January 13, 2009


So I finally decided to start on one of my New Year resolutions today and that was to drink a lot of water.

I've had to pee at least 50 times already... WTF!?!?! And they're not little pees... they're a whole lotta! HAHA! TMI... but whatevs... its true!

What a waste of time drinking so much water. You spend time gulping and you spend time walking back and forth to the bathroom. I'm tempted to just bring my laptop and sit there! Might as well since I'll be back there in a few minutes anyway!! HAHA


  1. ewww, remind me to never touch that laptop.

  2. hahaha thanks thyda! i think you are peeing a lot cause your body is not used to having that much water in it cause usually don't until you made your resolution '=P

  3. LMAO Nara... its safe! I didn't bring it with me to tinkle, but it comes with me to my bubble baths!

    Raz... this resolution sucks! LOL