunaro in YEARS! Its sort of crazy trying to schedule to meet up. Lynnwood to Federal Way is an hour away! Crazy how we have always lived so far from each other, but used to always find the time and drive out of our ways, but we didn't realize it at the time. Hopefully we can schedule something soon.

Also miss my Californian couples!! Always a fun time with them and haven't seen them in months! I better schedule something quick before the Lok's have little Lauren running around! ;) HAHA... totally kidding, Paline! I'll be seeing a whole lot of them this summer though! With Mac and Sivhui's wedding... and hopefully Durand and Lily's wedding in August! Oh wait... I'll be moving there! DUHHHHH!!!

Most of all, I miss my best friend -- Sam! Yeah... you already know! :D

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