January 17, 2009

Circuit City Sucks!!


So Sister and I heard about the going out of business sale at Circuit City. We went there hoping to snatch some laptops for some decent prices. Here's the deal...

- You get 10% OFF (which covers tax and a few more cents)
- The laptops you get are display only
- The laptops don't have batteries, so you have to purchase them separately, and can be anywhere from $100-$200

WHAT A FREAKIN' JOKE! Went to a few other stores and tell me WHY they had the SAME laptops for cheaper even with the additional 10% OFF at Circuit City, BRAND NEW and in package, AND with batteries!?!

If you're thinking of rushing to Circuit City to get some good deals, save the gas. :)

1 comment:

  1. I heard about this yesterday, and was thinking about how I was going to need to get a new TV next month anyway, when the digital signal switchover happens. But I was planning to go now. I think you need to wait a little while. It's still going to be a few months before they're shut down. It's in the last few weeks when you should be able to get the really good deals.